Check Out Mytee Products’ Top 10 Niche Products for Your Cargo Control Needs

There’s tons of ways you can secure your cargo. Here at Mytee Products, we’ve got you covered. We have everything you need, such as winch straps, tarps, lifting beams and pintle hooks. These tools are all great and dandy, but maybe in your market for a few additional tools. You can’t go wrong with using a few more pieces of equipment to better protect your cargo. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss all of Mytee’s Niche and Speciality Products we have in stock. These tools will take your cargo protection to the next level.

The Products Our Customers Love

1. Mytee’s 8ft V-Shaped Extension Handle:

This specialty product can be used to help you install your corner and edge protectors on your cargo. The 8ft V Shaped Extension Handle is basically like having a third arm, one that extends to 8 feet. The durable plastic grip keeps a firm handle on your corner protector so it won’t slip. Our aluminum extension handle is also lightweight, weighing only 5 lbs but it’s also pretty sturdy. This tool isn’t just essential for trucking, but it’s also the law. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier of Safety Administration states that it must be used to secure everything from lumber to heavy equipment. You’ll want to get your hands on our 8ft V-shaped extension handle ASAP.

2. Shipping Container Caster Wheels:

Another niche tool to use for securing your cargo is our Caster Wheels. If you need help moving your Shipping Container around the warehouse or relocating it, then these are the tools to use. Made from polyurethane or nylon material, they can withstand the weight of your heavy cargo. Our Caster Wheels can support up to a 6,600 lbs load. Plus they offer tons of traction and protection of your Shipping Container.

3. The EZ Ratchet Lever Load Binder:

Our EZ Binder Ratchet Load Binder offers tons of benefits. They make tensioning your straps over your cargo a whole lot easier. These ratchet load binders help with everything from loading your truck faster to hauling your mini excavator more efficiently. Made out of steel with zinc plating, our EZ load binders can handle cargo ranging from 2,500 lbs to 6,600 lbs. They also feature G70 or G43 foot-long chains that come equipped with swivel grab hooks. The best part, you won’t have to worry about the binder recoiling back on you and hitting you upside the head.

4. Peerless Ratchet Folding Handle QuikBinder:

Next on our list, comes the Peerless Folding Handle QuikBinder. Similar to EZ Binder, it adds tensioning to your chains but comes with a little extra. It has a 3 position pawl that allows you to install it in three different directions. The peerless load binder also works in conjunction with a padlock to prevent thieves from stealing your valuable goods. More importantly, the securement tool can help tow your vehicle, secure a tractor to your truck’s trailer, and even tie down tree logs to your truck. No matter what, our Load Binder will ensure your cargo arrives at your destination intact.

5. Mytee’s Load Height Measuring Stick:

You can also use our Load Height Measuring Stick to help you stay compliant with height standards for your cargo. With our fiberglass-infused measuring stick, you’ll know exactly the height of your oversized load. You can even use this Load Height Measuring Stick anywhere in the world, as it has both imperial and metric measurements. Other specifics to consider about the product is that it starts at 53”, comes in sizes 15ft and 20ft, is resistant to corrosion, non-conductive to electricity and it is very lightweight. Anytime you need help meeting clearance height standards, just invest in our measuring stick.

6. Adjustable Pipe Stake 54″:

Our Adjustable Pipe Stakes act very similar to Load Height Measuring Sticks, but specifically for securing pipes. Like the name implies, their adjustable design allows you to adjust its height based on the various pipe sizes and styles. Specifically, the stake’s upper portion features 7 holes that allow for various heights. Our 54” Pipe Stake is made of steel, with an 8 gauge and fits stake pockets with the dimensions of 3-3/8″ (width) x 1-3/8″ (depth). Additionally, it fits like a glove into a standard stake pocket.

7. 4ft Steel Pipe Stakes for Your Flatbed:

Another Pipe Stake from our specialty inventory comes Mytee’s 4ft Steel Pipe Stakes for your Flatbed truck. It has a 9 Gauge thickness, weighs only 15 lbs., and comes in the standard size of 4ft. 6in. It works well with stake pockets that are 3″ wide x 1.5″ deep, to allow for a smooth insertion. For certain stake pockets though, they may require some readjusting in order to be more compatible. You can use chains and binders to help secure the Pipe Stakes on the stake pockets as well.

8. Trailer Stake Pocket D-Ring:

Speaking of which, we offer a Trailer Stake Pocket D-ring that can make handling your cargo easy as pie. These steel tools come strong, having a WLL of 5,400 lbs and can support up to 16,200 lbs of cargo. Each stake pocket features a 1⁄2” hitch pin with an additional locking cotter pin and 4 pin holes. This way, you can adjust the height of your Stake pocket D-ring to fit any load. They fit into almost all stake pockets, especially 2” x 4” ones. Our specialty product is also resistant to early wear and tear, comes versatile, and is easy to use.

9. Mytee’s Stake Pocket Winch:

Let’s not forget about our Stake Pocket Winch. Wherever there’s a stake pocket, you also have a winch. It has similar specs as the Trailer Stake Pocket D-ring, but offers some neat features of its own. In particular, it’s more compatible with 1-1/2″W x 3-1/2″L or 1-5/8″W x 3-1/2″L stake pockets. Not to mention, you can store up to 7ft of your straps while you work. To use it, simply treat it like a ratchet strap. Once the winch strap hook is latched onto one side of your load, pull the excess webbing through it. Next, start ratcheting the Winch and store the excess webbing under your load.

10. Mytee’s Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar:

Last on our list of niche products comes the Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar. These heavy-duty bars prevent your cargo from shifting around in your enclosed trailer, ensuring your materials stay in one piece. It can also be adjusted from 89-¾” to 104-½” as well, giving you plenty of flexibility to secure your materials. The 2”x4” rubber pads prevent your load lock bar from slipping off the walls of your trailer. Additionally, it stunts any force applied on to your cargo. Even its steel construction offers tons of advantages, such as resisting blunt force and maintaining its sleek finish.

More Is Always Better

There’s no such thing as having too many tools in your arsenal. After all, you want a safer and more efficient haul. Whether you’re towing a Ford Mustang, hauling farm equipment or securing pipes to your truck, you should always have a few more tools at your disposal. At Mytee Products, we have tons of specialty products that’ll make cargo securement seem like a walk in the park.