Mesh Shade Tarp

Mesh Tarps Usage Guide: Versatile Applications for Everyone

Tarps and tarpaulins have a wide range of uses, from covering vehicles and boats to keeping objects safe from weather conditions! At Mytee Products, there are many different types of tarpaulins and tarps available. They are differentiated by the materials used to make them and their main purposes: there are steel tarps, lumber tarps, canvas tarps, mesh tarps, etc. For example, steel tarps and lumber tarps are not made from steel or lumber but are used to cover steel materials or tall loads of lumber.

People have primarily used canvas tarps for all purposes, but with the advancement of technology and better quality tarps made for specific purposes, it’s much easier to find the perfect tarp for your needs! Mesh tarps are excellent tarps used to cover truckloads and are much better than canvas tarps in that respect.

Mesh Tarp in Garden

These mesh tarps are designed with a breathable material so they allow some amount of air, moisture, and sunlight to pass through them. It has grommets attached to the ends of its sides that allow you to tie it down. Their hems are double stitched for heavy-duty use, and these mesh shade tarps are available in a variety of sizes.

The mesh tarp is most commonly found on construction sites to tie down materials and prevent them from moving during transit or to provide a good amount of shade over sensitive cargo and provide a cool area for relaxation.

How to Use Mesh Tarps:

Sometimes called shade tarps, mesh tarps are oftentimes used by landscapers or home and garden developers to create greenhouses, privacy screens, or to cover fences or objects. This provides shade while protecting part of the outdoor space from windblown leaves or debris.

Mesh tarps are sometimes called sun or shade tarps when they’re primarily being used for shade. Mesh tarps are also used to store equipment or carry loads that need to breathe as much as possible. This includes storing or transporting living animals, transporting garbage on a dump trailer in a way that prevents fumes from building up, and covering any load or piece of equipment that doesn’t need total protection from rain or snow.  As such, they are not recommended to be used for cargo that needs to remain completely covered.

Mesh Shade Tarp

Our mesh trailer tarps are designed with brass grommets every two feet to make securement simple and easy! Having grommets makes it easier to place and secure your tarp precisely where you need shade, no matter how tight or unique the angle!

When you unfold the mesh tarp, use the grommets to secure the tarp by using zip ties, rubber ties, bungee cords, and even bungee ball ties! Ensure all points are secure so that your shade tarp does not come loose or flap open!

Different Uses of Mesh Tarps:

1. Canopy for Backyards and Events

Providing shade is a common application of our mesh shade tarps, given how their breathable fabric allows for cool breezes to still come through and further cool your shaded area. Additionally, it’s an inexpensive and easier-to-install alternative to tarps like valance tarps. You can use it as a canopy or cover in your backyard, on a camping trip, or any other outdoor event!

Mesh Shade Tarp at Front of Home

2. Truck Covers

Our Mytee Products heavy-duty mesh tarps are a popular choice among flatbed haulers! These tarps are best used as dump truck tarp covers, as the materials carried by the dump trucks do not have the threat of getting damaged due to moist weather. Tying a mesh trailer tarp over the top will also ensure your contents stay put as you haul from Point A to Point B.

3. Debris Net

These tarps cover the materials like small rocks, gravel, asphalt, sand, and other such materials to keep them from flying out from your container or truck, and disturbing other motor drivers on the road. They also keep your material in place till it reaches its destination.

Mesh Tarp as Debris Net

4. Keeping Firewood/Lumber Dry

If you chop or store firewood and lumber for a variety of uses, you know how important it is that the wood remains dry as moisture can ruin an entire stack and lead to the wood rotting before you have a chance to use it. While our black mesh tarps do allow moisture through, it is best to use as a canopy over your firewood/lumber stacks. This helps keep too much rain or snow from resting and seeping directly onto the wood.

5. Protection for Plants and Gardens

These tarps are actively used at nurseries, greenhouses, and agricultural facilities. Small plants need mild sunlight and air to grow fast and healthy. These tarps help provide the ideal conditions for such plants. They are also very actively used as garden covers to provided necessary shade or weather protection. They’re also called Nursery tarps as they can be used to transport plants and trees safely!

6. Agricultural Facilities

Scaffolding a mesh shade tarp can be used to cover the back yard and front yard of a house as you do any agricultural or landscaping projects. Our mesh tarps will protect you from the harsh summer sun and from UV rays as you do activities in and around your home this summer! These tarps allow air to pass through it so you don’t have to worry about getting trapped in humid or foul air. They also work terrifically as privacy screens, allowing you to view the outside world without the outside world peeking into your yard or patio.

7. Bee Nets

An often forgotten but important use of our mesh tarps is as a bee tarp. We have specific mesh tarps designed to transport live bees in hives which we simply call Bee Nets. The mesh material allows bees to breathe and protects the hives from weather or debris during transportation. At Mytee Products, we have four types of bee hauling mesh tarps to meet your needs!

Mesh tarp Covering a Truck load

Tips on Season-Wise use of Mesh Tarps:

While you may find yourself getting the most use of our mesh shade tarps during the summer months, but what should you do with these mesh trailer tarps during the colder seasons?

  1. While you may initially want to place your mesh tarps into storage when summer comes to an end, depending on where you live it may not be necessary! If you live in states that see little to no snowfall during winter, you don’t have to store your mesh trailer tarps! They can still be used throughout the colder months as a trailer tarp or shade tarp!
  2. Cleaning your tarps regularly helps them last longer, but cleanliness is incredibly important when it’s time to take down and store your heavy-duty mesh tarps. Never store a tarp that hasn’t been cleaned, as you never know what kinds of dirt and bacteria are trapped in the webbing. Clean your tarps with a mild detergent and warm water – NEVER put your tarp in a washing machine.
  3. Always remember when storing our black mesh tarps to never store them while they’re wet, as you will risk mold growth. Do not fold, roll, or store it until it is completely dry – the most efficient way to dry a mesh tarp is to hang it across a laundry line or lay it flat on the ground. Additionally, if you have cargo that cannot or should not get wet make sure your mesh trailer tarp is dry before tying it down to your truck/trailer!
  4. There are many cases in which buying the right, heavy-duty mesh tarp – like the ones we offer at Mytee Products – can offer you year-round use! Keeping your mesh tarps up during the winter provides some shelter from the elements. Whether it’s wind, rain, or snow, these tarps create a protected space on your patio or in your garden. You can also use them year-round as a trailer tarp!
  5. Outdoor activities and home improvement projects aren’t restricted to the warmer months of the year; whether you’re planting season-specific flowers or plants, collecting firewood, or landscaping your yard, these black mesh tarps can somewhat protect your ongoing work from sudden snowfall.

Mesh tarp at Truck back

Benefits of Using our Mesh Tarps:

There are plenty of benefits when you get your mesh trailer tarps from Mytee Products!

  1. Variety: We offer mesh tarps made of five different materials in 42 sizes to ensure you get the best and most use of your tarps, no matter what cargo you haul or how you plan to use the mesh tarp!
  2. Durability: Our tarps have solid brass grommets. The hems of our black mesh tarps and bee tarps are reinforced with thick polyester webbing to prevent deterioration and rust to improve your mesh tarp’s longevity!
  3. Lightweight: Our lightest mesh shade tarp weighs less than 10 lbs, for easy installation and transportation of the tarp!
  4. Breathability: Our black mesh tarps are designed to be very breathable; better than any other type of tarp cover!
  5. Unique: Some of our mesh tarps are made for unique situations or cargo, like our Bee Tarps and Nursery tarps which are designed specifically to safely transport bees and plants or trees respectively. If you have a specific type of cargo or use that you need of a mesh tarp, Mytee Products offers unique tarps for your unique circumstances!

As we explained above there are expansive uses beyond truck tarps that you can use mesh tarps for! You can utilize them in your day-to-day life to help improve your gardening or landscaping activities! Additionally, you can protect yourself from the hot summer months and dangerous UV rays by installing tarps in your yard to use for shade and privacy!

Mytee Product’s mesh tarp has several benefits and is widely used as covers on trucks, construction sites, and camping. If you’re unsure if our heavy-duty mesh tarps can help make your outdoor lifestyle or cargo hauling easier, please contact us! We are always happy to help you find the best tarp for you!