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For new flatbed haulers, knowing the best tool to tie down their cargo to their flatbed trailer is the most important and confusing part of cargo transportation. With so many different tie-down options, cargo transportation regulations, and information out there, trying to do your own research into finding the best ratchet straps can be difficult. Luckily, Mytee Products is here to help!

It’s agreed upon in the trucking industry that ratchet straps are the most secure way to tie down a heavy load, providing the most strength and security for oversized gear! The best heavy-duty ratchet straps wrap, hook, or clip to your trailer’s rub rail or D-rings. These tie-down straps tighten using a ratcheting system so you can apply the right amount of pressure over or around your cargo to ensure it will stay firmly in place. Having reliable, high-quality ratchet straps is integral to making sure you deliver your cargo safely and securely!

Product quality of ratchet straps matters because purchasing low-quality or low-grade straps could increase your risk of those straps tearing or snapping well before reaching the working load limit that’s listed. Invest in straps with low-grade wire or flat hooks and you could find yourself with bent or disfigured hooks after just one transit.

Purchasing the best tie-down straps means investing in high-quality, good-performance ratchet straps. While it may mean spending a little more money, it will save you money and stress in the long run.

5 Ratchet Straps for Flatbedders!

Considerations and Recommendations of Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

Before we delve into our best ratchet tie-down straps list, it’s important to remember that these are not the only ratchet straps available to you! Specific cargo may require different ratchet tie-down straps, so having a variety on hand will help ensure you have the ability to safely tie down an array of loads!

Two examples of unique or specific are retractable ratchet straps and cam buckle tie-down straps:

A. Retractable Ratchet Straps:

A tie-down option gaining traction in the trucking industry is the retractable ratchet strap! With such easy installation, you can remove the time-consuming process of feeding straps in, tying ends off, and removing webbing from the ratchet! The retractable ratchet straps can be permanently affixed and self-contained onto your truck or trailer, helping you save time on cargo securement and keep your space organized!

With the push of a button, you can release the tie-down strap so it can be auto-retracted or unspool the exact length of strap needed! Our webbing tie-down straps retract like a tape measure, ridding the risk of straps flying in the wind. Additionally, the webbing is stronger and more abrasion-resistant than the standard ratchet strap webbing!

Specifications for Retractable Ratchet Strap:

Weight: 1.90 lbs.
Size: 1’’ x 12’
Load Limit: 500 lbs.
Breaking Strength: 1,500 lbs.
Strap Width: 1 inch
Strap Length:12 feet
End Fitting: S Hook

B. Cam Buckle Straps:

Even the best ratchet strap can risk putting too much pressure on lighter cargo loads. The cam buckle tie-down straps are designed to protect these light, more fragile loads!

What sets cam buckles apart from other tie-down ratchet straps is their inability to be overtightened! Compared to other ratchet strap designs, cam buckle straps can only be tightened by as much strength as you can use to pull excess webbing through the buckle.

However, do not mistake being designed for lighter loads meaning these tie-down straps are weak. While they are not recommended for use on heavier loads, cam buckle straps are still extremely strong and they are quickly becoming one of the most reliable tie-down options for cargo control!

Specifications of Cam Buckle Straps:

Weight: 2 lbs – 2.05 lbs.
Size: 2’’ x 16’ or 2’’ x 12’
Load Limit: 833 lbs.
Breaking Strength: 2,500 lbs.
Color: Yellow or Grey
Strap Width: 2 inches
Strap Length: 12 or 16 feet

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5 Best Ratchet Straps in the Trucking Industry

However, there’s a wide variety of straps and tie-downs in the trucking industry, how do you know you’re picking the top ratchet straps? Below, we will tell you our 5 best, highest-rated, and heavy-duty ratchet straps for truckers!

1. Ratchet Strap with Flat Hook

Ratchet Strap with Flat Hook

The bread and butter of the trucking industry, ratchet straps with flat hooks are considered the best ratchet straps for flatbed haulers! Flat hooks are the go-to end fitting option for nearly all flatbed haulers, as long as their trailer has the proper rub/side rail for securement! Mytee Product’s ratchet strap with a flat hook comes with a wide handle ratchet, offering a wider and more comfortable grip!

On the other end of this strap is our flat hook, made of heat-treated steel for additional strength while on the road! This wide hook easily slides onto a trailer’s rub rail, making these some of the most easy-to-use ratchet straps you can buy! Once you’ve hooked the flat hook properly onto your side rail, allowing gravity and the webbing to keep your hook in place! Wrapping the excess strap around the hook’s placement provides extra security and peace of mind that no matter how many bumps you hit on the road, the flat hook isn’t moving an inch!

Ratchet straps with flat hooks are some of the most high-quality ratchet straps available and they can be used for nearly any kind of tie-down job! There’s a reason they’re the most popular and best-selling ratchet strap we offer! Simply put, they will get nearly any job done!

Specifications for Ratchet Strap with Flat Hook:

Weight:6 lbs.
Load Limit:3,333 lbs.
Breaking Strength:10,000 lbs.
End Fitting:Flat Hook
Strap Width:2 inches.
Strap Lenght:30 and 40 feet.

2. Ratchet Straps with Wire Hook

Ratchet Straps with Wire Hook

Some of the most common and best heavy-duty ratchet straps in the trucking industry today are our Ratchet Straps with Wire Hooks! Wire hook end fittings are incredibly strong, making them reliable for securing heavier loads.

For flatbed haulers that tend to travel long distances, ratchet straps with wire hooks are a precious ratchet strap to have on hand! Wire hooks are made of zinc-coated steel, and all of our ratchet straps are designed with durable, tough polyester material. We know that flatbed haulers can travel through tough terrain and weather conditions when driving from state to state, so having quality tie-down straps that can withstand those environments can make all the difference!

The rigidness of polyester allows it to lock downloads tightly and securely, which is helpful when paired with the ratcheting system; you can confidently and tightly secure your loads down! Additionally, our ratchet straps with wire hooks come in a highly visible shade of yellow, which should make cargo securement and maintenance checks easier even in dim light!

Our double wire hooks are compatible with an array of anchor points including D-Rings, O-Rings, tie-down plates, and so on – this is convenient for flatbed haulers who have trailers that lack a rub rail, thus making flat hooks impossible to secure with. Wire hooks lie at a 90-degree angle, which provides a strong connection to the anchor points and prevents any twisting of the straps during transportation!

Specifications of Ratchet Straps with Wire Hooks:

Weight:5 lbs.
Size:2’’ x 27’
Load Limit:3,333 lbs.
Breaking Strength:10,000 lbs.
End Fitting:Wire Hook
Strap Width:2 inches.
Strap Lenght:27 feet.

3. Chain Anchor Ratchet Straps

Chain Anchor Ratchet Straps

At Mytee Products, we combine durability and flexibility for our abrasion-resistant Chain Anchor Ratchet Straps! Most truckers prefer chain anchor straps when hauling heavy-duty or sharp/rough cargo, as they’re the ideal end fittings for those tough tie-down jobs!

Even high-quality ratchet straps are at risk of tears or ripping when hauling rough cargo. The awkward, sharp angles paired with the jostling of roadway travel is a recipe for disaster. The first solution truckers come to is an investment in chain binders for these hauling jobs; however, resorting to chains may increase your abrasion resistance while decreasing your flexibility. Chain anchors offer the best of both worlds!

These durable chains are built to withstand abrasion and tough environments that would otherwise damage your straps, like around anchor points or sharp corners. The grab hook at the end of the chain is designed to quickly and safely secure the cargo’s anchor points for reliable securement. These heavy-duty steel end-fitting can give your high-quality tie-down strap the extra boost of strength you need! 

Specifications for Chain Anchor:

Weight:12 lbs.
Size:4’’ w/Chain Anchor
Load Limit:5,400 lbs.
End Fitting:Chain Anchor

4. 4’’ x 30’ Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook

4’’ x 30’ Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook

Experienced truckers know: you can never be fully prepared for every type of load you will haul in your trucking career. However many new flatbed haulers may only purchase a handful of lightweight, shorter, easy-to-use ratchet straps without considering the possibility of getting a new load that is heavier weight or longer in length.

While the best tie-down straps will always be made of heavy-duty webbing for minimum stretch and maximum wear resistance, the width of the strap truly determines the amount of weight they will be able to secure without the risk of tension tearing or breaking the webbing.

Our 4’’ x 30’ ratchet straps with flat hooks are the high-quality ratchet straps in the trucking industry, excelling in both strength and length! You may find while tying down a load that the winch straps you have on hand do not properly reach the distance necessary to safely secure the cargo to your trailer – the load may be too tall or stacked, or your vehicle’s wheels could be in the way of your tie-down securement but the strap cannot reach the next securement placement.

Our ratchet straps with flat hooks come in a variety of sizes, including 30 feet; when dealing with cargo that is taller or wider than expected, having that extra length could be a lifesaver! Additionally, they come in the thickest width that meets DOT regulations and WSTDA recommended standards: 4 inches.

When it comes to the ratchet tie-down straps, the width is directly connected to the working load limitations of that strap. Four inches is the strongest strap available, making our 4’’ x 30’ ratchet straps with flat hooks the best ratchet straps you can buy for maximum strength, length, and security!

Specifications for 4’’ x 30’ Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook:

Weight:5.40 lbs.
Size:4’’ x 30’
End Fitting:Flat Hook
Load Limit:5,400 lbs.

5. Lasso Straps

Lasso Straps

Lasso ratchet straps are common straps used for securing and hauling cars on a flatbed trailer! These easy-to-use tie-down straps are built to withstand harsh elements like rain and snow and our durable polyester webbing will barely stretch under heavy loads! They’re used in two main ways: traditionally wrapped around the vehicle’s tire or through the wheel’s rim.

Lasso ratchet straps excel at preventing the vehicle from lurching during abrupt stops or sharp turns. These high-quality ratchet straps provide assurance that your load will arrive intact and exactly how you secured it! However, lasso straps typically only have one anchor point. Compared to other auto-hauling, heavy-duty ratchet straps, pressure and weight can be unevenly distributed if you lack additional support or tie-down ratchet straps.

However, lasso straps are the best ratchet straps for vehicle hauling because they create terrific securement points on each of the car’s wheels and will fit nearly any size wheel: from your traditional car, exotic/low rider cars, or large tractor wheels!

Specifications of Lasso Ratchet Straps:

Weight:1.25 lbs.
Size:2’’ x 12’
Load Limit:3,333 lbs.
End Fitting:O-Ring
Breaking Strength:10,000 lbs.

At the end of the day, which ratchet strap you purchase boils down to the type of cargo you will be or plan to be transporting. The five tie-down options we listed in this article are the best ratchet tie-down straps we offer, but they are not the only options out there! Ratchet straps come in a variety of shapes and sizes; finding the top-quality ratchet strap for you may be a process of trial and error. However, no matter the type of cargo you haul, ratchet straps are an integral tool for flatbed cargo control and truckers should always have some on hand.

Still unsure which high-quality ratchet strap is best for you? Give our customer service line a call! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you pick out the best heavy-duty ratchet straps for you!

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