Horizontal & Vertical Cross Galvanized E Track for Trailer Truck

  • Length: 2 - 8 Feet
  • Width: 5-1/5"
  • Slots Size: 2-3/8" (L) Top to Bottom
  • Material: 12-Gage High Strength Steel (Minimum Yield: 50,000 psi).
  • Coating: Galvanized
  • Series E Track Horizontal & Vertical Cross Style (Patent Pending)
  • Compatible with straps (sold separately)
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Horizontal & Vertical Cross Galvanized E Track for Trailer Truck
Horizontal & Vertical Cross Galvanized E Track for Trailer Truck Horizontal & Vertical Cross Galvanized E Track for Trailer Truck Horizontal & Vertical Cross Galvanized E Track for Trailer Truck Horizontal & Vertical Cross Galvanized E Track for Trailer Truck

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Weight (Lbs) 1.20
Material Galvanized Steel
  • The horizontal & vertical cross galvanized e track for trailer trucks are available in three sizes (length) - 2 ft, 5 ft, and 8 ft.
  • The width of the x-track is 5-1/5".
  • The slot in the rail has a dimension of 2-3/8" (L) Top to Bottom, which is perfect to fit any e-track straps and accessories.
  • The horizontal length includes bolt holes for you to screw on the desired surface, whether wall or floor.
  • The x-track is engineered with 12-gage high-strength steel with a minimum yield of 50,000 psi.
  • The material is galvanized to add a layer of protection against rust and other corrosive environmental elements.
  • Our horizontal and vertical rails are compatible with various straps and accessories, including hanger hooks, j-rack hooks, and storage bins (all sold separately). Use it inside the van trailers or garages (DIY project).
  • The Patent Pending design allows the use of E-Track Straps in horizontal or vertical alignment.


With Mytee Products’ 5-feet-long steel E-Track rails! It’s one of the most popular enclosed van and trailer products. It’s a must-have product for truckers in need of trailer tie-down accessories! It provides rows of new anchor points with great mobility and flexibility. Screw or bolt our Mytee Products' Galvanized Cross Style E-Track rails on the walls and floors. It’s essential for van truckers, and pairing it with straps will enable you to snap in and out of slots easily.

You can haul, store, and organize nearly anything in your van or trailer - from stabilizing cargo to hanging chains or straps. They offer better organization for item visibility. Our Galvanized Steel E-Track rails are sold individually and offer vast versatility on surfaces. You can install them on the trailer or van’s walls or floor to double the tie-down points. Install one on the wall and one on the floor for extra security and double tie-down points!

Our Cross Style X-Track steel rails have horizontal and vertical slots, allowing multiple E-track accessories to be used on these slots regardless of which direction the attachments turn. Because they help keep spaces organized and keep possible tripping hazards off the floor, they can also be helpful for storage in warehouses or garages! Mytee Product's Cross Style X-Track rail is durable and long-lasting, keeping cargo stable and tools organized during transit!


Easy Installation!

Durable and Strong!

12 Gauge High Strength Steel!

Patent Pending Design!

  • Designed with predrilled 1/4” holes for seamless installation on various surfaces, including wood and drywall.


  • You can bolt or screw these rails to your trailer walls or floors within minutes!


  • You can position these E-Track rails to suit your needs. Add, move, or remove accessories as needed!


  • Attachment hardware required.

  • E-track trailer rails provide a strong, functional, and easy way to hold your cargo, tools, and equipment.


  • X-track rail easily connects and holds E-track tie-down accessories such as hooks, racks, and storage bins or bags.


  • E-track rails are great for holding heavy and lengthy equipment such as trucking chains, ladders, long-handled tools, and other large utility items in enclosed garages or vans.

  • Our X-Track is made of heavy-duty, 12-gage steel for increased durability and corrosion resistance!


  • The rails are galvanized for longevity and withstand corrosion and other environmental elements.


  • You can rely on our product to get the job done right!

  • The unique cross-style horizontal and vertical rail design allows the use of E-Track tie-downs and accessories in horizontal or vertical alignment!


  • E-track trailer rail ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, and a variety of track anchor point attachments are ideal for securing equipment and cargo in your enclosed trailer or cargo van!


A common frustration with E-track systems is to know the direction of your track rail slots before you buy and install them. Our X-track rail system eliminates this issue!

Each X-Track rail has attachment slots that form an “X” pattern, with a single vertical slot between every X slot. These overlapping attachment slots do the job of both traditional horizontal and vertical E-Track rails! Additionally, our E-Track rails can be installed horizontally or vertically on both walls and flooring, eliminating the need to select multiple rail orientations.

Utilize our E-Track Rails for varied purposes, like cargo security or organization, hauling vehicles or heavy equipment, and hanging up tools to prevent them from becoming tripping hazards or damaging cargo!

Bonus: X-Track rails are compatible with all E-Track accessories.






  • This Double Hook allows for hanging multiple items like chains, rakes, and shovels from them.

  • Need more room in your trailer? Our E-Track rails offer an affordable, quick, and easy way to create shelves!

  • E-track hooks can store and organize your lawn equipment, trucking equipment, or other storage items in your garage, shed, or van/trailer.

  • Position X-Track rails horizontally and vertically, providing more versatility when creating your track anchoring system.


  • Our Large J Rack hooks fit right into your E-track system and work to keep larger items off the floor inside your truck.

  • Equip your trailer with X-Track attachments to better organize your work area and properly secure and haul your equipment.

  • Keep your tools or equipment off the floor and easily accessible during loading, unloading, and transport!

  • Give a neat look to your truck or trailer!

SKU: ETK-StorageBin

  • A variety of E-track baskets and bins allows you to conveniently organize and store your tools.

  • The sturdy plastic reliably holds all your tools between uses and keeps them off the floor.

  • Easily find your trucking or E-track tools by keeping them all in one place!

  • Keep tools accessible when you need them, and out of the way when not in use!

  • Can hold up to 100 lbs of weight without strain!

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