Flatbed Trailer Winches & Tie-Downs

Flatbed truckers rely on flatbed trailer winches to tie down loads safely and securely. Truckers required enough numbers of trailer strap winches to bind the load on the flatbed. Mytee Products stocks a large supply of flatbed trailer winches ready for purchase and delivery at a moment's notice.

We carry standard sliding winches, sliding doubles, bolt-on trailer winches, welded winches, standard stake pocket winches, and truck winch accessories. Our flatbed trailer winches are for long life and durability. Each of our winches comes from a trusted manufacturer, is high-quality, and zinc coated.

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Winches for Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailer winches are cargo securement devices that use to attach with winch straps. Winch straps are securing cargo on your flatbed truck using tension. Winches let you utilize a crank or winch bar to pull the strap tighter than you could tighten a ratchet, cultivating greater tension. This makes flatbed winches and winch straps a better choice than ratchet straps for heavy-duty loads. Trailer winches themselves are mounted on the sides of a flatbed trailer.

Every flatbed winch we sell comes from a trusted manufacturer. The same goes for our flatbed winch accessories which include winch bars, pipe stakes, ratcheting bars, winch tracks, and a few other products.

Tie-Down Winches Options at Mytee Products

To figure out what type of tie-down winch is right for you, ask yourself a few questions. Here is the winch types for flatbedders.

1. Based on the Installation

Some flatbed winches are permanently anchored once placed, while others can be easily removed or shifted if need be. Regardless of the type of installation, all flatbed trailer winches are held firmly in place while they’re being used to secure cargo, due to the incredible tension in the strap around the load. Consider these four types of flatbed winches.

  • Weld-On Winches: These winches are welded on under the mount and cannot be removed after they’re replaced. You can use weld-on winches even if your flatbed trailer doesn’t have a track installed.
  • Bolt-On Winches: Bolt-on winches are not permanently anchored. They can be installed under the rail and can be used with or without a track.
  • Sliding Winches: Sliding winches are not permanently anchored. To use a slide-on winch, make sure you have a compatible track on your trailer.
  • Stake Pocket Winches: Your flatbed trailer has stake pockets, which are metal brackets, bolted onto the sides of the trailer every two feet. These pockets can be used to hold portable winches, sometimes called pocket winches or offset trailer winches. This is a convenient alternative if you don’t want to install tracks on your trailer.
  • Portable Winches: These winches are not permanently anchored. Portable truck winches are pocket winches, designed to easily fit into stake pockets.

2. Based on Winch Strap Size

If you want to figure out what size tie-down trailer winch you need, think about how large a winch strap roll will have to be to cover your load. A larger winch strap roll can bind a larger load, while a smaller roll weighs less and takes up less space when stored.

  • Low Profile: Low profile trailer strap winches are designed to handle smaller rolls, 30’ in length or shorter. They can fit in spaces that are partially taken up by toolboxes, wheels, or other equipment. Typically, low trailer strap winches aren’t designed to store winch straps when they’re not in use.
  • Standard Profile: Standard profile trailer strap winches are designed to handle 30’ winch straps, and can store a winch strap roll of that size when it’s not in use.
  • Deep Profile: Deep profile trailer strap winches can handle the largest winch strap rolls, accommodating straps up to 40’-50’ long. They can store winch straps when they’re not in use.

3. Based on Flatbeds’ Winch Tracks

The sides of a flatbed trailer might be equipped with different types of tracks. Make sure the tie-down winch you choose is compatible with the track on your flatbed.

Choose High-Quality Cargo Tie-Down Winches

All types of flatbed winches have a zinc coating option. Zinc coating protects the winch from inevitable exposure to water and other elements, protecting the winch from rusting over time so it lasts longer.

Our flatbed trailer winches are the most affordable on the market. At Mytee Products, we offer winches in every variety, and each winch is made from high-quality materials and supports a high working load limit.