Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar 89"-105"

  • Extends from 89-3/4" to 104-1/2"
  • 2" -  4" Pads on Either End
  • Galvanized Steel Tube Construction
  • Diameter of 1-1/2"
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89_-105_ Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar-Mytee Products
89"-105" Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar-Black-Mytee Products 89_-105_ Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar-Mytee Products Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar 89"-105" Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar 89"-105" Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar 89"-105" Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar 89"-105" Steel Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock Bar 89_-105_ Dimension View-Mytee Products

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Weight (Lbs) 11.50
Color Black
  • Galvanized Steel Tube Load Bars with 2' x 4' Pads on either end to provide traction under pressure.
  • Adjustable from 89-3/4" to 104-1/2".
  • The steel construction provides durability and strength.
  • Linear Dimension: Extends beam from 89-3/4" to 104-1/2" Diameter: 1.5"




Keep Your Cargo in Place With Our Heavy Duty Ratcheting Cargo Load Lock
If you're running into the issue where your cargo is shifting too much for your comfort when on the road, then it's time to invest in a Load Lock Bar. Mytee Products has developed a special and extremely durable load load bar that is easy to set up and adjust allowing you to get on the road faster. With this cargo bar, you can shore up cargo so it doesn't shift in transit, and if needed, you can divide your cargo to create optimized storage space. When you're done with it, you can easily take it down and store it away for next use. No extra tools are needed, and no unneeded damage to your trailer!
  • Weight: 11.5lbs
  • Diameter: 1.5in
  • Length: 89in - 105in
  • Material: Galvanized Steel


This bar features an easy-to-use ratcheting mechanism that rivals that of other bars, allowing you to get a super strong grip between the walls of your trailers. After it's in place and tight between your trailer walls, this bar and cargo won't be going anywhere except for your intended destination! To get it in place, all you need to do is lift the ratchet handle and open it all the way allowing you to freely extend the bar. Next, all you have to do is ratchet it down tight and you're set to go!




No Slip Grip

Each end of the bar is fitted with a 2"x4" rubber pad with a bubble-style tread to prevent any slippage of the bar and keep it in place to make sure it stunts any force applied on it from your cargo. The size of the pad also allows for an even distribution of pressure along the bar.




Durable Material

As the name says, this bar is made out of Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel making it extremely durable and resistant to bends and blunt force. Since it's galvanized, you'll find that this bar maintains its sleek finish for a very long time regardless of the elements it's exposed to!

How to Use the Bar
Open and Extend Ratchet Down Tight Give it a Shake
First, place the butt end of the bar on one side of your trailer wall. Open the ratchet mechanism handle wide to freely extend the other end of the bar to the other side of your trailer. Grab the handle and start ratcheting it down all the way until either your trailer wall can't take anymore or you can't ratchet down any further. Finally, close down the handle, grab the bar with one hand or two, and give it a hefty shake to make sure it's in place and not going anywhere. After that, you're ready to go!