Smoke Tarps

The philosophy behind truck tarps is to protect cargo against damage during transport. At the front of your rig is an exhaust stack that releases all kinds of nasties that could settle on your cargo. So how do you protect the front of the trailer and the cargo it holds? With flatbed trailer smoke tarps.

Smoke tarps are smaller tarps designed to go on the front of a trailer to prevent exhaust and soot from dirtying cargo during transit. They can be used with or without a bulkhead. They are made with tough, 18-ounce vinyl with double stitching and hems reinforced with 2-inch webbing. Grommets and D-rings are also built in for easy securing.

A good smoke tarp can make a real difference in keeping your cargo free of dust, smoke, and soot. We make buying flatbed trailer smoke tarps convenient and easy, so be sure to get yours here.

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What are Smoke Tarps?

Smoke tarps, also called nose tarps, are heavy duty 18oz vinyl tarps designed to protect the front of a flatbed load from soot, smoke, and exhaust from the cab’s smokestack.

When to Use Smoke Tarps?

  • Use smoke tarps any time you think you might run the risk of smoke or soot damaging your load.
  • Some types of loads are easier to damage with smoke than others.
  • For example, PVC pipe, saplings, and foam board are easier to harm with smoke, and receiver are much less likely to take in loads that have taken smoke damage.
  • Some loads are listed as requiring tarping, in which case having a good smoke tarp on hand can be useful.

What are the Key Benefits of Smoke Tarps?

  • Smoke tarps cover the front of the load (the part nearest the cab).
  • It protects the load from fumes, smoke, and soot that comes from the exhaust.
  • Smoke tarps can also protect a load from abrasions or cuts that might occur as the load is hauled long distances.

Features of Smoke Tarps?

Features of smoke tarps are described in detail as below:

High-quality Material:

All smoke tarps are made of heavy duty 18 oz vinyl, which is waterproof and cut-and-tear resistant.

Double Stitched:

Smoke tarps have double-stitched, reinforced grommets and D-rings on all sides for easy, precise securement.


The D-rings are galvanized and zinc-plated, which makes them rust-resistant.

Flat Tarps:

Some smoke tarps are flat, while others are fitted.

Easy to Wrap:

Fitted tarps are easier to wrap over some loads, while flat smoke tarps can be more easily adjusted to cover unusual loads.

Quality and Trustworthiness of Mytee’s Smoke Tarps

  • Smoke tarps are just one type of our many options for heavy duty flatbed tarps.
  • Our smoke tarps are high quality and sold direct to you, so they’re always at a price you can afford.
  • Mytee offers smoke tarps in three standard sizes, and we can fill custom size orders.