Grille Guards

A grille guard is a handy accessory that has both functional and aesthetically appealing for truckers. On the functional side, having a solid deer guard can minimize damage during a collision with an animal. A grille guard absorbs the impact and protects the front end of the truck against major damage.

On the aesthetic side, a well-polished grille guard can make your truck look tougher and classier. You absolutely have to have one if you have a show truck that you enter in competitions. Remember, the more shiny chrome you have to dazzle the judges, the better your truck will do.

Mytee Products currently offers several different front grille guard models along with mounting brackets. You can see the details of each one by clicking on its link. Each guard has its own dedicated product page complete with a description and specifications. Feel free to leave a product review as well.

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What is a Grille Guard?

Also called brush guards or bull bars, grille guards are metal grid-like shields installed over the grille and front bumper of your truck.

  • In an accident that impacts the front of your cab, the grille guard moves the kinetic energy from the abrupt impact away from the crumple zone (the front most part of the tractor) to the more durable steel frame of the truck.
  • The frame is better able to absorb the energy without taking any damage.

Why are Grille Guards Necessary?

Grille guards protect the car’s front end from damage during a collision with a deer or another similarly-sized animal, a slow-moving “fender-bender”-type collision with a guard-rail or another vehicle, or an impact with a thrown rock or piece of debris.

  • During these types of collisions, grille guard brackets can prevent damage to the grille itself, the lights, and the bumpers on the front of the tractor.
  • It’s important to note that a deer grille guard will NOT protect your vehicle if you hit a large animal like a moose or buffalo, nor will it prevent damage during a collision with a car or guard-rail at typical driving speeds.

How to Select the Right Grille Guard for Truck?

When sorting through all the grille guards on the market, it’s important to look at three categories of options.

Coverage Options:

Grille guards offer different coverage options for the front end of your tractor.

Full Grille Guards: Protect the entire front face of your cab. These might be called large models, and they have tall, vertical stainless steel columns supporting the structure of the frame.

Center Grille Guards: Have a similar structure to full grille guards, but they’re lighter-weight and shorter. Center grille guards don’t cover headlights. These might be considered medium or small grille guards.

Bull Bars and Skid Plates: Skid plates and bull bars are specifically designed to cover and protect the underside of the truck. They’re particularly useful if you’re driving over rough terrain or will encounter loose rocks.

Style Options

Whether you’re interested in show truck competitions or just want your truck to be more authentically you, choosing the style of truck grille guard that suits you matters.
Some drivers choose one material and structure for their grille guard, and then customize its color.

Some Popular Style and Customization Options:

  • Chrome plating
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Black texture powder coat
  • Accessory Options

Some truck grille guards are designed to be compatible with specific accessories.

If you’re interested, look specifically for guards with pre-drilled holes or elements to let you attach to additional lights or winches.

What makes Mytee’s grille guards great?

All of Mytee’s deer grille guards are made of durable, high-quality materials. Our brush guards can fold down so you can easily access the hood of your truck, and they can be easily installed without any drilling.

At Mytee, we sell directly to you. Since we don’t waste money on a middleman, every product is affordably priced without sacrificing quality.