Finding the Best Car Hauler Tie-Down Straps and Auto Hauling Vehicle Straps

Auto Hauling Truckers understand the importance of securing cargo to prevent any damaging movement. However, the key to safely securing your cargo is choosing the right auto hauling straps.

Types of Auto Hauling Straps

Types of Auto Hauling Straps
Varies Types of Auto Hauling Straps for Tie Down

1. Car Carrier Straps

Car Transporting

Auto Hauling Straps secure vehicle loads to the car carrier by anchoring the vehicle’s tires to slots on the ramp. Our straps fit over the vehicle’s tires and come with two different end fittings: swivel hook or double J-hooks. 

Overt tire straps
Over-the-Tire Tie Down Straps

For extra support, our over-the-tire tie-down straps come with rubber cleats to help place your strap and they’re textured to fit into the grooves on the tire to prevent any slipping.

2. Enclosed Trailers Straps

When transporting expensive cargo, such as stock, sports, or custom cars, the safest way of delivery without the worry of weather or debris is with enclosed trailers. However, Enclosed Trailers come with a unique challenge: there are no frames or side slots to secure straps to. Most trailer drivers have fixed this issue with the installation of E-Tracks or D-Rings.

Over-the-Tire Wheel Strap w/ E-Track
Over-the-Tire Wheel Strap w/ E-Track

We have adapted our over-the-tire wheel straps, frame and axle straps to come with D-Ring and E-track fittings on either end. The non-ratcheting end of the strap is affixed to the track and rings and then rolled around the tire and secured on the opposite side of the tire. 

E-Track Tie Down D-ring
E-Track Tie Down D-ring

At Mytee Products, we provide both strap options as well as E-Track and D-Rings individually!

3. Flatbed Hauling Tie-Down Straps

Flatbed Side-Mount

Car Hauling Straps for Flatbeds are very similar to E-track straps, just without the track. The biggest advantage of flatbed auto hauling is security. Tying down a car with strategically placed straps keeps it secure throughout its journey. The key to safe and successful flatbed auto hauling is properly securing the vehicle with straps and towing chains.

4 Main Types of Flatbed Auto Hauling Straps

There are four types of flatbed auto-hauling straps for long-distance flatbed hauling: 8-point tie-down, axle straps, frame straps, and lasso straps. Each of these straps has some unique benefits and drawbacks. Which type of strap is best depends on the specific of your haul.

Types of Flatbed Auto Hauling  Straps - Infographics

1. 8-Point Tie Down Straps

Made for Roll Back Flatbeds, 8-Point Tie Down straps have multiple tie-down points, so securement is incredibly precise. They go around the outside of the tire to create a great securement point from four or six different points depending on the number of wheels that are being secured. 8-point tie downs are extremely adjustable to fit just about any size of wheel on the car you are transporting.

8-Point Tie Down

2. Axle Straps

Typically used in Enclosed Trailers or Flatbeds, Axle Straps are fixed around the vehicle’s axle to secure it for transit.
These straps are easy to use and help create a securement point to prevent your vehicle from moving. Axle straps are designed to connect with snap hooks and tightened with ratchets, providing a securement that is more than hand strength.
Axle Straps Example
Axle Straps Tie Down Example

3. Frame Straps

Available for both Rollback Flatbeds and Enclosed Trailers, Frame Hooks or frame straps can secure a vehicle to E-tracks, D-rings, or other anchor points with its ratchet strap and RTJ clusters

Frame straps

It’s important to remember to always secure a vehicle with more than one anchor point; four-point tie-downs are mandatory.

4. Lasso Straps

Only used on Flatbed trucks, our side-mount straps and lasso straps are the most popular strap to secure a vehicle. These straps’ simple design makes them easy to use, and they excel at preventing your vehicle from lurching forward if the carrier stops abruptly. One drawback is that they typically only have one anchor point, so the pressure necessary to secure the car isn’t as evenly distributed.

lasso straps

Using an Auto Hauling Car Tie-Down Straps

When it comes to using and finding the best hauling straps, it comes down to the weight of your vehicle(s) and personal preference.

One of the most common sharp edges on a vehicle that most people tend to forget about is the sharp corners of a rim and tire tread. Ensure your strap is of a thick material that can provide extra layers and allow your straps to last longer. The purchase of straps can prove to be a great investment for those who transport vehicles often.

Benefits of Auto Hauling Straps

When you need to secure cargo in the back of your trailer or truck, tie-downs and tow straps are vitally important. These sturdy and dependable pieces of material will help keep your cargo or vehicle securely in place. Tie downs and straps help make a tough job much safer and simpler!