Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap

16' x 27'
Flap on Both Ends
Made with Heavy Duty 18 Oz Vinyl
2 Rows of "D" Rings on all 4 sides
Weighs 80 lbs

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Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap
Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' Double Flap

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Weight (Lbs) 80.00
Tarp Length 27 ft.
Tarp Width 16 ft.
Color Black
Size 16' x 27'
Material 18 oz.
Drop Height 4 Feet
Flaps Double Flap
Rows of D-Rings 2
  • Dimensions: 16' x 27' with 4' Flap ON BOTH ENDS
  • Hems: All hems re-enforced with 2" webbing and double stitched for extra strength
  • Grommets: Tough solid toothed brass grommets clinched every 2 FT
  • "D" Rings: Two rows of "D" Rings box stitched with protection flaps
  • All D-Rings are galvanized with zinc plating.
  • Fabric: Made with Heavy Duty 18 Oz. vinyl
  • Application: For use with Hotshots or shorter flatbed trailers where a single tarp can seal both ends using the flaps on both ends. Purchase of the second tarp can be avoided.
  • Base Cloth: 1000 x 1000 Denier / 18' x 18'
  • Cold Crack: -40 Degrees C
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Color: Black is our stock color.
  • Thickness: 21 mil
  • All tarps are marked with manufacturer information for traceability and identification.

Protect your Cargo from the Elements!

There is no room to skimp when it comes to protecting your cargo from the elements and obstacles the road will throw your way! With the best heavy duty waterproof tarp from Mytee Products, you can drive confident that your cargo is safe from harsh weather and debris! These semi truck tarps for sale are able to prevent water, snow, rain, and other possibly damaging liquids from leaking through the 18 wheeler tarps fabric and onto the items beneath. The thick vinyl also avoids sharp objects and debris from cutting or tearing the tarp open! If you're in need of high-quality, tough 18 wheeler tarps that will keep your cargo dry and safe, look no further than Mytee Products for the product you need!
Waterproof UV Resistant Abrasion Resistant


UV Resistant

Abrasion Resistant

The Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl will shield your cargo from the rain and nearly all outside elements! Whether it be a light sprinkle, freezing snowstorm, or a torrential downpour, these heavy duty 18 wheeler tarps will ensure your cargo stays completely dry the entire trip!

Never again worry if the snow or rain collecting on top of your heavy duty waterproof tarps is soaking into the fragile cargo underneath - no matter how much liquid covers these 18 wheeler tarps, you can drive easy knowing that the thick fabric won't let any soak through!

The sun's UV rays are harsh and can damage cargo and low-quality semi truck tarps for sale when they're exposed to the sun and heat for long periods of time. Luckily, our Heavy Duty Steel Tarp will successfully shield your cargo from the sun's harsh UV rays!

The sun is an often forgotten or underestimated danger, damaging countless peices of cargo every summer and ruining 18 wheeler tarps across the country. But, when you invest in our best heavy duty waterproof tarp, you're investing in the protection of your cargo and trailer from the sun's harsh rays and intense heat!

When you need the best heavy duty waterproof tarp on the market, it should do more than just keep out water. Nature will throw more at you than rain and soft snow; harsh winds often accompany these events and can whip dangerous debris into the air and - more importantly - around or at your 18 wheeler tarps!

Thankfully, you won't have to stress about the thick fabric of our semi truck tarps for sale ripping open due to abrasion. This flatbed truck tarp will stand up to friciton and won’t tear easily, saving you time, money, and stress!



Mytee Products' best heavy duty waterproof tarp features two rows of D-Rings all around the tarp, giving you flexibility and more tie-down location options when securing the 18 wheeler tarps to your flatbed or trailer! They are galvanized with zinc plating for rust resistance, increasing their strength and longevity! Having the best semi truck tarps for sale means very little if it's impossible to keep safely and tightly tied down to your flatbed trailer!

Securement cannot be understated as an important part of cargo delivery - our zinc plated D-rings help ensure that our high-quality weather resistant tarps will not come loose or tear during transit! They also have protection flaps so bungees won’t damage the tarp, no matter how much they may stretch and bounce!


Multiple Colors & Sizes Available!

Multiple Colors & Sizes Available!

Never again have to choose between functionability and style - you can have both with the best heavy duty waterproof tarp at Mytee Products!

We offer many colors and sizes of semi truck tarps for sale to fit your specific needs and increase your customizability! We believe you have the right to give your rig it's own unique style, so the variety of colors our18 wheeler tarps come in allow you to choose and customize your truck to stand out on the road! Additionally, we offer an abudence of sizes with our best heavy duty waterproof tarp to ensure your cargo will be entirely covered and protected. You can properly secure your 18 wheeler tarps without fearing that it will be too short or that you will have too much spare tarp fabric left over to flap in the wind while on the road! 

Grid Grid Grid Grid
16' x 24'  16' x 27' 24' x 27' 24' x 30'
Tarp Width 16 Feet 16 Feet 24 Feet 24 Feet
Tarp Length 24 Feet 27 Feet 27 Feet 30 Feet
Drop Height 4 Feet 4 Feet 8 Feet 8 Feet
Tail on BOTH ENDS 4' x 8' 4' x 8' 8' x 8' 8' x 8'
Rain Flap 8 Inch 8 Inch 8 Inch 8 Inch
Color Black Black Black Black
Thickness 21 mil 21 mil 21 mil 21 mil
Rows of D Rings 2 2 3 3
Fabric Heavy Duty 18 Oz. Vinyl Heavy Duty 18 Oz. Vinyl Heavy Duty 18 Oz. Vinyl Heavy Duty 18 Oz. Vinyl
Weight 72 lbs 80 lbs 115 lbs 126 lbs
Cold Crack -40 Degrees C -40 Degrees C -40 Degrees C -40 Degrees C

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    Please translat to english if you can. I've done so on my end but I still have questions for you.

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  • If I order today when can i expect delivery. Need it to vegas by Jan. 20
    Question by: on 2017-01-17 13:31:51

    This would take 4 business days to ship, unless you wanted to pay for expedited shipping.

    Answer by: mindy on 2017-01-17 13:31:51
  • I need 16×27 double flaps 14oz
    Question by: on 2016-12-08 16:58:17

    We do cary tarp it's $234.00. If you follow the link it will take you directly there. 


    Answer by: yoni on 2016-12-08 16:58:17
  • Im very interested in 16'x 27' double flap 18oz steel tarp.My only concern is I live in northern Minnesota and would like to know how plyable the tarps are in the winter. If they roll up nice or if its liking trying roll cardboard.Thank you for your time,Jason
    Question by: on 2016-03-04 17:22:21

    The vinyl fabric on the tarp contains a cold crack additive rated at -40degree to prevent it from stiffening or cracking in extreme cold. The tarps will stiffen up to a certain extent in extreme cold but you will be able to roll them without difficulty. We do sell a lot of tarps to Minnesota and even Canada and our customers have been happy with their perfomance. 

    Answer by: Jason Miller on 2016-03-04 17:22:21
  • I need a tarp like this one but 24' in length versus 27'. Is this available?
    Question by: on 2015-12-29 16:29:57

    We do carry a 16'x24' with double flap 18 oz vinyl.  The cost is $195.00.  If you would like to see this on our website, type in ST16-24DF in the search field.  If you have any additional questions please let us know.

    Answer by: Sam Kelly on 2015-12-29 16:29:57