Trucking Way St. Patrick’s Day: Top 10 Green Cargo Control Products

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where shamrocks, horseshoes, and leprechauns decorate every store shop window! Some folks go all out in their celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day, from making meals with corn beef to hitting the bars after work; here at Mytee Products, we want to spread the luck of the Irish with this dedicated blog to showcase all the amazing green cargo control products available now!

Luck Truck - Green Cargo Control Products

Green Cargo Control and Trucking Products

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to get better security on the road! What you need is high-quality green trucking products at the best prices – and we have the perfect list for you.

1. Green Winch Strap with Flat Hook

For securement and confidence rolled into one green trucking product, look no further than our green winch strap with flat hook end-fitting! When it comes to confidently and quickly secure your cargo, our green winch straps with flat hooks are the best at getting your cargo ready for transit in a timely manner.

Rolling up to 30ft long and made of strong, flexible green webbing, these winch straps come with the luck of the Irish as the chance of tears and rips are things of the past thanks to our well cared for green winch straps! Just remember: don’t test your luck! Never exceed working load limits and make sure you take proper care and storage of your green control products.

2. Green Ratchet Straps with Wire Hook

Our ratchet tie-down straps are designed to handle a majority of flatbed tie-down requirements, meeting both DOT and WSTDA recommended standards with ease. But for double the security and double the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you should consider purchasing our safety green ratchet straps with wire hooks!

Made of highly visible, green industrial grade webbing and built with the double J-hook, zinc-coated steel end-fittings, you can take on even the toughest jobs this St. Patrick’s Day without worry about bending, snapping, tears, or deformations affecting your green ratchet straps with wire hooks – so long as you don’t exceed their WLL!

3. Green Mesh Shade Tarps

Made of heavy-duty yet lightweight green 6oz polyethylene mesh that can hold up under harsh UV rays and weather conditions, this shade green mesh tarp is perfect for getting you into that celebration mood! They’re great for landscaping, as they aren’t an eyesore or distraction when covering trees or brush!

However, mesh tarps can also be used to cover dump trucks or roll-off trucks and keep all your materials inside the bed, or for creating much-needed shade for patios and gardens. If you need a lightweight, breathable, durable tarp that will show off your St. Patrick’s Day Pride, our green mesh shade tarps are a perfect match!

4. Green Canvas Tarps

When you need a tarp that won’t suffocate your cargo without sacrificing strong protective fabric, it could feel as though your lucks run out. With our green canvas tarps, though, never stress about the search for the perfect tarp again!

Treated to be water-resistant and breathable, this green canvas tarp is great for covering stationary items or machinery as the breathable 12oz polyester fabric reduces condensation! Our canvas tarps can also be cut to specific sizes, making this a no-brainer for truckers who want to customize their green trucking products!

5. Green Round Sling

If you want to stay in the spirit of the holiday while helping another motorist out of a tough spot, you should consider purchasing our green round sling! A match made in heaven with our green round sling hook, this six-foot-long, strong round sling provides a capacity of 5,300lbs when used vertically and about 4,200lbs capacity when used in the choker hauling style.

No matter what or who you may be pulling out of ditches this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t let the job get in the way of your celebration! Color-code your rig this year by purchasing matching green cargo control products!

6. Green Auto Tie-Down Straps

Find yourself needing to tie-down a vehicle to your flatbed this St. Patrick’s Day? Do it in style with our heavy-duty side mount wheel strap with chain anchor end-fittings. Promoted both in the spirit of the holiday and because of their high visibility rating, these strong green tie-down straps are a perfect securement option for tow truckers no matter the light available during tie-down!

The green polyester webbing is extremely durable and barely stretches under heavy loads. It is also designed with a protective sleeve to prevent pinch-point damage during hauling! For reliable auto hauling straps you can trust to get the job done, our 8’ green auto tie-down straps with chain anchor end-fittings are perfect!

7. Green DOT Air Brake Tubing

Every trucker knows just how integral the brakes of their trucks are for the safety of their cargo and their wellbeing. It’s crucial to have a well-functioning air brake system you can rely on, especially with so many motorists on highways and in cities during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. If you’re in need of fresh, new air brake tubing for your system, improve your safety and your Irish spirit by investing in our green DOT air brake tubing!

Safe in temperature as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, resistant to UV rays, gasoline, chemic, fuel, and abrasion exposure, and DOT compliant, these are some of the best air brake tubes you can find on the market – and yes, they are available in our favorite, leprechaun inspired-color of green!

8. Green Round Sling Hook

While you can get sling hooks in a variety of colors, why not go all out this year and purchase some of our green round sling hooks! For truckers hauling cargo up to 5,300lbs in weight, this is a sling hook you can rely on to not only look stylish and show off some Irish pride but also get the job done!

Our green round sling hooks attach easily to any round or nylon sling, the latched sides allowing for instant attachment. The flat end allows for a smooth sling connection – and a smooth ride as you drive down the highway with your rig decked out in St. Patrick’s Day green cargo control products!

9. Green Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit

When it comes to dedicating yourself to one color of trucking tarp, you should make sure that you are planned for everything and anything – that includes not only having tarp repair kits handy but having the right color repair kits.

Thankfully at Mytee Products, we won’t let you down! We know even the best tarp products need repairs from time to time, and this kid includes a ½ yard of 18oz visible, green vinyl and HH-66, a fast-drying, waterproof, and solvent-synthetic resin adhesive. So, if you find a small area of your green tarp that needs quick repair before you participate in a St. Patty’s Day Parade, carrying this green vinyl tarp repair kit on your truck could be your life-saver!

10. Green V-Bridle Strap

Tow with confidence and Irish pride this year with our green V-Bridle straps! Just as strong as our chain counterparts, V-Bridle straps are more flexible and gentler in comparison giving you less risk of ruining someone else’s holiday by scratching up, denting, or damaging their vehicles during transportation or towing.

With a load limit of 5,400lbs, apex link support for winch cable additions, a collection of RTJ cluster hooks on both ends, and providing an easier way to balance tension across a vehicle’s frame, our green V-bridle strap with RTJ cluster hook end-fittings is a green trucking product that you will get a lot of use out of, both during and after the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have come to a close!

When it comes to holidays, truckers can oftentimes miss out on engaging in celebrations because so much of their time is spent out on the road. But that doesn’t have to be the case in 2022! This St. Patrick’s Day, set up your rig in celebration of the Irish by purchasing a variety of stylish and reliable green cargo control products. The color is associated with luck and pride, but you will get a lot of use from these green trucking products even once the holiday has passed because this color has such high visibility in low-light conditions.

Improve your life on the road and don’t miss out on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year! Mytee Products has an abundance of green cargo control products just waiting to be added to your trucking arsenal!