Mytee Products’ Most Popular Trucking Equipment of 2021

2021 was a hectic year filled with obstacles and surprises around every corner. Both out on the road and here at Mytee Products HQ, we all had our share of setbacks and bumps – but we successfully navigated through them all! As we prepare to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new – with all it’s challenges and victories – we wanted to see what you, our wonderful clients, found to be the most helpful cargo control equipment this year as well as give you a peek into what you should consider purchasing to get a headstart into 2022!

Mytee Products’ Top 10 Best Seller Products List

Here is our list of the Top best-selling flatbed product and equipment.

1. 24ft x 27ft Airbag / Parachute Fabric Ultra Light Lumber Tarp

Parachute Ultra Light Lumber Tarp

Our 24’ x 27’ airbag ultra-light lumber tarp takes the number one spot on our list, being our most popular tarp of 2021! Airbag tarps – also called Parachute tarps – are lightweight thanks to the material they’re made of but our ultra-light parachute tarp is, well, ultra-lightweight coming to a total of 79 pounds.

The coated, nylon airbag material is superior in strength to other lightweight tarps, like vinyl, and it’s tear and water-resistant. Thanks to these benefits, many truckers and homeowners love airbag tarps! These best-selling flatbed trucking tarps are typically used to contain or keep out debris and waste. They’re common on construction sites and flatbed trucking for protecting cargo from damage from weather conditions and direct sunlight.

2. 16ft x 27ft Airbag / Parachute Fabric Ultra Light Lumber Tarp

Parachute Fabric Ultra Light Lumber Tarp

Taking second place on our best flatbed products list is our 16’ x 27’ airbag/parachute ultralight lumber tarp. Though similar in design, make, and model of our number one cargo control product, many truckers and homeowners purchase this smaller flatbed trucking tarp because it fits better over smaller or uniquely sized cargo and objects.

These trucking tarps are made with two rows of D-rings on either side for ideal tie-down points. You can safely and confidently keep your cargo secured and covered with our 16’ x 27’ airbag tarp!

3. 4in x 30ft Winch Strap with Flat Hook

4in x 30ft Winch Strap with Flat Hook

When it comes to choosing the best cargo control products for your trucking or hauling business, straps will always be in our top 10 list! All of our winch straps are made from heavy-duty webbing, which allows for minimal stretching and thus maximum wear and tears resistance!

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You can use winch straps to secure cargo to flatbed trailers; the flat hook end fitting is the most standard and common end fitting you’ll find on straps, but they are the best for distributing tension from the load for increased stability! Flat hooks slot perfectly into a flatbed trailer’s rub rail to ensure the load will remain in place on your flatbed.

4. 4in x 30ft Kinedyne Winch Strap with Flat Hook

4in x 30ft Kinedyne Winch Strap with Flat Hook

A personal favorite among truckers, the 4’’ x 30’ Kinedyne winch strap earned their place on our best-selling flatbed cargo products list because they are durable and water, ice, and hail resistant! Perfect for truckers traveling all across the country and through a variety of weather conditions, these winch straps will keep your cargo securely on your trailer through dirt, debris, snow, and ice!

The Kinedyne straps are compatible with a wide range of end-fittings, including flat hooks! Black-powder coated, these cargo control products are dent and ding resistant which increases their longevity and makes them a worthy investment for any flatbed hauler!

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5. 3/8in x 20ft G70 Chain with Grab Hooks

3/8in x 20ft G70 Chain with Grab Hooks

Transport chains are a must-have on every trucker’s holiday list, and ours is no different! Our ⅜’’ x 20’ G70 transport chains are some of the most common and useful cargo control products a trucker will need. Painted in the industry-standard, durable gold chromate, these chains are easy to recognize and are rust and corrosion resistant!

Typically used to secure lumber and steel loads, truckers prefer chains to straps when transporting loads that could tear or rip webbing. The grade rating of 70 is popular and preferred among flatbed drivers because it weighs less than other, higher grade chains but maintains a strong and versatile design! The grab hook end fittings also make towing easier with this cargo control equipment!

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6. 3/8in – 1/2in Ratchet Chain Binder

3/8in - 1/2in Ratchet Chain Binder

Designed to help you secure a load in a fraction of the time, our ⅜’’ – ½’’ Ratchet Chain Binder is a must-have purchase for any and all haulers that use trucking chains to secure cargo. Made to tighten chains around your cargo with ease, you know you can rely on these binders to get the job done – they’re on our Top 10 list, after all!

Ratchet chain binders are built with a ratcheting mechanism that allows the lever and screw to work together and increase applied force. This puts less work on binding and securing cargo while also taking less strength from the operator, making it arguably a safer option!

7. 5/16in Peerless Folding Handle QuikBinder Plus Ratchet Binder

5/16in Peerless Folding Handle QuikBinder Plus Ratchet Binder

Making its way onto our best-selling products list, our 5/16’’ Peerless Ratchet Binder with Folding Handle is a very popular ratcheting option among flatbed truckers because of its unique design. It has three positions you can work with: ratchet extension, ratchet take-up, and a “free spin” setting for quick adjustments.

It allows for quick installation and uses, operating as other standard ratcheting binders, but once you’ve completed tightening the load you can fold the handle to keep the binder out of the way until you’ve reached your destination. It’s also easy to fold and store and is extremely durable, proof-tested, and heat-treated. It’s a perfect cargo control product for truckers that frequently work with G70 or G80 chains.

8. Coil Racks for Steel Coils Securement

Coil Racks for Steel Coils Securement

Also called coil chocks and coil bunks, our state-of-the-art steel coil racks take eighth place on our best-selling products list! Made of heavy-duty 10 gauge galvanized steel, our coil chock is forged for maximum durability and strength and are necessary cargo control equipment for coil haulers!

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Unstable metal coils are dangerous during transportation – the risk of a coil rolling off the trailer can be life-threatening to the driver or fellow motorists. The coil racks can be lifesaving, and are easy to install and use as they are lighter than other, bulkier steel coil racks and are designed to be easily placed exactly where you need to support the coil; they prevent even the slightest jostle or jolt of your steel coil!

9. Mytee Stake Pocket Winch

Mytee Stake Pocket Winch

For truckers who know the frustration of realizing their flatbed trailer lacks the necessary winches to secure a load, our Mytee Stake Pocket Winch helped soothe enough headaches to earn its way onto our best-selling flatbed cargo products!

Our Stake Pocket Winch gives you more flexibility with cargo control on your trailer – you can add a stake pocket winch wherever you need support. Secure it to your flatbed stake pocket with confidence that your cargo will remain securely in place! Don’t worry about having to continuously rearrange your cargo to fit the predetermined tie-down points on your flatbed; our Stake Pocket Winch gives you exactly what you need!

10. 2in x 30ft Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook

2in x 30ft Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook

Finally, sneaking its way into the last place of our best-selling flatbed products is our 2’’ x 30’ Ratchet Strap with a flat hook! A familiar and welcomed cargo control product, ratchet straps are used and adored universally by flatbed haulers as they can have a versatile range of uses. 

Ratchet straps are a trucker’s primary means of securing cargo safely. Unlike chains, the webbing will not scratch or dent sturdy or fragile cargo. A ratchet strap can be used to secure any kind of cargo that doesn’t exceed it’s working load limit of 3,333 lbs, are softer and lighter than cargo chains, don’t require winches, and can be pulled diagonally or horizontally over cargo to safely tie it down. Versatile and durable, it’s safe to say this popular flatbed product has earned its place on our best of 2021 list!

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2021 was a hectic year for all of us, but it’s certainly good to know that we helped thousands of truckers on and off-road stay safe this year! These may be our most popular and best-selling equipment, but they’re certainly not the only top products we offer at Mytee Products. To see our wide array of cargo control products, visit our website or call us at (888) 705-8277.  Thank you for such a great year – we’re looking forward to seeing how much this list will change in 2022!