4 Reasons Why You Need a Grille Guard on Your Truck?

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While driving a flatbed or enclosed trailer truck across the country, the road will be constantly throwing obstacles in your direction. Whether it be loose debris on the roadway, animals, and even other vehicles, there are a multitude of things that can get in your way and damage your truck. However, there is a strong solution you can add to your truck to help fend off detrimental damage to your truck.

Grille Guards are the perfect solution to protecting the front end of your truck from debris, animals, and even help prevent damage in an accident. They are grid like structures that provide coverage over your trucks bumper and grille. They are crafted from heavy duty steel and are offered in chrome finishes. Truck grille guards act as an extra layer of solid materials between the outside world and your truck.

Reasons to Have Grille Guard on Truck 

Grille Guards are a worthwhile accessory that not only can spare the front end of your truck from damage, but offer a place for additional accessories. Let’s jump into 4 great reasons why you should install a heavy duty Grille Guard onto your truck!


1.  Debris Protection 

Every truck driver knows that the roadway can be a dangerous place. Not only do truck drivers have to operate safely while accompanied by other drivers, they also need to be weary of rocks, loose items, and other debris that can become a dangerous projectile on the roadway. Over time, the front exterior of a truck will accumulate dings, scratches, and other damage associated with loose debris on the road. A grille guard will help shield the front end of your truck from pesky loose debris.

In addition to debris protection, grille guards can also be effective in reducing damage after a fender bender situation. However, this depends on the speed and other vehicles involved so remain cautious.

2. It Protects you in an Accident with Animal

Deer crossings are a very common occurrence on highways. Not only is trying to avoid an oncoming deer a difficult task, it’s also very dangerous as quick, evasive maneuvers can cause a truck to tip over and crash. When your truck is barreling toward a deer you cannot avoid, the only preventative measure you can take is having a grille guard installed on the truck. When a deer or other animal impacts your front end, it will cause the truck body to crumple. However, a steel Grille Guard will absorb the impact of a deer and can prevent any damage to the truck itself. It’s far less expensive to install a grille guard than it is to repair the entire front end of your truck.

Despite their protective advantage, larger animals like elk or moose can still cause damage to the truck upon impact. Speed is also a major factor in situations like this. At the end of the day, grille guards are not 100% guaranteed to stop damage from hitting a large animal, but in the right situations they make all the difference between a deer ruining your trip and you getting to your destination on time and unscathed.


3.  It Worked Well with Other Truck Accessories 

Grille Guards not only provide protection, but they also provide a blank canvas to mount more accessories. You can mount additional lights such as LED panels or fog lights. In addition to adding new accessories, grille guards do not interfere with tow hooks or any other accessories you may have currently installed on your truck.

4.  It Gives Rugged and Stylish Look to Your Truck

Grille guards are another way of customizing the front end of your truck. Truckers have some of the most vivid, expressive personalities and it’s commonplace for them to customize their trucks to fit their style. A Grille Guard makes your rig look more rugged and tough. Grille Guards come in various finishes and styles that allow you to add that extra level of customization to the front of your truck. Whether you prefer chrome, stainless steel, or a black powder coating: the grille guard that fits your style is out there.

Whether you’re interested in show truck competitions or just want your truck to be more authentically you, choosing the style of truck grille guard that suits you matters.

Some drivers choose one material and structure for their grille guard, and then customize its color.

How to Select the Right Truck Grille Guard?

When sorting through all the grille guards on the market, it’s important to look at three categories of options.

Full Grille Guards

Protect the entire front face of your cab. These might be called large models, and they have tall, vertical stainless steel columns supporting the structure of the frame.

Center Grille Guards

Have a similar structure to full grille guards, but they’re lighter-weight and shorter. Center grille guards don’t cover headlights. These might be considered medium or small grille guards.

Why Should You Purchase Your Grille Guard from Mytee Products

Mytee Products offers several varieties of grille guards that are compatible with many truck models. Our grille guards are constructed from heavy duty 14 gauge steel and are finished in 304 stainless steel. The tubing is 3” and is durable and rigid.


Mytee Products’ grille guards fold down so you can easily access the hood without removing the guard. They also require no drilling or front end modification, requiring only brackets to mount them onto the trucks front end.


Grille Guards can be an extremely effective accessory that can protect your truck from debris, animal collisions, and crashes. While it’s not 100% guaranteed that a deer grille guard will prevent all damage or save your truck from a large collision, they can reduce damage and save your truck in a tough situation. Not only do grille guards protect, they are extremely functional and offer space for other accessories that will help you in a bind. They make your truck more rugged and stylish. Don’t wait until after a pesky deer unexpectedly walks in the roadway, purchase a heavy duty Grille Guard from Mytee Products and keep your truck safe!

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