8 Point Roll Back Tie Down System w/ Chain Ends


8-Point Roll Back Tie Down System:

  • Strap length: 14-18 Feet
  • Strap Extensions: Chain and Snap Hook
  • Working Load Limit: 2200 lbs to 4000 lbs
  • Short Straps with 2 Eyes
  • 2" Ratchets with 3/8" x 12" Chain Extensions

This Kit Includes:

  • 4 Qty - Straps w/ Chain Extensions & Snap Hook
  • 4 Qty - Short Straps with 2 Eyes
  • 4 Qty - Ratchets w/ Chain Extensions
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8 Point Roll Back Tie Down System w/ Chain Ends Front View
8 Point Roll Back Tie Down System w/ Chain Ends Front View 8 Point Roll Back Car Tie Down System with 14ft to 18ft Straps and Chains Kit Details by Mytee Products Car Tie Down Strap with Chain Ends by Mytee Products 8 Point Roll Back Car Tie Down System with Straps and Chains length Details by Mytee Products 8 Point Roll Back Car Tie Down System with Straps and Chains Specifications by Mytee Products Single Car Tie Down Short Strap with two Eyes by Mytee Products How to use an 8 Point Tie Down with ratchet Infographic by Mytee Products 8 Point Roll Back Car Tie Down System with 14ft to 18ft Straps and Chains used with car close view of tire by Mytee Products 8 Point Roll Back Car Tie Down System with  Straps used with car on Trailer side view by Mytee Products Single Car Tie Down 2" Rachet with Chain Close View by Mytee Products 8 Point Roll Back Car Tie Down System with  Straps, Chains, and Snap hook used with car side angle close view on Trailer by Mytee Products 8 Point Roll Back Car Tie Down Straps used with car on Trailer side angle view by Mytee Products

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Cargo securement is nothing to play around with our 8-Point Roll Back Tie Down Systems feature a wide assortment of straps, ratchets, and chain extensions, giving you the highest level of securement and stabilization of your vehicle. Let’s take a long look at what our tie-down strap kits have to offer you: 

  • 4 Qty Straps: Our kits feature four 14 ft-18 ft long, heavy-duty straps that come equipped with either chains or snap hook end fittings. 
  • 4 Qty Short Straps: Additionally, the kit features four 17-inch straps that come equipped with 2 eyes. 
  • 4 Qty Ratchets with Chain Extensions: The four 2" ratchets even feature 3/8" x 12" chains that are durable enough to handle your cargo.
  • Working Load Limit:  Our 8-point vehicle tie-down systems can handle almost any vehicle’s weight and have working load limits ranging from 2,200 lbs to 4,000 lbs.
  • Breaking Strength: Moreover, the Breaking Strength of the straps ranges from 6,600 lbs to 12,000 lbs, making the 8-point flatbed tow truck tie-down system the strongest auto-hauling equipment around.  
  • Strap Width: Furthermore, the straps are 2" wide, making them capable of securing your vehicles.
  • Color: They even come in various high-visibility colors, including Yellow, Green, and Orange. 
  • Weight: The heavy-duty straps are lightweight, only weighing between 24 lbs to 30 lbs. 
  • Ratchet Types: The ratchets featured in some of our kits come in just as many variations, including Steel, Gold Chrome, and Chrome Plated.
  • Strap Material & Webbing: Making these kits all the better, the straps are made out of heavy-duty Polyester, the material needed to handle any type of extreme cargo.
  • Features: Not to mention, the polyester material makes them resistant to high abrasion and any type of early wear and tear. 
  • Chain Size: Taking a closer look at the steel chains, they come in a 3/8" size.
  • Chain Grade: The chain extensions are even graded at G80.

Mytee Products’ 8-Point Tie-Down Roll Back System


The 8-Point Roll Back Vehicle Tie Down system features all the straps, ratchets, and end fittings you’ll ever need to haul your cars adequately. Most importantly, Mytee Products’ ultimate tie-down kit features multiple anchoring points, instead of just one. Having more attachment points allows you to evenly distribute the tensioning over your vehicle’s tires. Not to mention, it’s weather-resistant and high WLL making this product capable of withstanding almost any car load.

Check Out Our Product’s Highlights

Long Ratchet Handle with the Chain Extension
8 Point Tie Down Roll Back Breaking Strength on Car Tire
Tie Down Straps with Snap Hook
Long Ratchet Handle with the Chain Extension Breaking Strength Precision Securement

The ratcheting handle gives you plenty of leverage. It also enables you to apply the right amount of tensioning over your short straps with 2 eyes and the 3/8"x12" chain extensions on your 2" ratchets. That way, you don’t have to worry about going overboard with your tension. 

Moreover, our 8-point tie-down rollback system can handle any heavy load. With each strap having a Breaking Strength ranging from 6,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. Our kits are one of the strongest tools in the market. 

You won’t even have to worry about having the right straps for the job. They can be used to secure and stabilize your vehicle by its wheels, axles, or all-around. Even the multiple anchoring points allow you to evenly distribute tension over your car’s tires and safely haul it. Also, you’ll be able to use the right amount of strength to prevent your vehicle from shifting over your flatbed trailer.

What Our 8 Point Tie Down Straps’ Kits Can Be Used For

Here’s a list of the various types of cargo and vehicles the 8-point wheel system has been used for: 

  • It can help haul any truck, SUV, or sports car

  • Ideal for towing wrecked or slammed vehicles

  • Flatbed and Tow Truck drivers use these kits all the time to help tow or haul their cars safely and more efficiently

  • These kits are great to use for flatbed trailers with D-rings as attachment points

An Easy Installation Process

Installing your 8-Point Tie Down Straps System won’t give you a headache. We’ve made sure of it. Check out the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Make sure your SUV or construction vehicle is centered and evenly distributed on your flatbed trailer. 

  2. Start attaching your tie-down straps to the four corners of your car or truck. Make sure the straps go over the backside of the wheel but remain near the top half. This creates a loop that comes back around. Make sure that none of the straps are touching any of the sensors on the back of the tire, as it can cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle. 

  3. Next, attach the polyester straps down to the anchoring attachments over your flatbed trailer or tow truck. 

  4. Ensure that the angles of your straps are equal on both sides of your vehicles. Otherwise, you run the risk of your cargo falling off during transport. 

  5. Using the installed ratcheting mechanism on your kit, start cranking it to add tension to your straps and chains. 

  6. Remove any slack from your straps or chains

  7. Once you’re done, do a full inspection of your 8-point tie-down rollback system, making sure everything is nice, snug, and secure.

Maintain Your Kits

To ensure your 8-point towing tie-down kits are performing at optimal levels, you must perform maintenance on them every time.

Of course, make sure to inspect all of your car tie-down accessories for any early signs of wear and tear. If the straps are worn out or have severe defects, then it’s time for a replacement. Also, ensure that the weight of your vehicle falls under the WLL and the breaking strength of the straps of the kit. 

Inspecting the anchoring points on your tow or flatbed truck for any damages is also a good idea. Your 8-point tire tie-down system won’t be of much use to you if these aspects aren’t taken care of first. 

Another maintenance tip to keep in mind is lubricating your ratcheting handle, to help improve your kit’s performance. Rubbing it down with some industrial grease could help prevent any type of corrosion from taking place. 

At the end of the day, when you’re done using the kit, store it away. Of course, the 8-point wheel tie-down system is resistant to water buildup, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it outside in a rainstorm overnight. You want to store away the kit in a nice, dry area, to enhance its performance.

Our 8-Point Tie-Down Kits Come In All Shapes & Sizes

Our 8-Point Roll Back Tie Down kit even comes in several different configurations, such as our High Abrasion and EZ Grip Ratchet models. Overall, they vary in size from 14ft to 18ft, weighing anywhere from 24 lbs to 30 lbs, have a WLL of 2,200 lbs - 4,000 lbs, and Breaking Strengths ranging from 6,600 lbs to 12,000 lbs. Their chain extensions even come in gold chromate, steel, or chrome-plated finish, making them resistant to rust. Additionally, they come in varying colors of yellow, green, and orange, creating great visibility in working conditions with no lighting. Take a look at the table below to compare the different variations and see which 8-Point Trailer Kit will work best for you.


SKU Size InStock lbs 1 4 20 Add To Cart
8TDK-14CE 14' Strap- Chain Ends No 24 $85.99 $102.99 $99.99
8TDK-18CE 18' Strap - Chain Ends Yes 28.8 $114.99 $112.99 $109.99
8TDK-14CE-HD 14' Heavy Duty Strap Yes 29.7 $109.99 $107.99 $104.99
TDK-RG-4004 14' Green - Chain Ends Yes 24 $119.99 $114.99 $109.99
8TDK-14SH 14' Strap - Snap Hook Yes 24 $99.99 $97.99 $94.99
TDK-RG-5004 14' High Abrasion - Chain Ends Yes 24 $105.99 $124.99 $119.99