How Ground Protection Mat Accessories Can Help Make Your Work Area Safer

How Ground Protection Mat Accessories Can Help Make Your Work Area Safer

If you’re starting a big construction project, you’ll more than likely need to invest in Ground Protection Mats. These heavy-duty mats can be used across several different industries. Though, they’re primarily found on construction or industrial work sites. Ground Protection Mats are used to establish temporary ground protection of a lawn, dirt and concrete from heavy machinery use.

Additionally, there are several accessories you can use in conjunction with your Ground Protection Mats, such as 2-way connectors, Outrigger Pads and Cribbing Blocks. These Ground Protection Accessories add optimal protection to the ground surface you’re working on. Mytee Products offers a wide range of these Ground Protection Mat Accessories to make your workplace all the more stable and safe.  

How Ground Protection Mats Can Protect Your Work Area  

Furthermore, these construction ground protection mats are designed to protect your lawns and sidewalks. They also prevent your equipment and vehicles from becoming damaged. Moreover, Ground Protection Accessories can be used with these mats to help provide an extra layer of protection for the ground and your heavy machinery. 

By being able to withstand heavy equipment, you’re probably wondering how much do Ground Protection Mats weigh? They can weigh anywhere from 40 to 1160.9lbs, and handle up to 60 tons of heavy equipment. Our ground protection mats tracks can handle the toughest of jobs. 

Not only does the Ground Protection Mat protect a person’s lawn but also workers. Their diamond tread patterns create traction, thus establishing a secure ground surface for heavy foot traffic. By using Ground Protection Mats and their additional hardware, you’ll be creating a safer work environment. 

Our 2-Way Single Connectors

These hdpe ground protection mats can be used in various ways. For instance, you can use more than one Ground Protection Mat if it’s needed to cover your entire work area. Even better, these mats can be easily linked together to establish a larger working space. Our 2-way, single connectors are great tools to use to establish a linear pathway that you can travel along. Let’s go over the key features of Mytee Products 2-way, single connectors

  • They can be used to connect two mats end-to-end or side-to-side to create a secure walkway 
  • Provides two single connectors
  • They’re made out of polyethylene

Our 4-Way Double Connectors

On the other hand, the 4-way connectors provide a more secure and stable connection between your mats. They’ll ensure your mats stay connected throughout the job. Here are some vital details about these ground mat installation tools: 

  • These ground mat accessories will lock together to form a temporary but secure pathway for you to walk along. 
  • The double links create a walkable surface by connecting your four mats together at the ends. 
  • Place the connector under the corners of the mat and fasten them with a bolt and washer from the top.
  • Constructed out of highly durable Polyethylene

Mytee’s Black Medium Outrigger Pad  

Providing an extra layer of protection, Outrigger Pads evenly distribute the weight of your heavy machinery over the soil. Our durable, polyethylene materials can work in conjunction with Ground Protection Mats to offer even better stability and a more secure surface to walk along. Not to mention, this ground protection matting outrigger will prevent your equipment from sinking into the ground if the soil is unstable or too fragile. Check out the features of Mytee Products’ Medium Black Outrigger Pad

  • They’re resistant to inclement weather conditions and chemicals
  • Our Outrigger Pads have a crushing rate of 200 PSI
  • They’re available in 3 sizes: 18”x18”, 24”x24” and 30”x30”
  • It can withstand greater weights than wood or rubber Outrigger Pads 
  • They work best with cranes and hooks

The Round Outrigger Pads 

Similar to the Medium Outrigger Pads, our Round styles offer the same level of protection of your equipment and work area. These lightweight materials provide additional support for your equipment by balancing out its weight over the ground. The Ground Protection Mats themselves provide additional weight distribution by lessening the pressure buildup over the ground. Additionally, Round Outrigger Pads can prevent any severe damage from happening to your machinery or the ground. Here are the main features of Mytee Products Round Outrigger Pads: 

  • They range in 15”-18” Diameters
  • They have a vertical WLL of 50,000-55,000lbs
  • A 45 degree WLL of 25,000-30,000lbs. 
  • These Ground Protection Accessories have a crushing rate of 200 PSI
  • We offer them in sizes 15×15 and 18×15

Our 12-Piece Super Stacker Cribbing Block  

Our 12-Piece Super Stacker Cribbing Blocks are also designed to stabilize and level out the weight of your extremely heavy materials at optimal level. Specifically, they’re used in conjunction with jacks and cranes, and prevent your machinery from being damaged. They also reduce the risk of an accident happening. Here are some great features about this lightweight but durable piece of Ground Protection Equipment: 

  • They’re made out of high-density polymer, 
  • These blocks can be cut into either a square or pyramid shape to create stable grounding for your heavy machinery. 
  • They can be adjusted to help level out your load
  • They weigh just 29lbs 
  • These blocks can withstand up to 55 tons 
  • They have carrying lanyards

Cribbing Block Stacker 6″x7″x24″  

Like their 12-Piece counterpart, our 6”x7”x24” Cribbing Block Stacker help provide stable grounding for your machinery. Obviously not as powerful as the previous cribbing block, these accessories can still get the job done. Here are some key features of our 6”x7”x24” Cribbing Block Stacker: 

  • They come in the size 6″x7″x24″
  • These cribbing blocks weigh only 29lbs
  • Also, they come in the color Black
  • These blocks can withstand 55 tons as well
  • They’re made of a High-Density Polymer Material, and are weather-resistant
  • They’re resistant to oil, fuel, and industrial chemicals
  • These Ground Protection Mat accessories feature an Interlocking or aggressive non-slip surface. 

The Cribbing Block Base Plate 2″x24″x24″   

Our Cribbing Block Base Plate can also help handle your heavy equipment. Typically, they’re used to provide a stable platform for your cribbing blocks, essentially helping to support the weight of your heavy machinery. Let’s go over some of the important features of Mytee Products Cribbing Block Base Plate: 

  • They come in the size 24”x24”, are 2” thick and weigh only 36lbs
  • They’re made out of high-density polymer material
  • the base plates come with carrying lanyards
  • they’re resistant to oil and don’t absorb chemicals
  • It’s non-skid surface prevents jacks from sliding off in wet conditions

Be sure to use our cribbing blocks appropriately to handle your materials. No one wants to have an accident on the job. 

Ground Protection Mat Extra Essentials

Construction and Industrial work isn’t easy but if we use the right hardware, like Ground Protection Mats, you can excel at your job. By using everything from Cribbing Blocks to Outrigger Pads, you’ll save time on the job and cultivate a safe working environment.