5 Industries That Can Benefit From The Use Of Ground Protection Mats

Are you hosting an outdoor fundraiser soon? Or perhaps you’re scheduled to work on the construction of a new bank in your hometown. Nonetheless, you’ll need a Ground Protection Mat to get through the job without breaking a sweat. Fortunately,  these temporary ground protection mats can be used in just about any job setting. They keep your work area and equipment safe from damage. They even help protect the environment. Not to mention, they provide one of the safest ways to travel to and from a worksite. 

These multi-purpose mats can be found being utilized in five of the biggest industries of today, which include construction, manufacturing, residential, tree removal practices and landscaping. In this blog, we’ll go over how each industry can use these Ground Protection Mats to their advantage.

Stability Is A Must On A Construction Site 

For a construction company, these mats help establish a secure platform to travel along during a job. It’ll feel like you’re walking on water. These heavy duty mats will even prevent your equipment from getting stuck in the ground or damaging anyone’s nicely trimmed lawn. Workers can even haul equipment and supplies back and forth from a worksite over a stable platform. Not to mention, these mats help prevent track slipping, rutting and spilling of your materials and even property damage.

Additionally, they provide a solid platform for portable restrooms. Also, other tools like cranes and excavator mats can be used to stabilize the ground beneath your machinery to prevent it from sinking. It’s especially important that you use these construction ground protection mats during a rainstorm. No one wants to work in a dangerous work environment.

Here are some of the features construction companies look for in a temporary ground protection mat:

  • Load-Bearing Capacities: Considered one of the most important features, construction workers want to make sure that the heavy duty mat can withstand and evenly distribute the weight of their machinery. 
  • Long-Lasting Quality : Additionally, construction companies tend to work in harsh work conditions and will need ground protection mats that are durable enough to withstand daily usage.  
  • Non-Slip Surface: In addition to having a very strong construction, these mats also come with a non-slip surface. Fortunately, these lawn and grass protection mats come equipped with a specialized grip technology that’ll prevent any type of accidents from occurring on a construction site. 
  • Easy Installation: Not to mention, some Construction Ground Protection Mats have an easy installation and removal process. Mats with interlocking systems, connectivity or built-in handles are usually considered the “gold-standard” amongst construction companies. A simple installation and removal process helps save time on the job. 
  • Portability: In addition to an easy installation, these Construction Ground Protection Mats can be easily transported to various locations. You can roll them up, stack them or fit them onto pallets for easy storage. 
  • Eco-Friendly: These days, construction companies are becoming more environmentally conscious. Given that these mats protect the environment, they also come eco-friendly. They’re often used in sensitive areas like parks and gardens Additionally, they prevent soil compaction and allow for natural drainage to occur.  
  • Size & Design Matter: Moreover, construction companies often consider the size of the mats for a worksite. The mats must be large and durable enough to cover the entirety of the construction site and handle any type of heavy machinery. Not to mention, construction companies have to consider the mat’s design. Mats with a diamond pattern provide traction for heavy foot traffic and vehicles. Others with the flat surface design are just easier to clean. 
  • Affordability: Moreover, these companies have to take the price tag into consideration as well. Like any consumer, they want the best ground protection mat that’ll help them get the job done right. Though, investing in a high-quality mat will guarantee that you’re making the right choice. 

Enhancing The Work Flow Of A Warehouse Facility 

Mats can be used in many different ways at a manufacturing site as well. For instance, simply placing your HDPE ground protection mats under your heavy machinery like cranes and forklifts will guarantee their stability. Also, they act as a protective barrier between your equipment and the floors, preventing any damage. Not to mention, these heavy duty mats reduce maintenance and repair costs. 

Secondly, they can be used as anti-fatigue mats. They’ll prevent worker’s feet and ankles from becoming restless during work by providing cushioning and ergonomic properties. Overall, an anti-fatigue mat will improve a worker’s well-being and lead to better productivity. 

Speaking of a worker’s well-being, these mats come with non-slip surfaces that’ll prevent accidents. They’re especially useful in areas full of potential hazards like spills and oil leaks. Additionally, heavy equipment ground protection mats can help ensure minimal disruption to machinery operations and protection of the floors.

Manufacturing companies consider many of the same factors as a construction company when purchasing a heavy duty mat. Though, there are a few differences. Let’s take a look: 

  • Protecting Your Floors: It may seem odd that a manufacturer is concerned about protecting their floors but it’s a real fear. Big companies make it a priority to preserve their flooring and avoid any type of damage caused by heavy machinery. They often require mats that can act as a buffer between the floors and their equipment. Also, they invest in mats that are resistant to hazardous materials like chemicals and oil spills. 
  • Turn It Down: Additionally, noise pollution can be just as harmful to workers. Sound-dampening mats help reduce noise levels from within the facility, creating a more comfortable and productive work environment. 
  • Size Matters: Moreover, manufacturing companies make sure to invest in mats that will cover the entirety of a work area and machinery. Proper coverage makes for a more protective covering of their floors.

Preserving Your Green Oasis

Preserving greenery and nature in general also is an important use for Ground Protection Mats. In particular, ground protection mats for landscaping are especially useful for preserving your green oasis or even the construction of a sports facility. 

Preserving Your Green Oasis

Moreover, HDPE ground protection mats can prevent soil erosion, allowing for construction to move smoothly. In greater detail, these heavy-duty mats can be used for tree pruning, maintenance and fences. Landscaping Protection Mats can even lead to the creation of watercourses, ponds and even aid the relocation of underground irrigation systems in agriculture areas. 

Also, Landscape Protection Mats are great to use during the construction of playgrounds and public parks. 

Though, how do landscaping companies know how to choose the ground protection that’s right for the job? Similar to the other industries discussed, Landscape companies look for many of the same features in Ground Protection Mats. However, there are some settle differences in preferences:  

  • Easily Transported: One of the most important features Landscape companies look for in a mat is their portability. Since they’re always moving equipment and materials from point A to point B, they need to have the ability to move the ground protection mats easily as well. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Given that these mats protect the environment, they also come eco-friendly. They’re usually made from recycled materials and can be used in sensitive areas like parks and gardens. This way, your greenery stays secure.
  • Affordability: Lastly, Landscaping companies want to invest in the best, high-quality mats to avoid any repairs, soil remediation and restoration costs. In the long-run, landscaping ground protection mats can save companies loads of money.

Building A Home Has Never Been Made Easier

On the other hand, Ground Protection Mats can be used for building someone’s dream home. Residential contractors are often walking and wheeling equipment back and forth across the work site. It’s necessary that they use a secure and stable platform to handle these conditions as well as others, like rainy days. These types of mats also allow work vehicles to transport building materials back and forth. 

Even better, these heavy equipment mats for heavy equipment are also easy to handle. They can be easily moved, given their lightweight construction. For instance, when building a track house, the ground protection mats 4×8 can be loaded by hand onto the back of your truck. They may be light as a feather but their durability is highly sought after, given that they’re made out of HDPE. 

Moreover, these ground protection mats for heavy equipment can withstand a multitude of housing projects, and last for a good decade. Given these qualities, it’s clear why residential contractors prefer these mats over plywood.

Let’s go over some of the key features residential contractors look for in heavy duty ground protection mats before purchasing them: 

  • Reliability: They want a mat that will last and can withstand the demands of the job. 
  • Simple Installation: Not to mention, they want mats that can be installed and removed with ease.
  • Secure Surface: Residential companies also require mats that provide a safe and secure walkway for trade workers and their work vehicles. These mats must also prevent them from walking through mud and potentially having an accident.

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Saving The Environment

These heavy-duty mats can also act as a protective barrier for the surrounding areas of your landscape during a tree removal process. These hdpe ground protection mats for industries can ensure the safety of the workers and their equipment. Furthermore, they create a secure walkway to and from the worksite, helping workers transport felled trees and branches in a safe manner. However, tree removal processes can lead to soil erosion if not handled properly. Fortunately, these ground protection mats can stabilize the soil and prevent runoff. Even before you start cutting down trees, you can use the mats to protect underground structures like pipes and cables to avoid damage. During the aftermath, workers can use the mat for restoration plans. They’ll provide a stable platform to replant all new trees and shrubs. 

When it comes to cutting down trees on someone’s property, there are a few aspects to consider when choosing the right ground protection mat. While tree cutters look for many of the same aspects as the previous industries in a mat, there’s a few important distinctions to consider:  

  • Accident Prevention: The tree removal process typically takes place on uneven land, which is often times slippery and dangerous. Tree removal companies will need a ground protection mat with a non-slip surface while working. These mats can reduce the chance of a fall or severe accident. 
  • Resilient: Not only must these ground protection mats offer plenty of traction, but they also need to be resilient. Since tree removal practices involve dragging tree limbs, branches and heavy machinery across the mats, they must be durable enough to withstand the impact. Workers prefer mats that are made of high quality materials to maintain their integrity.
  • Staying Safe: Moreover, the tree removal process can be a challenging and dangerous job at times. Fortunately, workers take safety measures to avoid potential accidents. When it comes to choosing the right mat, they look for ones that enhance visibility. These type of heavy duty ground protection mats are useful at night, and can reduce the chance of an accident taking place. Workers will also consider mats that have low profiles, as they reduce the chance of someone tripping and falling. Additionally, it provides a smooth platform to drive your skid steer on and off.

All The Tools You Need To Best Protect Your Equipment

All in all, heavy equipment ground protection mats offer all kinds of uses. It’s no wonder they can be used universally and in pretty much every industry. Though, you can also use a wealth of accessories in combination with the mats. These include everything from connectors to cribbing blocks. 

Here at Mytee Products we have a wide assortment of Ground Protection Mats for sale, as well as their matching accessories. We have a large inventory of 2-way locking single connectors and 4-way locking double connectors, which help link your mats together to create a stable walkway. 

Additionally, we sell Medium and Round Outrigger Pads that help level out the weight of your heavy machinery over uneven ground and prevent them from sinking. 

Similarly, our cribbing blocks help stabilize your materials through the use of jacks and cranes. They come equipped with an interlocking non-slip surface and can withstand up to 55 tons. Even better, they’re tough enough to hold up against industrial chemicals. 

By using these materials in combination with your ground protection mats, you’ll ensure the safety of your worksite and surrounding areas. 

Ground Protection Mats Are Made For Every Industry

No job has been made easier than with the use of heavy equipment ground protection mats. They come packed with a multitude of uses and features that make them the perfect tool to use in any industry. Whether you work in the construction or landscaping industry, these mats can help you do the job right.