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HD Steel Shipping Container Ramps 86" x 68"
HD Steel Shipping Container Ramps 86" x 68" HD Steel Shipping Container Ramps 86" x 68" HD Steel Shipping Container Ramps 86" x 68" HD Steel Shipping Container Ramps 86" x 68" HD Steel Shipping Container Ramps 86" x 68"

HD Steel Shipping Container Ramps 86" x 68"

1099.99 USD
SKU: CRamp-14K

Size: 86" (Width) x 68" (Length)
Height Differential: 6.5"
Capacity:  14,000 Lbs 
Thickness: 0.14" (3.5mm) 
Forklift maneuverability: Slots to attach forks on either side and back of the HD steel container ramp. 
Made with Heavy Duty 10 Guage Steel. All-Welded steel construction. 
Anti-Slip Tread Brite Finish

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    Weight (Lbs) 480.00
    Size 86" (Width) x 68" (Length)
    Thickness 0.14" (3.5mm)
    Capacity 14,000 Lbs

    • Size: 86" (Width) x 68" (Length)
    • Height Differential: 6.5"
    • Thickness: 0.14" (3.5mm) 
    • AFFORDABLE STORAGE. Using a shipping container as a storage unit can be a smart move-- but only if you can navigate it easily!
    • A Steel Shipping Container Ramp allows you to easily roll goods in and out of the container, whether that’s on a transport cart, a forklift, or another method of transferring cargo.
    • FORKLIFT COMPATIBLE. The HD shipping container ramp is made to be forklift compatible. This is true both when using the ramp to get into or out of the container and when moving the ramp to another area.
    • STRONG. The HD Shipping container ramp is incredibly strong--the HD stands for “Heavy-Duty.” This ramp has a weight capacity of 14,000 lbs! That’s as much as four VW Beetles stacked on top of each other. That’s the weight of a mommy elephant-- plus two of her babies!
    • DURABLE. This ramp can be used indoors or outdoors, in almost any environmental condition. That’s because it’s made entirely of 10-gauge heavy-duty steel. The construction is all-welded, making it resilient to ice, debris, or accidentally dropped cargo. 
    • SAFE IN ALL WEATHER. The HD Container Storage Ramp has Tread-Brite anti-slip tread, improving the traction of anyone walking or driving up the ramp. This tread increases the “grip” shoes or wheels are able to get on the surface, even in wet, slippery conditions.
    • LONG-LASTING. The storage container ramp is finished for corrosion resistance and rust-resistance, so it will last a long time. Once you buy one, you won’t lose it to rust of water damage anytime soon.
    Heavy Duty Container Ramp

    Containers are not perfectly flat on the ground, making it difficult and physically taxing to move items out of it. Luckily for you, Mytee Products carries heavy duty steel container ramps that are strong and durable, but are compatible and moveable with forklifts allowing you to set and move the ramp easily.

    • Weight: 480lbs
    • Material: Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Steel
    • Color: Yellow
    Forklift Compatible Strong Material Weather Resistant
    This steel ramp comes designed at the end and side of the ramp with forklift slots for ease of use and placement. This ramp is heavy duty for good reason. It's made out of 10 gauge, heavy duty steel, and can support a staggering 14,000lbs. No matter what it's like outside, this ramp is made to handle it all. The diamond crossed surface makes it slip resistant and the finish allows it to be resistant against corrosion and rust.

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