What is the Mytee Products Affiliate Program?

The Mytee Products affiliate program allows YOU to place links, ads, creatives, and other references to our brand on your websites, social media, and videos. The intention and goal is to direct traffic to our website, myteeproducts.com, as well as get your audience to purchase products!

This program allows websites and individuals to earn commissions on sales that come through references. You will receive 5% of all sales which come through our site from your use of our affiliate links!



Here's what you can expect from our affiliate program:

  • 5% Commission on All Sales to affiliates
  • 30-day cookie tracking to make sure you get the commissions you deserve.
  • Large average order size, over $250.
  • Over 3,000 items online with an extensive category selection.
  • Top-selling name brands.
  • Over 1,000 items with free shipping.
  • Leading Supplier within the Flatbed Trucking and Towing Industry.

4 Steps to Begin Earning Commission with Mytee Today:

  • Click on the ShareASale logo below.
  • Fill out the quick application.
  • Find our Merchant account (Merchants > Search for Merchants, type in “Mytee Products, Inc.”), request to join, and gain Mytee Products links to place on your website, social media, and videos!
  • Start earning commissions!


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