2" Ratchet Strap with Flat Hook

  • Strap Width: 2 Inches
  • Strap Length: 27, 30, and 40 Feet
  • Color: Available in a variety of colors
  • Material: Polyester Webbing
  • End Fitting: Flat Hook
  • Working Load Limit: 3,333 lbs
  • Breaking Strength: 10,000 Lbs
  • Fixed End Length: 1 Ft (Approx)
  • Ratchet Handle: Long Wide Handle
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2 inch Ratchet Strap with 3,333 lbs WLL - Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing, Flat Hooks, Long Wide Handle Multicolor View - mytee products
2 inch Ratchet Strap with 3,333 lbs WLL - Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing, Flat Hooks, Long Wide Handle Multicolor View - mytee products 2 x 30' Red Ratchet Strap with 3,333 lbs WLL - Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing, Flat Hooks, Long Wide Handle mytee products 2 x 30' Green Ratchet Strap with 3,333 lbs WLL - Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing, Flat Hooks, Long Wide Handle mytee products Black 2 x 30' Ratchet Strap - Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing, 3,333 lbs Working Load, Flat Hook Mytee Products 2 x 30' Blue Ratchet Strap with 3,333 lbs WLL - Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing, Flat Hooks, Long Wide Handle mytee products 2” x 27’ Ratchet Strap w/ Flat Hook Wide Handle, 3,333WLL, Trailer Tie Down - Yellow-Mytee Products 2" x 30' Ratchet Straps w/flat hook, WLL 3,333 Trailer Tie Down - Yellow 2" x 30' Ratchet Straps w/flat hook, WLL 3,333 Trailer Tie Down - Red 2" x 30' Ratchet Straps w/flat hook, WLL 3,333 Trailer Tie Down - Blue

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Weight (Lbs) 6.00
Hook Type Flat Hook
End Fitting Flat Hook
Capacity 10,000 lbs
Material Polyester
Strap Width 2 Inch
Fixed End Length 1 Ft (Aprox)
  • Durable Polyester Webbing: Our Ratchet Straps are made of durable polyester webbing. Polyester webbing barely stretches under heavy loads and water slides right off it.
  • High Visibility: The Ratchet Straps come in a shade of yellow that provides high visibility.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Ratchet: Our ratcheting mechanism is plated with gold chromate, so the heavy-duty steel won’t rust or take damage from other metals.
  • Versatile Flat Hook End Fittings: Flat hooks are compatible with most flatbed trailers. They can anchor directly to the side rail on the trailer. Our flat hooks are made from heavy-duty steel and sustain a high working load limit.
  • Wide Ratcheting Handle: With its wide handle, the ratcheting mechanism allows for a better grip than narrower handles, making it easier to achieve the desired level of tension with less force.
  • Our Ratchet Strap consists of a long strap with a ratchet mechanism on one end and a flat hook on the other end. 
  • Our heavy-duty ratchet straps are designed to handle most types of flatbed tie-down requirements. All ratchet straps are tagged with their working load limit to meet DOT regulations and WSTDA-recommended standards.

Mytee Products’ 2″ Ratchet Strap with Flat Hook

Mytee Products’ 2″ Ratchet Strap with Flat Hook

Our 2″ ratchet straps come in all kinds of configurations, including styles featuring a flat hook. These straps are designed to anchor your load down to the side rail of your trailer and hold them in place. No matter if you drive a semi-truck, a flatbed trailer or you operate a freight carrier, this 2″ ratchet straps flat hook will keep your load locked in place.

Our Ratchet Strap’s Specifications

Here are some neat specs to consider about our 2″ Ratchet Straps: 

  • They feature a Flat Hook 

  • These straps are also pretty strong and can support 3,333 lbs. 

  • They also have a loading capacity of 10,000 lbs 

  • Our Strap is also available in several colors, including black, green, yellow, red, and blue 

  • Our 2″ Straps with a flat hook are made out of high-strength Polyester material.

Check Out The Endless Benefits

Now there are tons of advantages to using tie-down straps:

  • They come in several high-visibility colors, yellow being the most common. 

  • Our Ratchets are made out of steel and come in gold chromate plating which makes them corrosion-resistant. 

  • Additionally, the flat hook end fittings work well with most flatbed trailer styles. Not only can they support a high working load limit but these straps keep your cargo anchored to the side of your truck’s trailer rails.  

  •  Furthermore, the wide handle allows for a more secure grip than a narrower one. When ratcheting, you’ll have an easier time tensioning your load without using a lot of force.

Where They’re Used

These straps are used to secure a multitude of loads, such as lawnmowers, ATVs, construction building materials, and vehicles. Some people even use them to help during a big move or just to secure their groceries. The possibilities are endless:

  • These straps offer reliable cargo securement. The design allows you to latch the flat hooks onto your trailer’s side rail, stretch the strap around your cargo, and lock it in place.  

  • Our 2-inch ratchet straps are compatible with L and E-Track systems

  • Even better, they’re cheaper than 4″ Ratchet Straps

We Offer Multiple Options For Our 2″ Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook

Multiple End-Fittings For Your 2″ Ratchet Straps

Here at Mytee Products, our tie-down straps with flat hooks come in different configurations, including multiple colors and sizes:

  1. 2″ x 27′ yellow ratchet strap: This particular style features a yellow strap, is 27′ long, weighs only 6 lbs, and has a fixed end length of 1ft.  

  2. 2″ x 30′ yellow ratchet strap: Similarly, this flat hook ratchet tie-down comes in yellow and has a lightweight construction as the previous one. Though, it’s 30 feet longer. 

  3. 2″ x 30′ Blue ratchet strap: Our Blue 2″ strap also shares similarities with the previous two styles and has a length of 30 ft. 

  4. 2″ x 30′ Black ratchet strap: Our Black ratcheting strap has the same qualities as our other styles but features a fixed end length of 14″ (Ratchet). 

  5. 2″ x 30′ Green ratchet strap: The Green 2 inch strap also has a 14″ fixed end length (Ratchet) and similar configurations as our other flat hook styles. 

  6. 2″ x 30′ Red ratchet strap: This 2″ ratcheting strap is also the same as the others, the only difference is that it comes in red, and fixed end length of 1 ft (Ratchet). 

  7. 2″ x 30′ - Custom Color Ratchet straps: If you’re looking for some custom-made straps, then cash in on this bundle deal. Your order will come with 2,000 straps, featured in various high visibility colors, printed with your company’s logo and name.  

  8. 2″ x 40′ yellow ratchet strap: Even better, we offer some of our yellow flat hooks 2″ straps at 40 ft long, weighing 7.5 lbs, and with a 1 ft fixed end length.

How are the Ratchet Straps used?

  • The ratchet mechanism typically consists of a handle, a spool, and a release lever. The handle is used to wind and unwind the spool, which tightens or loosens the strap. The release lever allows for quick and controlled release of the tension.

  • One end is attached to a secure anchor point on a vehicle or other structure and the loose end of the strap is then threaded through the ratchet mechanism, ensuring that it is not twisted or tangled.

  • Once the strap is in place, the user cranks the ratchet handle to tighten the strap around the load.

  • As the handle is cranked, the spool winds up the strap, pulling it tight and applying tension to the load.

  • Once the desired tension is achieved, the ratchet handle is closed to lock the strap in place, preventing it from loosening during transport.

Additional End-Fittings For Your 2″ Ratchet Straps

Multiple End-Fittings For Your 2″ Ratchet Straps

Besides the flat hook styles, we also offer our straps with various end fittings. While some straps are retractable, others come equipped with a wire hook and chain anchor. Take a look:

  1. 2″ Ratchet Strap with Wire Hook: Our Wire Hook 2″ Straps are 30 ft long, have a WLL of 3,335 lbs, and weigh only 5.8 lbs. The best part, the webbing is featured in standard Kinedyne Gold with a Black Edge and the end fitting is a Kinedyne 1006 Heavy Duty Narrow Hook. 

  2. 2″ Ratchet Straps With A Chain Anchor: On the other hand, this 30 ft long strap comes with a G70 chain extension. It comes in colors orange or yellow. Additionally, the tie-down strap has a WLL ranging from 3,333 lbs to 4,000 lbs and an additional Breaking strength of 10,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. 

  3. 2″ Ratchet Straps with S-Hooks: Our Retractable 10 ft long styles feature an S-hook and spool that eliminates excess strap. With a WLL of 1,100 lbs and a Breaking Strength of 3,300 lbs, they can be used in heavy or extreme loading situations. You’ll save time securing your load with this retractable strap onboard. 

  4. 2″ Endless Tie-Down Straps: Our next unique strap is the endless blue 2″ ratchet tie-down strap. This 20 ft long tie-down acts as one, continuous strap that wraps around itself. Considering its 3,333 lbs WLL and 10,000 lbs Breaking Strength, the strap can secure everything from pallets to pipes.

SKU WLL Size InStock lbs 1 10 50 200 Add To Cart
RS227 3,333 lbs 2" x 27' - Yellow No 6 $9.99 $9.79 $9.59 $9.39
RS230B 3,333 lbs 2" x 30' - Blue No 6 $10.19 $10.09 $9.89 $9.49
RS230-CUSTOM 3,333 lbs 2" x 30' - Custom Color Yes 6 $12.49 - - -
RS230R 3,333 lbs 2" x 30' - Red Yes 6.1 $10.49 $10.39 $10.19 $9.79
RS230 3,333 lbs 2" x 30' - Yellow No 6 $10.49 $10.39 $10.19 $9.79
RS240 3,333 lbs 2" x 40' - Yellow Yes 7.5 $13.99 $13.49 $12.99 $11.99
RS230G 3,333 lbs 2" x 30' - Green No 5.7 $10.49 $10.39 $10.19 $9.79
RS230BLK 3,333 lbs 2" x 30' - Black Yes 5.7 $10.49 $10.39 $10.19 $9.79