Ratchet Straps Ensure Safety On The Road when Hauling Heavy Load

Truckers use myriad of products to ensure the safety of the cargo that they pull. They use various truck tarps to protect the cargo from harsh weather conditions and external elements as they have the responsibility to deliver the goods safely to its destination. Truckers also have the responsibility to tie down their cargo in such a way that is should not disturb other drivers on the road. For this the truckers need to ensure that when they drive at high speed on the highway their cargo should remain in place.

The best way to secure the cargo on a flatbed trailer is through winch ratchet straps. They are made of strong polyester webbing. Ratchet tie downs can be used for the tying down goods on a truck, car or van.

Tips on Using Ratchet Straps

There is no doubt that ratchet straps are very important and mandatory when you are hauling heavy load on your flatbed. Here we are sharing some useful tips for using ratchet straps to ensure the safety on the road.

Size of Ratchet Straps

1. Arrange Goods Properly on Flatbed

The primary thing for ensuring safety of the goods and securing them on the truck bed is about arranging them properly on the platform. If the goods are arranged properly it becomes very easy for you to cover them with a tarp and then later tying the tarp and goods down on the flatbed with straps.

2. Cover Flatbed Load with Appropriate Tarps

Once you arrange your load on the flatbed, cover them using appropriate tarp. There are many types of tarps available in the market like lumber tarps and steel tarps. Once you choose your tarp, cover and secure you cargo, place the excess material on the corners under the load to avoid wind whip. It is very necessary to make sure that there is no scope of wind gushing through the tarp, or it will slow you down and also cause a disaster if the tarp tears.

3. Tie Down the Tarps with Proper Straps


After you make sure that your tarp is placed properly on the cargo, you have to tie it to the flatbed using straps. Many flatbed trailers have inbuilt tie down straps, but if your truck does not have that then you can use ratchet or winch straps. These straps will make sure that your heavy duty cargo and the tarp will remain in place.

4. Use Straps by Considering Weight of Load

There are different working load limits for different straps; you can use multiple straps according to the ranks of the straps. For example is your load weighs 10,000 lbs and your strap has working load limit of 500 lbs then you need to use 20 straps to secure the cargo robustly on the trailer.


For the optimum safety of your cargo and other motor drivers on the road, do not exceed the working load limit of your straps and also make sure your straps are in good shape while tying down. I understand being a truck driver you don’t want to be responsible for any mishaps or accidents caused due to materials flying off your truck.