What is Cargo Net? – Know the Uses and Types of Cargo Nets

A cargo net can be a useful tool when transporting items. Whether it be a semi-truck trailer or a simple pickup truck, small items have a tendency to shift during transport. Cargo nets can help secure the items to reduce their movement and prevent them from being damaged. Heavy-duty cargo nets are webbing stitched in a grid, typically with several anchor points. It’s a versatile tool that can be used to transport electronics across the country or move some couches across town.

Cargo nets

Cargo Nets are constructed from heavy-duty and UV-protected webbing that will not rip apart during transport. They can be very convenient and save time. Rather than using several bungees, ratchet straps, or winch straps to secure items, you can simply drape over a cargo net and secure that to the flatbed, or truck bed. We offer several sizes to fit different load sizes too.

Types of Cargo Nets

Many buyers ask themselves What’s the Best Kind of Cargo Net? There are various types of cargo nets sold by Mytee Products and each one has its advantages for specific situations. The best cargo nets are the one that suits your specific needs. The perfect cargo net is one that fits perfectly around your cargo, keeps it in place, and protects it from damage caused by shifting in transit. 

1. Pickup Truck Cargo Net

Pickup Truck Cargo Net

Cargo Nets can be used to cover items in a flatbed truck to stop them from falling out or moving during transit. Mytee Products’ Pickup Truck Cargo Net is made of high-strength polyester webbing. It features several D-Rings to securely attach to the pickup bed. Additionally, it features 6-cam buckle tie-down straps that allow you to adjust the tension of the net depending on the size of the cargo, so you can get the perfect fit.

2. Cargo Nets with Mesh 

Mesh Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are created from a webbed grid of polyester. The openings between the net can vary in size, which may allow small items or debris to exit the net. This is where a cargo net with mesh comes in handy. It is a normal cargo net with a mesh lining to keep all cargo within the net. The mesh is incredibly strong and has a breaking point of 10,000 lbs. The cargo net with mesh is one of the perfect types of cargo net for any haul that includes small items.

3. E-Track Cargo Nets

E track Cargo Net

When hauling items in a trailer, you may not fill the trailer completely, leaving some empty space for the cargo to shift in transit. Cargo nets are useful to secure items within a trailer. Mytee Products offers e-track cargo nets that have attachment points for E-Tracks inside of an enclosed trailer. These easily fit inside of a full-size trailer or toy trailer, making them ideal for professional truckers and any general consumer. These trailer cargo nets are made from the same strong, durable material as all of the other nets, guaranteeing your items won’t shift during transit.

4. One Way Cargo Nets

one way cargo net

Some consumers only need to use a cargo net one time and discard it when their cargo has arrived at its destination. Mytee Products offers a one-time cargo net that is less expensive. They can be simply cut up and discarded when the cargo is done being unloaded. It has loops at all four corners that are used to secure the net to an attachment point. While these nets are not suitable for heavy-duty usage as they are not as strong and do not have as many customizable straps, they are ideal for an average consumer who may just need to haul some items across town in their truck.

To get the overall view of various types of cargo nets, please check out the below video:


Whether you’re a flatbed driver looking to secure fragile items or just somebody moving across town, cargo nets can be an integral tool in helping you transport items safely and securely. A cargo net for pickup trucks and a cargo net for trailers work about the same. But their subtle differences make different types of cargo nets better for particular situations. Sometimes you may need a mesh cargo net to secure furniture in a pickup. Other times you may need an E Track Net to transport off-road vehicles in a toy trailer. No matter what you need, Mytee Products sells a full array of cargo nets for every situation. Head over to our site to purchase!