Moving Blankets

How to Use Moving Blankets? Why You Need Them When You Move

If you’re hauling appliances, furniture, or heavy machinery, you’ll need to invest in a Moving Blanket to wrap and secure your goods. Often seen in the moving and trucking industry, this thick piece of fabric isn’t just used amongst flatbed truckers, but also solo, non-commercial customers and even professional movers. Ask yourself, ‘How to use and what can I use for Moving Blankets?’ Read on to find out how Moving Blankets can make your trailer bed more versatile.

Knowing The Basics

If you’re thinking about purchasing Moving Blankets, it might help to go over the basics first. As mentioned before, they’re essential for protecting your cargo. At Mytee Products, we know our customers haul anything from furniture, and appliances to large machinery. We offer a wide assortment of packing blankets to ensure their materials receive optimal protection.

A packing blanket can ensure your materials stay in good condition throughout transit. It can prevent damage of cargo from anything weather permitting or even debris from the road. To provide added security, it may help to even use more than one Moving Blanket to cover your load entirely.

Though, it’s important that truckers use the right type of Moving Blanket for each specific job. Moving Blankets are often distinguished by their fabric and weight. Though, they’re also categorized by style types which are Economy, Premium and Non-Woven, making them pretty versatile for any job. For these cargo blankets, quality and durability mean everything. Here are a few ways for how to get the most out of your Moving Blankets.

When To Use Moving Blankets?

There are a number of situations that might require the use of a Moving Blanket. When hauling oddly-shaped or fragile materials, Moving Blankets can help provide cushion and protection from any type of damage. Even in cases specific to flatbed trucking, these heavy-duty blankets can be used to protect your tarps from the sharp or jagged edges of the material you’re hauling. Not to mention, these cargo blankets can keep your load from shifting or falling off during transit. Let’s be honest, no one wants to end up with a hefty police fine for not properly securing their load.

Packing blankets can ensure your cargo remains in good condition as it prevents scraps, dirt, or debris from the road. This is especially true when traveling long distances and enduring inclement weather. Moving Blankets even have the ability to protect your cargo from harmful Sun rays.

If you make multiple stops along your route, these heavy-duty blankets can ensure your load’s safety from unloading and loading practices. No matter the type of cargo you’re hauling, your materials are susceptible to damage. Moving Blankets can play a huge role in ensuring the safety and quality of your products. When you’re on the road, anything can happen.

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Why Use Moving Blankets In The First Place?

Moving Blankets protect your furniture and appliances from scratches and dents that may happen during transit. Specifically, they create a thick, protective layer around fragile items.

In addition to acting as a protective barrier, these heavy-duty blankets will absorb shocks and vibrations from the road. This reduces cargo damage tremendously. Additionally, your packing blankets will keep your furniture dust and dirt free. They’ll even protect the walls and floors of your truck. A well-padded piece of cargo that makes contact with either of those surfaces, will remain unscathed. Better yet, the product will be delivered in good condition, meaning more money for you.

How Many Moving Blankets Should I Use?

Now that you know all about how to utilize Moving Blankets, it’s time to figure out how many you’ll need on hand for your upcoming move. Oftentimes, the size of the load, the type of cargo you’re transporting and the travel distance will determine how many packing blankets you’ll need to cover your cargo. Truckers and movers should use enough blankets to cover the size of the load, specifically one blanket for every 3 or 4 feet of the cargo.

Always be sure to have a few extra Moving Blankets on hand in the instance of an unexpected circumstance. At the end of the day, knowing the specific details of your shipment or how many materials you plan to move will determine if we need multiple blankets. This way, you’ll have sufficient protection of your materials. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with having too many packing blankets in your arsenal.

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What Do You Use Moving Blankets For?

Utilizing your Moving Blankets for securing and protecting your cargo can make any trucker’s life easier. Not to mention, it can make life on the road feel less stressful. Why not drive with peace of mind, knowing that your cargo is protected with a packing blanket? Let’s go over some of the best ways you can use these thick Moving Blankets.

Make The Right Choice:

First things first, truckers should make sure they are using the right Moving Blanket for the right job. Use the information about the size and type of materials being transported to help you choose the proper high-quality blanket. Additionally, make sure the blanket is free of dirt and grime, which could potentially damage your cargo.


After figuring out which type of packing blanket works best for your load, you can move on to cargo securement. These thick fibrous materials come packed with optimal padding that’ll absorb shock and prevent various types of damage such as dents and scrapes.


Moreover, Moving Blankets can make sure your cargo stays locked in place during the ride. It can prevent your cargo from shifting or even falling off your trail bed. These high-quality blankets will ensure your materials arrive at their destination in one piece.

Sound Proof:

Besides protecting your cargo, Moving Blankets can also protect your ears. Most truckers and movers rather hear their Pandora playlist than the irritating sound of the bump and boom of the road when traveling long distances. Moving Blankets can lead to a more comfortable drive for truckers and movers.

Weather Protection:

Not only can they make your trailer soundproof, but packing blankets can also provide protection of your cargo from inclement weather. On the road, all kinds of elements and weather patterns can happen at a moment’s notice. It’s best to be well-prepared by using a Moving Blanket to protect materials during a snowstorm or even UV rays.


In the words of Micheal Jackson, “I need my privacy.” Movers in particular feel the same when moving expensive or one-of-a-kind products like a Monae painting. Moving Blankets not only secure a product, but they can also provide sufficient coverage of an item, hiding it from prying eyes.

In the end, Moving Blankets can be very versatile and offer many different uses. Whatever your trucking or moving needs are, a heavy-duty blanket will get the job done.

Which One Is Best – Renting Or Buying A Moving Blanket?

When it comes to getting the job done, it helps to know if renting or buying Moving Blankets is the best option for your flatbed trailer. Of course, there are pros and cons to each scenario.

Some companies allow customers to rent Moving Blankets. Typically, truckers or movers will rent if they only perform a move once in a blue moon. Be aware that most companies do expect their blankets returned in good condition. Though, this is a bit contradictory, especially considering that the moving blankets have already been used and abused by previous renters.

If you frequently move materials throughout the month, you’re better off just purchasing the Moving Blankets. Additionally, if you choose to repurpose these blankets after the move, you can. This fibrous material can be reused for renovations, repair jobs or even just for gardening.

The options of buying or renting with Moving Blankets are endless. Though, be sure to make the best decision that meets your moving or hauling needs.

Moving Blankets Make Moving Easy

All and all, Moving Blankets can make life on the road less stressful. These durable, heavy-duty pieces of material offer several usages, making them both durable and versatile. Learning how to use Moving Blankets can save us money, time and energy, all while securing our cargo.