How Can Moving Blankets Extend the Life of Cargo Control Gear?

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If you have ever moved from one house or apartment to another you have most likely come into contact with a moving blanket. Moving blankets (also known as shipping blankets) are thick, soft blankets that can cushion your possessions as you move. They are very widely used across the world. However, moving blankets can also be used in the commercial cargo control space as well. They can help protect your cargo and even your cargo control equipment.

Moving Pads

Many items you have to load onto your flatbed have sharp edges and corners. When you secure them using straps or a tarp, the friction between the two can cause wear and tear and ultimately a rip in a tarp or strap.

Role of Moving Blankets to Protect Your Cargo

There is nothing more frustrating than draping a brand new tarp over your cargo, only to find it’s been torn open by a sharp pallet. Additionally, it can be costly and difficult to replace your cargo control gear on the road as well. The easiest way to protect the cargo control is the use of moving blankets. Let’s check out how moving blankets can protect your cargo.

1. Softening Sharp Corners

However, a shipping blanket can help solve this annoying problem. A shipping blanket creates a soft barrier between the cargo and cargo control equipment. This reduces the friction between the two, thus extending the lifetime of your cargo control gear. Shipping blankets are inexpensive, easy to apply, and will save you money and time while on the road. To use them simply drape it over your cargo, now apply your straps, tarps, and any other gear needed to secure the cargo safely. That’s all you have to do! As you can see there is very little reason to forgo shipping blankets in your cargo control setup, as they are easy to incorporate and will extend the lifespan of your gear.

2. Multiple Moving Blankets Can Cushion Flatbed Cargo

While we do sell singular shipping blankets in case you may need just one, you will get a much better deal if you buy shipping blankets in bulk. If you are just getting started in the transportation industry, you will absolutely need multiple shipping blankets to properly cushion your cargo. We offer bundles of a dozen blankets which should be sufficient for most drivers. Similar to tarps, it’s best to keep a variety of flatbed truck tarps on hand depending on the situation. While standard, non-woven blankets will work for most situations, drivers will occasionally want a premium blanket for particularly fragile cargo.

3.  Shipping Blankets Can Avoid Damage of Equipment

Shipping blankets are a valuable tool for when you are moving furniture or other large items and want to avoid damage to the interior of your home. You can place them under a couch or chair and simply slide it across your floor without scratching it. Using a shipping blanket will save you energy and needless damage to the interior of your home. You can also line any fragile cargo you’re moving with a shipping blanket to protect it in transit, just as flatbed truckers do. Personally, I keep a shipping blanket in my car at all times just in case.

I’ve found it handy when transporting a new television from the electronics store or for moving an antique dining room table. You don’t want your personal belongings to get damaged while in the process of moving, so why not keep a few shipping blankets on hand just in case? Many people also have used shipping blankets for soundproofing or as pet bedding.

4. Woven Moving Blankets Create Strong Internal Fabric Structure

Mytee Products offers two distinct varieties of shipping blankets: Woven & Non-Woven. Our woven moving blankets are constructed from polyester fabric, which is woven together. The process of weaving interlocks the polyester fabrics together, creating a strong internal fabric structure. Thus, woven blankets are very tough and durable. This makes them the premium option if you’re looking to purchase a shipping blanket.

woven and non-woven moving blankets

We also offer a more inexpensive non-woven moving blanket. Our non-woven blanket is created from the same polyester fabric, but is bound together using other processes that do not require weaving. It’s a great option for cushioning your cargo and its inexpensive price point makes them very accessible. Both blankets we sell are 72” x 80”, more than enough space to drape over a pallet. The woven option weighs 7lbs and the non-woven 5.5lbs.

Things to Keep in Mind 

While moving blankets are very effective at providing cushion to your cargo, they are not going to be able to protect cargo from harsh weather. They are not constructed from waterproof material and will easily allow water to soak through. When using moving blankets, you should always cover them with a solid, water resistant tarp for complete protection from the elements. However, moving blankets can be washed using a machine washer so you can keep them smelling great.

The Difference Between Shipping Blankets and Moving Pads

From the onset, shipping blankets and moving pads may seem like they would serve the exact same purpose. However, this is not the case, as they both have specific use cases. A moving pad is specifically designed to fill in empty spaces so cargo does not easily shift and make contact with other cargo or the walls of your van or truck. Moving pads are thinner and can be rolled up to fill space. For example, if you are transporting a dining room table and you remove the legs, you could use a shipping blanket to protect the top surface of the table and a moving pad on its side to cushion it from other furniture.


No matter which shipping blanket you choose to purchase, it’s safe to say it will be worth your hard earned money. Shipping blankets are so easy to incorporate into your cargo control setup, and so inexpensive, there is no reason to forgo them. Don’t wait until your tarp or ratchet strap has been torn by a sharp edge, purchase your shipping blankets today and extend the lifespan of your cargo control equipment. Haul safe, earn more: that is the Mytee Products way.

Know more about how the moving blankets can extend the life of your cargo gear in this video and share your comments and suggestions with us.

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