Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop

  • Size: 28'. x 27' 
  • Drop-Length: 10’
  • Tail: 10' x 8'
  • 8" Rain Flaps
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Solid Toothed Brass Grommets
  • Material: Heavy Duty PVC Coated mesh
  • 4 rows of "D" Rings box stitched
  • Hems reinforced with 2" webbing
  • Double Stitched for Extra Strength

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Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop
Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop 28' x 27' Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp with 10' Drop-Mytee Products Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop bee_net_bee_hauling_tarp_10_drop_with_20_length

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Weight (Lbs) 80.00
Size 28' x 27' (10ft Drop)
Color Multi Mesh
Material PVC Coated Mesh
Tarp Width 28 ft.
Tarp Length 27 ft.
Rows of D-Rings 4

Discover these 28 ft x 27 ft Nursery Tarps from Mytee Products that can safely transport bees, trees, or other cargo that seeks breathable cover. These bee truck tarps/ mesh nursery tarps ensure the proper well-being of your cargo by providing ample ventilation throughout the journey on the flatbed truck. Our tarps are built of heavy-duty PVC-coated mesh regarded as abrasion-resistant and less prone to tearing.

  • Premium Material:  Made of heavy-duty PVC-coated mesh, it inherits qualities of excellent durability, weather resistance, sufficient airflow, and easy maintenance. 
  • Multi-Color Design: Available in a Multi-color design, this  tarp for bee hives looks aesthetically appealing and adds volume to the looks of flatbed trucks while transporting. 
  • Design: Featuring four rows of D rings, it has adequate attachment points that ensure proper cargo fastening while transiting.
  • Versatility: Its feature of ample ventilation makes it a versatile product, used for covering plants, food supplies, construction materials, and various other purposes. 
  • Ample Coverage:  Having dimensions of  28' x 27' with 10 Ft Drop, 10 x 8 feet Tail, and 8-inch Rain Flaps to its name, this bee tarp delivers abundant coverage parallel to specifications of numerous cargo sizes.

Mytee Products’ Nursery Tarps

Bee Hauling Nursery Tarps 10’ Drop Mytee Products

While transporting Bee hives, there is a requirement for a tarp specifically designed to protect against external weather elements while providing ample ventilation for well-being, and this is where our bee hauling tarps serve the purpose. They can be used to transport trees, food products, and many more.

Some Salient Features of Nursery Tarps

At Mytee Products, we strive to work around our customer' expectations by designing products that cater to their expectations. Our Bee Truck Tarps is one such product, having numerous features that ultimately lead to providing the best outcome to its users.

Bee Net Hauling Tarp with Robust Strength Bee Net Hauling Tarp with Exceptional Coverage Bee Net Hauling Tarp with Durability

Robust Strength

Exceptional Coverage


The Bee Straps get exceptional strength from the 2-inch webbing and double stitching on all hems. These two aspects contribute to better protection for beehives,  withstand heavy loads, and are less susceptible to tearing. To ensure adequate coverage of bee hives and compatibility with flatbed trucks, it features dimensions - 28 x 27 with 10 feet drop. It also has an additional 10 x 8 feet Tail and 8-inch Rain Flaps for protection against rain and other weather elements. The use of heavy-duty PVC-coated mesh in designing this Tarp makes it outstandingly durable, resisting wear and tear in harsh weather conditions. The sturdiness allows you to trust it for long-term outdoor use and justify your valuable expenditure.

Explore The Many Ways You Can Use Nursery Tarps

Besides safeguarding the bee hives, there are diverse uses for  tarps, making them a product of versatile uses. Read some of its uses below: 

Nurseries -

Safeguard your fragile plants and seeds by using the Tarps as a shield from sunlight, birds, animals, pesticides, and other external elements while ensuring ample airflow. 

Lawn Care -

Use tarps to protect your garden that seeks maintenance from rain, strong wind, and other external elements.

Pool Covers -

Cover and maintain your swimming pool and protect it from insects and trash by using bee tarps. It also provides a good impression of uplifting safety standards.


Just like the nursery, tarps are used for covering crops in agricultural settings. They are used in multiple numbers by farmers during the harvesting period.

Landscaping -

Protect your plants with bee net tarps for flatbeds, which safeguard them from harsh weather elements and preserve entire transportation.

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At Mytee Products, we design products that can fit the needs of our customers. Therefore, we provide you with various varieties so that you can make a genuine selection based on your needs. Check out our other  tarps that are equally phenomenal in performance.

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Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10' Drop with 20' Length

Made with heavy-duty PVC-coated mesh. This Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp comes in dimensions of 16 x 27 feet with a 4 Ft Drop, 4 x 8 feet Tail, and 8-inch Rain Flaps. Consider this to minimize the external elements' exposure to your cargo. In this Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 8' Drop, All hems are reinforced with 2" webbing and double stitched to make it a long-lasting product that can test the time with its performance. Weighing 61.24 lbs, Choose this  Bee Net / Bee Hauling Tarp 10 feet Drop with 20 feet Length as it offers more coverage and best buy for customers, looking for their larger loads.