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Shade Black Mesh Tarps
Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps Shade Black Mesh Tarps

Shade Black Mesh Tarps

19 USD

70% Shade Black Mesh Heavy Duty 6 Oz Polyethylene Mesh
Tough solid #4 brass grommets clinched every two feet
All hems are re-enforced with 2" thick polyester webbing
*** Black Poly Mesh Tarp Sizes Listed Are BEFORE Hemming

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Product Description

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    Weight (Lbs) 7.00
    Color Black
    Material Shade Mesh

    • Size: Please note that our Black Mesh Tarps are handmade and the cut size is up to 2% difference after it is hemmed and stitched. It is reinforced with 2” thick polyester webbing.
    • Material: Our mesh tarps are made out of heavy duty 6oz Polyethylene mesh with tough solid #4 brass grommets clinched every two feet. It holds up under harsh UV rays and will not rot or wither in harsh weather conditions.
    • Uses: Mesh Tarps are great for Landscapers to cover their trees and brush. These are used to cover dump truck and roll off trucks. You can cover your patio and gardens for shade cover. Dog Kennels can reduce the amount of sun by using a Shade Mesh tarp over it.
    • Easy to Install: Unfold the Mesh Tarp completely and you may use the Grommets to secure the mesh tarp by use of zip ties, rubber ties, or any form of secure tie down you see fit. Please make sure all points are secure.
    • Lightweight Coverage: 70% Shade coverage while still being able to see through the tarp for security and safety purposes.
    • VERSATILE: A mesh shade tarp has many uses. These tarps can cover loads that need to breathe but can’t be trapped under direct sun light, like tree, bush or sand. Mesh shade used to cover greenhouse for plants outdoor, patio shades roll up outdoor, pool cover, porch screen, balcony privacy screen. Mesh shade tarps can also be used to create an awning, tent, or interior cab lining that can block out harsh direct light while still letting in some air.
    • BREATHABLE: This mesh shade tarp can cover live, fragile cargo that needs to breathe.
    • COOL: This mesh shade tarp can be used to create a cooler environment. It can block out intense, hot direct sunlight while letting in a cool breeze. The breathable material prevents moisture and condensation from building up under the tarp.
    • DURABLE: Mesh shade tarps are made from 6 Oz heavy duty polyethylene (HDPE) mesh, a durable material. These tarps can withstand exposure to weather, dirt, grit, and debris. The hems of each tarp are reinforced with 2-inch polyester webbing, which is another resilient material.
    • EASY-TO-USE: Our mesh shade tarps have brass grommets spaced every two feet around the perimeter. The grommets are compatible with any ⅝ inch thick twine, cord, or wire rope you might use to set up or anchor the tarp.
    • AFFORDABLE: At Mytee, we don’t cut corners. Instead, we cut out the middleman and pass the savings directly to you! Our black shade mesh tarps are breathable, durable, and less expensive.

    Cut Size vs Actual Size for MESH Tarps:

    • All our MESH tarps are hand made and cut-size is going to differ from the listed size by upto 2% or 6".
    • We strive to get as close as possible to the actual size but this is often impossible due to different fabric stretching and machines involved in the manufacturing process.

    SKU Size InStock lbs 1 5 10 Add To Cart
    MT6-8 6' x 8' Yes 2.2 $19.00 $18.00 $17.00 Add
    MT8-10 8' x 10' Yes 3.7 $24.00 $23.00 $22.00 Add
    MT10-12 10' x 12' Yes 5.2 $30.00 $29.00 $28.00 Add
    MT10-18 10' x 18' Yes 10 $45.00 $43.00 $41.00 Add
    MT10-24 10' x 24' Yes 13 $60.00 $57.00 $55.00 Add
    MT10-22 10' x 22' Yes 11 $54.00 $52.00 $50.00 Add
    MT10-26 10' x 26' Yes 9.6 $64.00 $61.00 $58.00 Add
    MT12-16 12' x 16' Yes 7.7 $48.00 $46.00 $44.00 Add
    MT12-26 12' x 26' Yes 15 $72.00 $69.00 $66.00 Add
    MT12-20 12' x 20' Yes 9 $62.00 $59.00 $57.00 Add
    MT12-22 12' x 22' Yes 13 $67.00 $64.00 $62.00 Add
    MT12-24 12' x 24' Yes 11.15 $69.00 $66.00 $63.00 Add
    MT12-52 12' x 52' Yes 23 $125.00 $120.00 $115.00 Add
    MT16-24 16' x 24' Yes 15 $80.00 $76.00 $73.00 Add
    MT16-20 16' x 20' Yes 11.4 $70.00 $67.00 $64.00 Add
    MT20-20 20' x 20' Yes 13 $77.00 $74.00 $71.00 Add
    MT20-30 20' x 30' Yes 21.1 $141.00 $135.00 $129.00 Add
    MT20-40 20' x 40' Yes 29 $177.00 $169.00 $162.00 Add
    MT20-50 20' x 50' No 48 $214.00 $205.00 $196.00 Add
    MT24-54 24' x 54' Yes 63 $280.00 $268.00 $257.00 Add
    MT30-30 30' X 30' Yes 44 $186.00 $178.00 $171.00 Add
    MT30-40 30' x 40' Yes 29.95 $231.00 $221.00 $212.00 Add
    MT40-40 40' x 40' Yes 50 $286.00 $274.00 $263.00 Add
    MT50-50 50' x 50' Yes 76 $475.00 $456.00 $437.00 Add

Product's Review

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Product Faqs

    Product Faqs

    • on the 8' x 10' size which side has the grommets? 8 or 10?

      The grommets are all the way around every 2'.

      How much this was helpful

    • Would this work as an above ground pool cover?

      Yes, we have many customers that use this product for that reason.

      How much this was helpful

    • How much water penetrates with the mesh tarps?

      We don't have an exact metric measurement on how much

      water would penetrate.  If you were to dump water on

      this mesh tarp, the water would go straight thru.  If it

      were to rain, it would just splatter.

      How much this was helpful

    • Is it suitable as a pool cover. Will prolonged exposure to sun degrade the material. What is expected lifespan

      Yes, we have several customers that have used them for covering their pool.

      Their may be slight loss of coloring, but we have not had any complaints as such.

      We have no estimated lifespan, but these will last you a couple of years.

      How much this was helpful

    • I need 20'x50' but I would like it to keep out mosquitoes. Would it?

      Yes, they would keep out mosquitoes.

      How much this was helpful

    • Does this come in a brown color?

      No this is only in Black and Green. I do apologize.

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