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Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to earn extra income?

Join our affiliate program and start earning commission on every sale you generate. Whether you have a website, a blog, or a strong social media presence, our affiliate program offers a simple and effective way to monetize your online influence.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

1. Generous Commission: Earn a competitive commission on every sale you refer through your affiliate link. The more sales you generate, the more you earn.
2. High-Quality Products: Mytee Products offers a wide range of top-quality products for the trucking and transportation industry. With our reputation for excellence, you can confidently promote our products to your audience.
3. Easy Setup: Getting started is quick and hassle-free. Simply sign up for our affiliate program, grab your unique affiliate link, and start promoting. We provide you with the necessary marketing materials and support to help you succeed.
4. Real-Time Tracking: Our advanced affiliate tracking system allows you to monitor your earnings in real time. You'll have access to detailed reports, including clicks, conversions, and commissions, giving you full transparency on your performance.
5. Dedicated Support: We value our affiliates and are committed to your success. Our dedicated affiliate support team is available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter along the way.

Benefits of Mytee Products Affiliate Program?

Here's what you can expect from our affiliate program:

  • 5% Commission on All Sales to affiliates
  • 30-day cookie tracking to make sure you get the commissions you deserve.
  • Large average order size, over $250.
  • Over 3,000 items online with an extensive category selection.
  • Top-selling brand names
  • Over 1,000 items with free shipping.
  • Leading Supplier within the Flatbed Trucking and Towing Industry.

How It Works:

1. Sign Up: Click here to create an account
fill out our simple user registration form to become a member of our affiliate program. 
After Sign Up you can Click here to Visit your account 

Here you will find an option Affiliate. Just click over there and submit your request for approval to become an affiliate.

Once your application is approved, you'll receive a unique affiliate ID and access to our affiliate portal.

Step 2. Access Your Account

Log in to your Mytee account to begin the process.


Step 3. Navigate to Your Affiliate Account Dashboard

Once logged in, click on the "Affiliate" link to access your personalized dashboard.

To make things even easier, you can directly access the dashboard by clicking on the following URL:


Kindly check all options to find the text “Affiliate” and click on it.

My Account

Step 4. Access Promotion Material

After login into your account dashboard, go to the left section> click on affiliate and then you can find the "Promotion Material" section. Here, you'll discover an array of marketing materials to assist you in your affiliate efforts.

Access the Promotion Material section by visiting: https://www.myteeproducts.com/affiliate/account/promotion/

Step 5: Generate Your Personal Referral Link

After selecting “promotional material” you can generate your personal referral link by entering the Mytee products website link of your chosen category, product, or any page.

Promotion Materials

Once done, you can easily copy your personalized referral link and begin promoting Mytee products to your audience.

Join the Mytee Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions with every successful referral! Happy promoting!

How to Track Your Referrals & Earnings

 Keep a close eye on your referrals and earnings with our user-friendly tracking system. We provide detailed insights so you can monitor your progress every step of the way.

  •  Go to Transactions



How to Request for Withdrawal & Payments

  •  For Payments Settings

To ensure you receive your earnings hassle-free, you need to enter your referral website where you are using affiliate links. Simply enter your PayPal email ID in our secure payment settings.



  • For Withdrawals

When you're ready to cash in on your hard-earned commissions, it's as simple as clicking the "Request Withdrawal" Button. Following that, we will promptly proceed with your payment release request, so you can enjoy your earnings without delay.



Join our affiliate program today and turn your online influence into a rewarding income stream.
Start promoting Mytee Products and be a part of our success story!
If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our affiliate support team at [email protected].

Sign up now and start earning with Mytee Products!


Affiliate Program FAQ's

1. How can someone become an affiliate?

    To become an affiliate, you can follow the process as mentioned above and send your request to us. We will review your request and get back to you.

2. How much commission or rewards can affiliates earn?

    An affiliate will get 5% of the sale order as a commission.

3. Is there an affiliate manager or support team available for assistance?

    Yes, you can write us at [email protected]

4. What Are Qualified Purchases? 

    “Qualifying Purchases” occur when a customer clicks through a unique affiliate link on your website, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc.; during a single session. Moreover, every session is measured from the time a customer clicks that special link and to when they place an order on a product. An affiliate commission will be credited to your account only after 7 days of marked order completion in the system.

5. What Are Disqualified Purchases?

    Qualifying Purchases are disqualified whenever they occur in connection with a violation of this Affiliate Program’s terms, conditions, specifications, statements, and policies. 

             A. Furthermore, here are examples of purchases that would be considered disqualified and would be excluded from the Associate's Program:

             B. An order placed by either an affiliate with his/her account OR if we find any link that indicates the order is related to the affiliate itself.

             C. Any product order where a cancellation, return, or refund has been initiated.

6. When Can I Request A Withdrawal?

    An affiliate can request a withdrawal after he has a minimum balance of $50 USD in the affiliate account. Before submitting a request for withdrawal, affiliates must fill out their payment details of PayPal or Skrill.