Flatbed Truck Tarps: Why Should You Use Truck Tarps?

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Flatbed truck tarps are often used to secure and cover different types of loads in trucks. Therefore, they can make transporting loads in flatbeds, pickup trucks and dump trucks much easier.

There are a very wide variety of truck tarps you can choose from since they are available in different styles and sizes depending on the type of truck and the type of load being transported.

flatbed truck tarps

Types of flatbed truck tarps

Some popular types of truck tarps are steel tarps, dump truck tarps, and trailer tarps which are all suitable for trucks that carry heavy merchandise and cargo.

1. Steel Tarps

Steel tarps are suitable for truck roof covers especially in heavy goods vehicles, delivery services and other outdoor applications especially rugged applications.

2. Dump Truck Tarps

These are mainly recommended for hauling of asphalt especially when a waterproof cover is not necessary. On the other hand, dump truck tarps can be used for towing gravel, rock and sand.

3. Vinyl and Polythene Truck Tarps

Besides being waterproof, vinyl and polythene truck tarps are also considered the toughest and most durable truck tarps because they are also mold, mildew and rot free.

Some type of cargo and materials such as steel, asphalt and wood must be protected against water especially because truck drivers are usually on the road even when it’s raining or snowing.

They are primarily used for protecting wood freight from weather elements such as rain and snow. However, waterproof truck tarps might not be suitable for other types of loads such as steel beams. Therefore, it is vital to consider the type of load you will be transporting.

Benefits of using truck tarps

1. High Quality Material:

  • The different types of materials used for manufacturing truck tarps are hard, strong wearing fabric that is coated with PVC to guarantee for UV, tear and abrasion resistance.
  • Since they are made of waterproof and highly durable material, most truck tarps are resistant to weather elements including snow, rain, hail, strong gusts of wind, and ultra violet rays.

2. Versatile:

  • These truck tarps are recommended for various waste applications such as tree hauling for agricultural, mining and industrial applications, and other severe applications.
  • Besides containing and securing loads, truck tarps can also be used as truck sides and roof covers.
  • Therefore, drivers can rest assured that they will lose none of their cargo by simply taking the time to secure the loads they are transporting safely sing truck tarps.

3. Enhanced Safety

  • Wood chips, gravel, metal scraps stones and other debris can easily fall from the truck especially when driving and this generally creates unsafe driving conditions even for other drivers.
  • In order to ensure that heavy cargo does not fall onto the road when loose or unsecured.
  • Flatbed truck tarps are primarily manufactured to hold cargo securely while preventing any cargo-related damage to other road users.

Another major benefit of using truck tarts is reducing the dragging effect on the vehicle. Therefore, you can easily increase the miles per gallon you get because the movement of air is more streamlined.

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