Snatch Block with Shackle


• Sheave Size: Varies From 3" to 4.5"
• Wire Rope: 3/8" through 1/2"
• Working Load Limit: Up to 4.5 Tons

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Snatch Block with Shackle
Snatch Block with Shackle
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Weight (Lbs) 5.05
End Fitting Shackle

• Sheave Size: Varies From 3" to 4.5"
• Wire Rope: 3/8" through 1/2"
• Working Load Limit: Up to 4.5 Tons

The snatch block is a pulley system with covered and protected yet removable sides. It is possible to unscrew or remove one side, slip in the winch cable or rope and then re protect the same side to prevent the cable from leaving the groove. It has either a hook or a shackle at it’s tip. Snatch blocks or pulleys are used to change the direction of the pull to a different angle relative to a fixed point. They are also used to create more complex pulley structures and gain mechanical advantage. A pull of 10 lbs can be changed to a pull of 80 or even 800 lbs depending upon the mechanical advantage offered by the pulley structure.

Image is for illustration only. The color of the shackle pin may differ from image.

SKU WLL InStock lbs 1 10 50 Add To Cart
SB3-2-Shackle 2 Tons 3" Sheave Yes 5.2 $24.99 $23.49 $20.99
SB45-4-Shackle 4 Tons 4 1/2" Sheave Yes 12.75 $54.99 $54.49 $52.99
SB6-8-Shackle 8 Tons 6" Sheave Yes 28 $84.99 $82.49 $79.99

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  • Is the 4 ton Campbell snatch block american made
    Question by: on 2020-07-23 20:47:46

    This is a Mytee Products Snatch Block.  It is made overseas

    Answer by: buck on 2020-07-23 20:47:46
  • Do you have a dimensions diagram for your Snatch Block with Shackle - either 4 or 8 ton? I need info on the side view for the shape/depth of the sheave groove, distance between side plates, and distance between sheave and top pin.
    Question by: on 2020-07-23 18:02:12

    At this time we do not have any diagrams.  We will look into getting one made up

    Answer by: James Halas on 2020-07-23 18:02:12
  • Hello,What is the size of the ear of the shackle?Thank you
    Question by: on 2020-05-15 16:01:13

    Sir, I would need to know which size you are talking about ..

    Answer by: Rob on 2020-05-15 16:01:13