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Plastic Pipe Chocks
Plastic Pipe Chocks Plastic Pipe Chocks Plastic Pipe Chocks

Plastic Pipe Chocks

SKU: Chock-C

Size: 5" or 8"
Nails Per Chock: 2 or 3
Pipe Size: Varies on Size of Chock
Color: Orange
• Nails are double headed for easy removal

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    Weight (Lbs)0.30
    Product ColorOrange

    Additional Information

    How To Use Plastic Pipe Chocks

    • Plastic Pipe Chocks are used to wedge pipe from shifting during storage and transit.
    • The pipe chock is available in two different sizes.
    • These pipe wedges are more durable than wood chocks.

    DURABLE. These plastic chocks are highly durable. Made of heavy-duty polyethylene, these chocks can resist damage, dents, and scratches from weather, debris, or the pipes themselves over the course of multiple uses.

    HIGH VISIBILITY. These bright orange chocks are easy to use in low-light conditions. The bright color makes it easier to place and manipulate the chocks without a lot of extra lighting gear when conditions are rainy or foggy, or if the chocks are being placed at dawn or dusk.

    VERSATILE. These bright orange pipe placement chocks are compatible with many types and sizes of pipe. Typically, chocks are used to prevent oil pipes or drill pipes from jostling, damaging each other, or coming loose during transport. But these chocks are versatile enough to also be used to:

    • prevent metal coils from rolling during transport,
    • secure stacked PVC pipes during transport
    • prevent surface damage to pipes and coils on the interior of a stack

    MAXIMUM SAFETY. Our plastic chocks are much safer than wooden chocks. Wooden chocks are weaker than plastic chocks. They are more prone to giving way under intense weight or pressure, and they’re more likely to rot. Our plastic chocks are designed to endure heavy loads and will never rot.

    EASY SECURE, EASY REMOVE. Our chocks include two nails, already embedded partway into the chock-bed. To secure the chock, simply hammer the nail all the way through to wooden boards that separate each layer of pipe from the one beneath it. At the bottommost later, nail the chocks to a layer of wooden flooring secured flat on the truck bed.

    To remove the chocks, simply pull out the nail by the raised head. The double-layered-head design ensures that at least a portion of the head is raised enough to easily grip with the claw on the back of the hammer head.

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    • How many come in a box?

      Chock-Lg comes 40 to a box and the Chock-Reg comes 200 to a box.

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