Warning Stay Back, Not Responsible For Broken Windshields Sign - Self-Adhesive Decals

  • Material: Premium Grade Vinyl Decal
  • Color: Black/Red on White
  • Life Expectancy: 5-7 Year Outdoor 
  • Lamination: Clear Protective Laminate
  • Ink Type: UV-Stable Ink
  • Adhesive Type: Permanent Self Adhesive
  • Sold Individually
  • Die Cut for Precision
  • Weatherproof, UV, Temperature, Humidity, & Salt Spray Resistance
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Warning Stay Back, Not Responsible For Broken Windshields Sign - Self-Adhesive Decals - Mytee Products
Warning Stay Back, Not Responsible For Broken Windshields Sign - Self-Adhesive Decals - Mytee Products Premium Grade Vinyl Decal Black_Red on White - 5-7 Year Outdoor Life Image View - Mytee Products Premium Vinyl Decal - Size_ 8-1_2_x18_ - Black_Red on White - Long-Lasting Outdoor - Weatherproof - Mytee Products Premium Grade Vinyl Decal Black_Red on White - 5-7 Year Outdoor Life Usage View - Mytee Products Premium Vinyl Decal in Black_Red on White - Long-Lasting Outdoor Use - Weatherproof - Sold Individually - Mytee Products

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Color Black/Red on White
Material Premium Grade Vinyl Decal

Here’s the “Warning Stay Back 100 FT / 200 FT. Not Responsible For Broken Windshields” safety decals for trucks, trailers, and gravel haulers carrying loose materials, like rocks, gravel, or debris. It will enable you to alert drivers behind the trucks to maintain a safe distance of at least 100 ft / 200 ft. It will prevent potential damage to the vehicles behind the trucks from objects that may fall from the truck’s cargo. Learn more about Mytee Products new warning sign below:-

  • Safety Sign Size: This rectangle safety sign with self-adhesive is available in 17-1/4" length and 11-3/4" width / length of 18" and width of 11-3/4". It is slightly curved from the edges with a radius of 15/16" for a sleek and professional Look. Place this warning sign on the rear of the trucks, trailers, gravel haulers, construction vehicles, and utility trucks, making it easily visible to the drivers following.
  • Clear Visibility: These ink-printed self-adhesive stay-back 100 / 200 feet stickers ensure excellent visibility. It is designed with three primary colors: a white base, red, and black. It will indicate the drivers behind the trucks & trailers. It will keep drivers and people behind safe.
  • Message: This sign aims to inform the drivers behind to maintain a safety distance of 100 / 200 FT. It gives a clear indication and warning that the vehicle is carrying loose materials, which may fall or damage the car behind. It further indicates that the truck driver is not responsible for any damage caused to vehicles due to flying debris.
  • Premium-Quality Material: The warning sign is engineered from vinyl decal material. It’s highly durable and capable of withstanding weather conditions, including rain, sunlight, temperature, etc., making it weatherproof.
  • UV Resistant: The decal vinyl material ensures protection against UV rays. It is less likely for the ink to fade or degrade when exposed to sunlight over time—UV Stable Ink. It ensures longevity in outdoor applications, but the appearance and effectiveness of the warning sign will remain the same for at least 5-7 years.
  • Laminated: The front part of the sign is laminated, which acts as a protective layer against various weather conditions. The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain compared to unlaminated signs. The lamination will prevent graffiti or other contaminants, keeping the sign clean and legible.
  • Easy Application: Our signs have a self-adhesive backing, which makes it easy for truckers and drivers to apply the safety sign to the rear of the trucks and trailers. It will enable quick and secure installation without additional tools or hardware. The adhesive is weatherproof—it will remain intact despite different weather changes.

How to Apply Warning Stay Back 100 / 200 FT. Sign?

  • Spray the space with water and clean the surface where you want to apply the sign. Make sure the surface is dry and clear.
  • Now, peel off the adhesive cover from the sign and adjust your sticker on the vehicle. Keep the surface clean.
  • Apply the sticker decal with pressure and remember to push out air bubbles under the vinyl, and voila, your warning sign is stuck for the next 5-6 years.
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