Demolition Tarp

Home Renovations: Choosing a Spot for Your Demolition Tarp

Home renovation projects almost always involve some measure of demolition. As such, you need somewhere to put the debris until it is hauled away. A demolition tarp is one option. Demolition tarps tend to be easier to use and less expensive than dumpsters.

Believe it or not, one of the most important decisions when it comes to demolition tarps is location. More than one homeowner has gotten himself into trouble by not thinking things through. Just because you can buy a demolition tarp all folded up and wrapped in a nice, neat little package does not mean you can lay it out wherever you want.

Here are some tips for choosing a good location:

Place It Outdoors

First and foremost, you should lay your demo tarp someplace outdoors. We know this sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people lay demo tarps in a garage so as to keep everything nice and dry. They only discover what a bad idea it was when the trash hauler arrives to pick it up. It is no fun taking everything off the tarp, moving the tarp outside, and then loading everything back on.

Choose a Hard Surface

Next, choose a hard surface if at all possible. Usually this means your driveway. Why do you want a hard surface? Because a soft surface is prone to sinking. If you put half a ton of construction debris out on your lawn you may find that it leaves a depression in its wake.

The other thing to consider is the length of time your tarp will be laid out. If you put it in your yard and leave it there for a week, you could kill the grass. You will not have that issue if you lay the tarp in your driveway.

Provide Easy Access

The next consideration is access. Note that there are dual considerations here. Ideally, you want a place that is easily accessible to those who will be throwing debris on top of the tarp. Let’s say you have a double-wide driveway and you’ll be carrying construction debris out the front door. Placing the tarp on the near side of the driveway cuts the distance you’ll have to walk.

The other consideration is access for removal. Wherever you place your tarp has to be accessible to your trash hauler. Don’t place the tarp in the back of your house unless you’re okay with the trash hauler driving his truck around to get it.

Along those same lines, remember that your trash hauler will have to use a boom truck to lift the tarp off the ground. This could present a problem if you place the tarp somewhere in close proximity to trees, power lines, or any other structures that could get in the way. Think about that very carefully.

Look for a Pitched Surface

If all of your other parameters lineup correctly and you can still lay the tarp on a pitched surface to boot, that’s a bonus. A pitched surface will allow water to run off the tarp. This could be very important if you expect to have the tarp laid out long enough to have to worry about rain or snow. Remember that any water that accumulates in the bottom of the tarp will add weight, reducing the amount of debris you can dispose of.

Your choice of demo tarp location is more important than you might think. So if you are planning to use one of our tarps on a future project, think location through carefully. Do not place your tarp somewhere you’ll end up regretting.