How Customers are Using our Clear Vinyl Tarps in Home & Business?


While most of our products are designed for heavy duty usage in the industrial and flatbed trucking industry, some of our customers love to purchase our products to use in their homes and businesses. One product our flatbed and non-flatbed customers both love our heavy duty clear vinyl tarps. They have been sending numerous photos and reviews stating how they are using it in unique ways we would have never even thought of! Use of Clear Vinyl Tarps

Let’s dive right in and give you some background and benefits of clear vinyl tarps then show you how it’s being used out in the field.

Why People Like Our Clear Vinyl Tarp?

Our clear vinyl tarp is crafted from thick, high quality vinyl material. It is heavyweight 22 oz vinyl tarp, with a thickness of 24 mm. The vinyl is tear resistant, abrasion resistant, and crafted to stand the test of time in the harshest weather conditions. With a cold crack rating of -32 degrees Celsius, this tarp will hold up even in the harshest winter conditions. Better yet, it also works great in the summer for blocking out harsh UV rays. Just like all of our other tarps, this one is completely waterproof. Basically this tarp will stand up to all external weather conditions whether it be snowing, raining, or a beautiful sunny day. It does all of this while being completely optically clear, so you can see right through it. The tarps thickness also blocks off airflow, meaning this tarp can insulate a space from cold air.

Clear Vinyl Tarp Features

As if it couldn’t get any better, this tarp is also rated to be fire retardant as it meets the flammability requirements defined in CPAI-84:1995 Clause 3.2. Lined with grommets on all four sides and every 2ft, you have flexibility on how you want to anchor your tarp. Our clear vinyl tarps are like a super material, and our customers recognize it as such. That’s why they are finding creative ways to use their clear vinyl tarps across a variety of spaces and applications.

Insulating Spaces with Clear Vinyl Tarps

Several of our customers have found our clear vinyl tarps and employed them in their own homes. Whether it be for their patio or their garage, people are using our heavy duty vinyl tarp to insulate spaces from cold air. The grommets lining each side make it easy to install this clear patio tarp anywhere in your home. Whether you want to bolt it onto a surface or hang it via running wires or ropes through the grommet holes, both options will work great!

Tarps Insulating Patios

As COVID-19 has drastically changed we eat at restaurants and shop at businesses, many people have used our tarps to section off spaces and decrease the spread. As many restaurants move to outdoor dining to decrease crowds indoors, they’ve used this tarp to insulate tables to keep people warm. We think it’s great people are finding new uses for our tarps in these trying times, but we do want to stress we have not scientifically tested this product to be proven to stop the spread of any disease. However, this product is objectively great for blocking wind, rain, and UV rays.

What Customers are Saying?

Here are some reviews our customers have sent in to describe how they have used the tarp in their homes-

Customer reviews

“The 20mil fire resistant clear tarps were perfect.  They are thick & heavy and I was able to enclose a space between the house & garage using them.  They have lots of grommets all the way around & seem to handle the wind well.  It’s been cold in the Chicago area so the enclosed space is a huge temperature difference for the better.  Allows a safer gathering space outdoors during the virus outbreak.” – Sharon P.

“We have installed the clear tarps over the screen on a screen porch facing north. They are very high quality, and thick but clear. They are easily enduring a strong north wind currently. I will be buying more.” – Mark H

“Heavy duty. Bound on all 4 sides with binding & grommets! Exactly what I wanted!” – Anonymous

One of the best aspects of our clear vinyl tarp is just how durable it is. It was made for heavy duty applications and it will stand up to several season’s of harsh weather.

We must mention, when this tarp arrives at your doorstep, it will be folded up. This means the tarp will most likely have some creases and wrinkles that may reduce visibility. Our customers have found that sun exposure over time will naturally decrease creases and wrinkling. If you want to expedite the process, apply some light heat from a blow dryer to quickly remove creases.


The best part of selling high quality, dependable products to our customers is seeing how they use them in their daily lives. While most of our products are geared towards the flatbed trucking market, it’s fantastic to see how much non-flatbed people love our clear vinyl tarp. Whether you want to insulate your garage or patio, or you want to use this in your business or restaurant- our clear vinyl tarp is a great solution you’ll love. The immense durability, weather protection, crystal clear material are the things that make our clear vinyl tarp a universal product. We offer it in multiple sizes depending on what you need.

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