Winch Strap Winder

  • Winch Strap Winder
  • This is a great tool for keeping your straps neatly rolled up.
  • Allows drivers to wind straps in a fraction of the time
  • Saves time and gets you back on the road quicker
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Winch Strap Winder
Winch Strap Winder Winch Strap Winder Winch Strap Winder Winch Strap Winder Winch Strap Winder

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Weight (Lbs) 2.60
  • Winch Strap Winder
  • This is a great tool for keeping your straps neatly rolled up.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Works on 2" , 3" or 4" winch straps and ratchet straps
  • It easily attached to the truck rub rail. Includes a screw to secure the winder on the rail..


Winch Strap Winder Easy Installation Cover Image - Mytee Products

Let's face it, winch straps are kind of hassle to deal with. They can range from 10 to 40 feet! Imagine having a load with more than eight winch straps and afterwards you have to individually roll up every single one by hand. It doesn't sound fun, it sounds more time consuming. Luckily for you, Mytee Products has Winch Strap Winders that attach directly to your trucks rub rail! Using it is very simple and you will find yourself back on the road faster and more organized.

  • Weight: 2.6lbs
  • Color: Black & Zinc Coated
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel
Versatile Easy Accessibility Durable Winch Strap Winder - Mytee Products
Our Winch Strap Winder works on straps of all sizes and widths. Whether its 2 inches or 4 inches, 10 feet or 20 feet, it will perfectly coil your straps and make them easier to store. This strap roller hooks directly to your trailers rub rail and is tightened by an included screw This winder is made out of heavy duty steel so it won't bend or warp under pressure, and is black powder coated which protects the steel underneath from rust and other harsh elements while giving it a sleek clean look.

How to Use Winch Strap Winder

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Attach and tighten the winch strap winder to the rub rail of your trailer until the winder is completely stationary. Run the endless portion of the strap under both spokes and over the top spoke. Run it back under the bottom spoke and pull some excess through. Turn the crank clockwise to start winding up the strap while keeping your other hand on the strap to guide and straighten it. Once its all rolled up, pull it off the winder and you're done!
Heavy-Duty Winch Strap Bands  - Mytee Products

Want to Keep Things Tidy?
Consider purchasing Heavy-Duty Winch Strap Bands to keep your winch straps neat and rolled up when you're not using them!

  Black Winch Strap Winder - Mytee Products Zinc Coated Winch Strap Winder  - Mytee Products
  Winch Strap Winder Winch Strap Winder
Range 10 to 40 Feet 10 to 40 Feet
Color Black Zinc Coated
Material Heavy Duty Steel Heavy Duty Steel
Weight 2.6 lbs. 2.6 lbs.
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WinchSW2-Z Zinc Coated No 2.6 $6.99 $6.89 $6.79

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