7-Way ABS Coil 15' (Green) Leads (Trailer x Tractor)

  • Length: 15 ft Long Coiled Cable
  • Tractor End Lead Length: 12" 
  • Trailer End Lead Length: 12" & 48"
  • Cover-Material: Polyurethane
  • Plugs: Zinc Die-Cast
  • Color: Green
  • Style: ABS
  • Product Type: Power Cord
  • Standards: J560B, J2222 & J2394
  • Solid Brass terminals
  • DOT Approved
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7-Way ABS Coil 15' (Green) Leads (Trailer x Tractor)
7-Way ABS Coil 15' (Green) Leads (Trailer x Tractor) 7-Way ABS Coil 15' (Green) Leads (Trailer x Tractor)

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When it comes to safe trucking, you want to make sure you have a high-quality air brake system on hand. Mytee Products' 7-Way ABS Trailer Cord will help keep your truck running smoothly. Equally important, truckers like you will be able to keep the roads safer by properly signaling other drivers, especially in the case of an emergency. Read on to learn more about our new 7- Pin Abs plug cable.

  • Expert Installation Option: Replacing your tubing with our 7-Pin ABS Plug Cable is simple, fast, and ensures your safety. Having a functioning air brake tube and power cord is essential to safe trucking.
  • Durable: The green synthetic tubing comes with a long-lasting guarantee. It's resistant to abrasions, inclement weather, and harmful elements from the road. 
  • Safe: Mytee Products' 7-Way Trailer ABS Cord features a spring-loaded rubber end fitting as well. These fittings protect you from getting shocked while installing or repairing your cord. 
  • Efficient: The zinc die-cast plugs of our 7-Way ABS Cord help transfer electricity from your truck to the trailer. 
  • High Quality: Also, our 15' long coiled ABS Cord for your truck is made of high-quality materials and designed for modern ABS-equipped trailers. It also has a great coil memory that prevents it from tangling and warping. 
  • Flexible: It can even be flexible on the coldest and hottest days. Extreme temperature changes won't even make the cord crack or break in half. 
  • Compliance: Mytee Products' 7-Way ABS Truck Cord meets all the DOT and SAE regulations, making truckers automatically compliant with transportation laws.

An Overview Of Our 7-Way ABS Coiled Cable

An Overview Of Our 7-Way ABS Coiled Cable

At the end of the day, our ABS Cable for your truck will ensure your truck functions and signals other drivers properly in emergency situations. No matter if you drive a low loader or are a heavy hauler, this air brake cord provides you the reliability you need. It's easy to install, comes with a long lifespan, has a great coil memory, transfers power from your truck to your trailer seamlessly, and won't break in extreme temperatures. Mytee Products' 7-Way ABS Trailer Cord is built to last.

Here Are The Benefits To Using Our ABS Trailer Cord

Here are three key advantages you'll notice when using our air brake and power cord: 

Durable Corrosion-Resistant Weatherproof




Our product comes as a durable, 15ft long coiled ABS Power Cord. Equipped with solid brass terminals which are generally corrosion-resistant, this characteristic avoids signs of wear and tear in the long run. Our power cord is also resistant to inclement weather conditions and harmful road particles.

How To Use Our 7-Pin ABS Cable

How To Use Our 7-Pin ABS Cable

Mytee Products' new  7-Way ABS Trailer Cord comes with some great features that'll help improve your tow truck's functionality, especially in the instance of a crisis. Let's take a closer look at how it can be useful for your job:

  • The Connection: Mytee Products' ABS Cord connects all the electrical components of your tow truck to your trailer. This way, your turn and brake signals will be transmitted to your trailer. 
  • Safety Guard: The cord also lets you know whether or not your trailer is ABS compatible. Also, it acts as a safety guard that'll prevent your wheels from locking up when braking. More importantly, it gives you more control over your truck and trailer. 
  • The Design: Not to mention, the coil of the cable is made out of stretchy material and comes very flexible. You won't have to worry about the cable tangling or dragging when making sharp turns. It won't even break when your trailer travels at a far distance. 
  • Compatibility: Make certain that your tow truck has a 7-pin connector when setting up the connection between your trailer and vehicle through the use of our 7 way abs cable. You want to ensure that the signals from your tow truck are successfully transmitted to your trailer without any issues.
  • The Signals: The 7-pins on your ABS Cord correspond to a specific signal, which includes the following: 
    • Left Turn Signal - Yellow Wire
    • Right Turn Signal - Brown Wire
    • Left Tail Light - Black Wire
    • Right Tail Light - Green Wire
    • Brake Lights - Red Wire
    • Reverse Lights - Blue Wire
    • Ground Wire - White Wire

Here Are Some Additional Items We Have On Hand

We have some similar products and accessories on hand that'll help improve your truck and trailer's functionality: 

3-in-One ABS Air Power Lines

Standard Aluminum Gladhands-Service


3-in-One ABS Air Power Lines

Standard Aluminum Gladhands-Service

TENDER KIT, 16" & 25", Single/Double Spring

This product features both ABS air and power lines, all bundled together in one single cable. It comes with key features like rubber weather sleeves to protect it from extreme temperatures and prevent electrical shocks. Why have multiple ABS Cords when you can just have one? 

Mytee  Products also offers Glad Hands that'll help connect the service and emergency lines of your truck straight to your trailer. With aluminum castings and stainless steel filters, you'll be able to establish a secure and reliable connection. 

Additionally, we offer single and double springs to provide stress relief for your ABS Cords and their connection points. These heavy-duty springs feature a protective sleeve and range in length from 16 to 25 inches. 


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