Why Do You Need a Dump Truck Tarp Roller Kit?

For loose aggregate material like dirt, gravel, or asphalt the best method of transportation is in the back of a dump truck. The back of dump trucks are particularly voluminous and have exposed tops that allow for easy loading and unloading of material, but this exposed top can allow for the loose material to cascade onto the roadway. This is why many states have enacted regulations that require dump trucks to be covered by a tarp. Let’s check out the important reasons to have a dump truck tarp kit.

Reasons to Have Dump Truck Tarp Roller Kit

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Dump truck drivers must take responsibility for the material they’re transporting and using a tarp is an integral part of ensuring safety. Let’s first dive into what can go wrong if a proper dump truck tarp is not used, and then touch on the tools you can purchase to ensure you stay within regulations, haul safely, and earn more money.

Dump Truck Tarps Hazards

1. For Road Safety

Anyone who has driven behind an uncovered dump truck carrying loose stones has seen that sometimes stones can fly out of the back of the truck and fall onto the road. These stones are traveling at high speeds and can cause damage if they come in contact with a vehicle. I’ve personally been unfortunate enough to be hit by a loose stone and had it crack my windshield. In my case, my windshield was easily repaired, but other people have been hit by a loose stone and had it destroy their windshield completely or cause them to panic, veer off course, and crash.

2. For Environmental Safety

Dump trucks are notorious for having to transport biologically hazardous material. For example, dump trucks often carry waste to the local dump, and you certainly don’t want this falling onto the road and polluting the natural ecosystem. Thus, hazardous materials must be protected by a tarp.

3. For Surface Safety

Dump trucks are often tasked with transporting large quantities of asphalt. If this asphalt spills onto the road before it reaches its destination, it can quickly harden and cause an uneven roadway. An uneven roadway can cause drivers to lose control and crash.

4. To Avoid Penalties

As stated earlier, many states have enacted regulations in response to dump truck spills. These regulations are strictly enforced and hefty fines will be imposed if you are caught. Arizona requires drivers to use tarps on a load that cannot be secured with any other method. Violations without damage will set you back $300 and those with proven damage will cost you over $1,000 and the cost of repairs. Other states like Ohio can impose misdemeanor charges on drivers who do not properly secure their load.

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Each state has its own unique requirements regarding tarping dump trucks and has different consequences for those who do not abide. Dump truck drivers should examine the rules of each state they may travel through to ensure they are in compliance. While a fine adding up is a major consequence, drivers must be cognizant of the fact that the safety of other drivers is in their hands.

There’s no reason to forgo a tarp when operating a dump truck and we recommend using one at all times even if your state doesn’t require it.

Which Dump Truck Tarp Do You Need To Use – Vinyl or Mesh Tarps?

You know you need to tarp the back of your dump truck, but the question remains “What kind of tarp should I use?”  Well, the answer to that question depends on what exactly you are hauling in your dump truck.

Comparison of truck roller kit

If the aggregate material you’re hauling cannot get wet, it’s best to use a vinyl dump truck tarp that will shield your load from the rain or snow. Heavy-duty vinyl tarps are thick and waterproof. However, one drawback is they do not allow for much airflow between the outside world and the cargo. For example, if you’re hauling manure, you’ll want breathability.

Another available option is a dump truck mesh tarp. They have tiny holes all throughout their surface that allow for maximum airflow between the cargo and the world. This is a fantastic feature if you require breathability. On the flip side, the tiny holes that allow air to pass through also make the mesh tarp very porous, thus water can and will easily seep through. This is less of an issue for cargo that can get wet such as dirt or stones. But we would not recommend using a mesh tarp on something you absolutely need to keep dry.

Despite their differences, both styles of tarps are solid options. They will keep your cargo secure within the dump truck, and out of the road.

The Hand Crank Dump Truck Tarp Roller Kit

Sometimes drivers forgo a tarp because they’re in a hurry or don’t want to take the time or put in the effort to drape a tarp. We know this hasty behavior can result in fines, penalties, and accidents. However, there is a perfect solution.

A hand crank roller kit allows you to store your tarp on the dump truck at all times, then use a hand crank to easily roll the tarp over the load. The dump truck tarp system makes it easy and efficient to cover and uncover the tarp from your dump truck.

Mytee Products is proud to sell a dump truck mesh tarp with a hand crank dump truck tarp roller kit. This kit includes-

  • 7 Inch Folding Crank with Detent
  • Tarp Roller
  • A 20 ft Pull-Rope
  • Rope Tie-Down Hooks
  • Two Rubber Tarp Straps with S-hooks.
Dump Truck Roller Kit Includes Items

This is everything you’ll need to install and use your new dump truck tarp system. The tarp has reinforced grommets that allow you to add more tie-downs. The kits are built for simple dump bodies and dump trailer tarp applications. The durable extruded aluminum tarp roller telescopes to the exact width of your truck. It shows up to a maximum length of 8 feet 6 inches. The kit is easy to install and even comes with all the necessary mounting gear.

Now with a dump truck tarp roller kit, you can easily cover and uncover your haul and ensure it’s transported safely. A roller kit will make you faster and more efficient, as well as help you avoid penalties and fees. You can haul safer, and earn more money, which is the Mytee Products way.

Check out the video to have more idea about the requirements of a dump truck tarp roller kit.