Essential Pickup Truck Accessories that are Worth Buying for Any Pickup Truck

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Pickup truck accessories are the best way to enhance the existing utility of your light motor vehicle. These pickup accessories allow you to do anything right from protecting cargo to improving the overall looks of your vehicle.

List of Pickup Truck Accessories

Let’s find out which truck bed accessories are worthwhile for your pickup truck!

1. Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are nothing but rubber mats to be attached at the rear of the rear wheels of your pickup truck. These offer immense protection against nicks, the outcome of road salt and thrown gravel. Another useful function of mud flaps is that these protect other vehicles from mud thrown by your truck. Mud flaps are highly recommended when you are out during rainy days. Go for mud flaps having an anti-spray and anti-sail design which is more than your truck’s tires.

2. Tonneau Covers

There are a multitude of Tonneau covers available in the market, today, coming in different sizes, shapes and colors. Besides offering the best looks to your pickup truck, these pickup bed covers offer protection against theft! Most of the pickup truck bed covers can be locked. Acting like truck bed covers; these pickup truck covers also protect your cargo from sunlight, rain, snow, wind, leaves and vermin. 

3. Tie-Downs Straps

If you are not buying a camper shell, do invest in tie-downs and cargo nets. These are quite handy in protecting the cargo from sliding or flying out of the truck. Go for ratchet tie-down straps in case you are carrying a heavy object. Not having tie-downs in your truck can be disastrous for other road users. Also, don’t hesitate in buying straps and tarps.

4. Tow hooks & Tailgate

If you want to pull a boat or move hay bale, consider including tow hooks to your pickup truck bed accessory list. You can also go for a tailgate, another very useful pickup truck part. However, don’t forget to lock and put your vehicle identification number on it for protection against thieves.

5. Camper Shell

If you want to extend the capacity of your vehicle, go for a Camper shell. Similar to a canopy, it proves to be highly useful during camping. The Camper shell, made out of aluminum and fiberglass, protects your cargo from external elements including theft. Large ones often overlap the top of your truck’s cab.

6. Tool Boxes

Pickup truck tool boxes are a must-have pickup truck accessory if you are camping in remote areas. A tool box consisting of some screwdrivers, drill and hammer comes to your rescue if something goes wrong. There are a myriad of options available when it comes to buying a  pickup truck tool box. It can be attached on the truck bed or near the roll-out system.

7. Cargo Nets

No matter what you plan to haul in the back of your truck – from furniture to groceries – you need a strong pickup accessory in the back of your truck to keep all your supplies secure and organized. Luckily, the Mytee Products’ Heavy-duty Cargo Nets can do just that!

Cargo Nets

This pickup truck cargo net can be easily installed into the bed of any pickup truck, as the bar extends to the length of the trunk to be used to keep your cargo in one place as you travel. Don’t worry about your cargo slipping or sliding during transit! This pickup cargo net is a vital tool for every truck owner to keep small, fragile items safe!

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8. Cargo Bar

For the haulers that need adjustable storage in their trucks, an adjustable cargo bar is just what you need! A perfect fit for trunks in SUVs, beds of pickup trucks, and the back of vans, these cargo bars will clamp easily onto uneven surfaces for easy installation and movable storage – no tools required! The feet are made of durable steel and come rubber-coated to avoid the risk of ruining your truck with scraps or dents. Perfect for keeping furniture or boxes in place during the drive, the easy twist ratchet action ensures that even the heaviest loads won’t move!

9. 2’’ Hitch Receiver

For the tow haulers that frequently use their trucks for hauling purposes, our 2’’ Hitch Receiver is a must-have! A common tool in the hauling industry, a receiver hitch is a type of trailer hitch which bolts to the underside of a vehicle and provides a tube or attachment for a ball mount or hitch accessory at the rear of your truck.

Hitch Receiver

This provides a bit of extra strength and versatility you don’t get without it, making your hauling and tow-jobs faster, safer, and easier to do!

10 Deer Grill Guard

As the name may suggest, a Deer Grill Guard can protect you and your truck from any accident with animals; the most common animal you’ll run into on the road will be deer, and as such is why our Grill Guards are named after them! A grill guard can prevent your truck from experiencing any major structural damage in the event of an accident depending on the speed of travel and the obstacle’s size. Keep yourself safe on the roads and lower the cost of truck repairs with the purchase of a Deer Grill Guard!

11. Throw Tarps

While you don’t usually haul the same cargo that semi- and flatbed trucks transport across the country, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the same precautions to protect your cargo like they do! For any and all tarping needs that don’t require heavy-duty performance.

We offer a range of throw tarps in various sizes, colors, and materials! The most common throw tarp you have likely seen are the blue poly tarps, but we offer other materials including canvas and mesh for a wide variety of cargo types you may end up hauling in your truck bed! We have all the covers you need to keep your cargo just as dry, clean, and safe as our heavy-duty flatbed tarps!

12. Electric Winches

While likely not at the top of your “essential pickup truck bed accessories” list, an electric winch can end up being a lifesaver if you ever find yourself in need of one! This pickup accessory is ideal for all off-road, fleet, or utility vehicles. Its grade 12V moto offers a quick and efficient pulling capacity and remains waterproof for those wet towing environments.

Electric Winches

The winch has a free spooling clutch that allows for up to 100ft of galvanized cable to be deployed or repelled quickly. Used with a universal mounting bolt pattern, our electric winches can almost be guaranteed to fit onto your truck – regardless if you’re being towed or are the one towing!

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13. RTJ Hook Cluster/Towing Chains

Our RTJ Cluster Hook can be a useful tool with your pickup truck in two ways – one of which you might not consider, but will end up being handy! If you end up needing to tow another vehicle or ATV from a tough spot, it’s important to know that the connection/anchor points in the undercarriage of every vehicle differs depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Our RTJ Hook Cluster and Towing Chains will help ensure you are prepared for any and all vehicle towing! No matter what you need to haul, this pickup truck accessory has everything you’ll need in one convenient spot. Additionally, if you ever need to have your vehicle towed or hauled, you can use this same cluster on your truck! Save yourself and other towing haulers a headache and keep this trucking tool handy!

14. Safety Apparel & Accessories

While it may not be obvious to some right away, having the right safety equipment ready and on-hand can save yourself a visit to the ER, making safety apparel some of the most important pickup truck parts you can have. At Mytee Products, we offer an array of safety apparel including vests, eye protection, cones, lights, and more! Keep yourself safe on the road by making yourself as visible as possible to other motorists, and keep your body safe from accidents that can come from maintenance checks or cargo securement.

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The above list does not end here! There are many other useful pickup truck accessories available in the market depending on your personal preferences. All you have to do is figure out your needs and see what each truck accessory has to offer you!

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