Winch Straps

Winch Straps and Tie Down Straps are some of the most important pieces of hardware for holding down the loads that you need in your trucking storage! While a good, heavy-duty tarp protects your loads from the elements - such as weather and debris - it is the high tension of flatbed straps that keeps the load in place.

The winch straps that we offer are weather-resistant, durable, and able to hold down and control loads on flatbeds to prevent your cargo from shifting, sliding, and falling during transit. In the entire hauling system, our heavy-duty winch straps for trailers have to be capable of handling the high tension of the road and wind. We provide a wide range of tie-down straps, such as ratchet tie-downs, which are used by truck drivers in locations on the trailer rail that do not have a bolt-on winch.

To ensure the safety and security of your cargo while on the road, put your trust in our trailer winch straps!

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  1. 4" Winch Strap with Flat Hook
  2. Kinedyne K Force Winch Straps 6670 WLL
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  3. 4" x 30' Winch Straps w/ Flat Hook, 6,670 Lbs WLL
  4. 4" x 5' Roll off Container Winch Strap w/ Flat Hook
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What are the Winch Straps?

Winch straps are common tie-down straps used in the trucking and hauling industry as a means of securing loads on a flatbed truck. They’re incredibly useful because they can be easily pulled taut enough to hold the load using tension, preventing your cargo from shifting or moving while on the road. Winch straps are typically made of strong, flexible polyester webbing. These flatbed straps are the most widely used and popular method of securing a load to a truck or trailer.

To secure a load with winch straps, your flatbed trailer needs to be equipped with winches - sometimes called a winch winder . Winch winders can be used in place of an anchor point for winch straps when using these straps on trailers that lack adequate winch tie-down points. Easy to install and use, you can place a winch anywhere on your trailer in order to ensure you have the proper securement points.

Once attached to the winch, you simply pull the strap over the load and attach it to the opposite end, before you pull it taut to secure the cargo.

For safety, and to ensure that the distribution of tension is spread out across the load, the Federal Motor Safety Association requires the need for one tie-down for every ten feet (3.04 m) of your load.

Winch straps can’t be used for overhead lifting; winch straps have a variety of working load limits depending on the size you choose, but the polyester webbing will not be able to withstand the stress that these winch straps will be under during lifting or rigging jobs. These are straps for trailers and will operate best in cargo securement-specific conditions.

Benefits of Trailer Winch Straps

Trailer winch straps can be the best choice for securing your load and keeping cargo protected! They’ve got seven key benefits:

  • Weather Resistant: Our trailer winch straps are created from polyester webbing and are coated and treated to resist damage from rain, snow, or UV radiation. This means they will last longer in rough weather conditions without the worry of wear and tear damaging your flatbed straps!
  • Cargo-Safe: Unlike transport chains or other heavier, harder securement methods, the polyester webbing of straps for trailers is soft enough that it won’t damage any fragile goods, like beehives or lightweight, crushable cargo.
  • Durable: The sides of the winch straps at Mytee Products are reinforced to reduce possible wear and tear that stems from fraying, or from tensions against sharp-edged loads. Our Kinedyne winch straps are made of high abrasion webbing, which makes them even more durable! For additional safety when using straps to tie-down cargo that has sharp edges, consider investing in our corner protectors.
  • Strong: Our strongest straps have a working load limit of 6,670 lbs: stronger than standard 3/8 thick G70 trucking chains ! You can invest in lightweight, flexible winch straps without sacrificing the strength and confidence that your cargo will remain secure during transit!
  • Lighter than Comparable Chains4” winch straps weigh 4 to 6 lbs on average. This makes them much lighter than transport chains, but they maintain the same max WLL! Your body will thank you for investing in our durable and light winch straps over lugging heavy chains.
  • Cost-Effective: Winch straps are inexpensive and are suitable for most loads! Their variety of sizes and applications allows them to be used for multiple loads for a long time - you will get more bang for your buck with flatbed straps!
  • Easy-to-Use: These straps for trailers are the standard securement method in the trucking industry and can be used with any flatbed trailer that has winches. For flatbed trailers that lack the proper winch accessories, have no fear! At Mytee Products, we have several tools available to help fit your trailer to use winch straps.

Where can I use winch straps?

You can use winch straps to secure the load on any flatbed trailer equipped with winches spaced lengthwise along one side of the trailer. It’s important to know whether or not you have anchor points for these winch straps before you purchase flatbed straps, as it’ll be difficult to properly, safely, and securely tie down cargo with winch straps without the use of a winch.

If you’re transporting a particularly sharp-edged load, like steel, or if you are concerned that the tension from the flatbed straps might damage your cargo, you might want to combine winch straps with corner protectors. Corner protectors distribute the pressure from your trailer winch straps over a wider area, and they improve your winch strap’s lifespan; corner protectors will also protect your straps from any tears or rips made from the tension of being tightened over a sharp, pointed edge.

No winches? No problem! Mytee Products offers a variety of portable winches you can bolt anywhere alongside the trailer side channel!

Winch Strap Options at Mytee Products

Your tie-down trailer winch strap options can be broken up into a few categories: end fitting options, WLL options, straps colors and width options.

End fitting

You can attach your winch strap to your flatbed in a few different ways! The best tool for you depends on your budget and your load. At Mytee, we offer winch straps with the following end fittings:

  • Winch Strap with Flat Hooks: Flat hooks are the most standard end fitting you’ll find on winch straps. Their width distributes tension from the load to maximize stability. To use a flat hook, your flatbed trailer needs a rub rail with slots opposite the side with winches. Hook the flat hook under the rub rail to ensure it will not pop off during any bumps in the road.
  • Winch Strap with Wire Hooks : Wire hooks are usually used when a flatbed trailer has D-rings on the side opposite the winches, rather than a slotted rub-rail. The wire hooks connect easily to the D-rings - drive easy knowing your trailer winch straps are secure!
  • Winch Strap with Chain Anchors: Chain anchors are also useful to secure your load to a D-Ring. Similar to wire hooks, chain anchors are a more durable end-fitting for when you need to secure heavy cargo to the flatbed trailer.
  • Winch Straps with Sewn loops and delta rings : These sewn loops and delta rings are less common, and tend to be for specialty loads. Delta rings are D-ring end-fittings usually designed for connecting to pre-existing anchor point hooks on a trailer. Sewn loops are the softest end-fitting available for a winch strap; they are folded over and reinforced ends of a winch strap made of the same, durable polyester webbing as the rest of the strap. The fabric can loop and hook to anchor points and are useful if you’re ever in need of a flexible, soft point of connection.

Working Load Limits

It’s no secret that different winch straps have different strengths and working load limits, thinner winch straps cost less, but they’re weaker when it comes to their WLL. Thicker, heavier straps have a higher WLL. With our trailer winch strap, we offer the following WLL options:

  • 3,335 lbs
  • 5,000 lbs
  • 5,400 lbs
  • 6,670 lbs

Straps Width

Mytee Products offers flatbed winch straps with the following widths:

  • 2-Inch Winch StrapsAt 2-inches in width, our flatbed winch straps can handle cargo up to 3,335 lbs without the risk of exceeding its working load limit.
  • 3-Inch Winch Straps: Our 3-inch winch strap is built to meet the ever-changing and demanding requirements of cargo hauling. These straps are more durable than their 2-inch counterparts, managing up to 5,000 lbs before exceeding their working load limits.
  • 4-Inch Winch Straps: The standard and most popular winch strap on the market, our 4-inch straps for trailers are built to last. With the highest working load limits between 5,400 and 6,670 lbs, these flatbed straps are designed to take on your toughest cargo-hauling jobs.

Winch Straps Color Options

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Gold
  • Orange

Flatbed Strap Construction

Winch straps are uniquely designed to be durable, strong, and highly visible. The variety of colors they’re offered in - including the ever-popular yellow, red, blue, green, and more - allow for high visibility in low-light conditions, which can make the securement and inspection of these straps easy!

Our winch straps are made of high-quality, durable, and flexible polyester webbing and can be constructed with a variety of end-fittings in mind; from flat and wire hooks to grab hooks and sewn loops, our flatbed trailer winch straps are built for a variety of applications and trailer or anchor point attachments. Additionally, some of these straps for trailers come with the extra protection of a Cordura protective sleeve to keep the webbing safe from wear and tear, extending the life of your strap!

If you’re in the need of the best protection and securement for your trailer loads, look no further than Mytee Products’ durable, flexible, and strong winch straps!

Questions & Answers

Where do winch straps work?

A Winch Strap gets wound up into a trailer winch that can be added to a trailer's standard C-Track (Or Double L Track Depending on the winch). From there, a winch strap can be loaded over cargo and secured.

What size do winch straps come in?

Winch straps come in a variety of sizes. They come in widths of two inches, three inches, and four inches, and each one of those can have a length of 5 feet and up to 80 feet.

How often should you replace a boat winch strap?

As for any strap, there are a few points to examine to determine when you should replace the strap. If there are any tears, abrasions, mold, mildew, or kinks in the strap, and if you’ve had it for two to four years, it’s time to replace them.