clip the hook to the D-ring

How To Use Axle Straps Like A Pro! – Tie-Down Guide with Pictures and Video

We get a lot of questions from both new and experienced truckers about the proper use and purposes of some of our products. Two questions asked frequently are: how do I use an axle strap, and what is the floating D-ring for?How To Use Axle Straps

Axle straps are used by auto haulers to create securement around the car’s front or rear axles for towing or tie-down purposes. The purpose of the floating D-ring is adjustability. It’s designed so the location of the D-ring can be shifted up or down the strap, providing you the perfect length to fit around the car’s axle.

floating D-ring

The floating D-ring comes with one hook end-fitting, which you use to clip onto the D-ring once you’ve placed the strap over the axle.

Hook End-Fitting

How To Use Axle Strap with a Floating D-Ring:

    1. Bring the hook end-fitting over the top of the vehicle’s axle.
    2. Once you’ve brought it around, adjust the D-ring to be as close to the axle as you can before you clip the hook to the D-ring.

clip the hook to the D-ring

  1. As you secure this strap, make sure the protective sleeve is snug around the axle. 
  2. Every car is built differently, so the distance between an axle and securement points may differ from car to car. Always adjust the floating D-ring.

adjust the floating D-ring

As previously mentioned, this strap comes with a ratchet end as well. The ratchet is used on the other end of the strap to get rid of extra slack and properly secure your vehicle.

Ratchet Non-hook end

How To Use Axle Ratchet Strap: 

  1. After securing the strap around the axle, bring the other end of the strap through the ratchet.
  2. Ratchet the extra webbing until the strap is tight.
  3. Secure ratchet-end to your flatbed trailer or ramp.

How To Use Axle Ratchet Strap

There is another option if you do not have a way to secure the ratchet axle strap to your trailer. The dual D-ring strap comes with two D-ring end fittings and a protective sleeve. This is an alternative way to use axle straps, as you have a separate strap that goes over the vehicle’s axle and then use a hook to attach the double D-rings and secure the car.

double D-rings End Fittings

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