Trucking With Pets Meet The Mytee Customer’s Pets

Trucking with Pets: Meet the Mytee Customer’s Pets

Life on the road can be a fast-paced and lonely one…but not for these truckers!

For some cargo haulers, their “home on the road” wouldn’t be complete without some very important family members: their pets! From cats and dogs to parrots and even goats, roughly 62% of truckers own one or more animals and 40% promote their companion to co-pilot. There are hundreds of furry friends helping deliver America’s goods across the nation and we wanted to shine our spotlight on some of these happy pets and lucky drivers who get to travel with their best friends!

Hope (Instagram)

First up is Hope the Traveling Frenchie! An adorable and gorgeous french bulldog built for the road, she’s more than happy helping her mom and dad – @hotshot_macc and @mrs.hotshotmacc – deliver cargo and film videos for their Youtube channel or pose in photos for their Instagram. And she has her own Instagram too (@hope_thetravelingfrenchie)!


For any other haulers traveling with these great dogs, keeping toys and treats on-hand in your cab can make life easier for you and your pup! Just make sure you keep those treats in a compartment or bin that they cannot get into or destroy – our E-track storage bins and aluminum tool boxes are great options for this!

Tool box and etrack Bin

Bozo (Instagram)

There’s no such thing as a trucker too small, and Bozo is helping prove just that! Bozo has been traveling with his dad Terry (@ratman_roden) across the nation and he falls into the majority of pets that truckers bring on the road with them: dogs under 25 pounds. Regardless of his size, he has the heart of a trucker and is ready to hit the road!


Small dogs can get cold quicker, so truckers driving through colder states or during winter months should insulate the inside of their cab to help keep their pups warm as well as purchasing some gear for cold weather, such as sweaters. You can insulate your cab’s floor very easily by spreading out a lightweight blanket or tarp across it for your pup to lay across! At Mytee Products, we have lightweight canvas tarps and moving blankets available that can be used for this!

moving blankets

KayLar (Facebook)

Some days the road can seem long and endless – and for pups like KayLar, they wouldn’t have it any other way! KayLar adores life of the road with Scott, always cuddling up near the front seats to catch a glimpse of the road ahead. Having your best friend in the passenger seat can make life on the road that much sweeter. As Scott put it, KayLar goes everywhere he goes!


As seen in the stunning photo above, KayLar is wearing a good heavy-duty harness, and your dog should too! Any time you plan to take your pet, dogs especially, outside the truck it’s important to keep them on a leash or harness, even if you’re in a pet-friendly area. Sometimes you don’t know how other pets in the area may react to yours, so keeping some control of your animal can help avoid disastrous confrontations.

Harnesses are also great for keeping your pup from running off, and you can purchase specially designed seatbelt connectors that clip to your pet’s harness and click into a seatbelt buckle. It’s a very simple and easy way to keep your pet safe while the truck is in motion and to make sure they don’t rush out the door or through an open window when you need to leave the truck. For big dogs like KayLar though, some haulers should consider putting their pup in a good crate to avoid the risk of them getting loose from their harness.

Duncan and Rocky (Facebook)

Next on our list is a two for one special – Duncan and Rocky are working double-time, literally! These two pups make sure life on the road for Corey isn’t boring, and we’re sure it’s helpful to have two pairs of hands – or, well, paws – on deck when needed! These gorgeous pups are always ready to roll, especially Duncan with his flashy vest!

Duncan and Rocky

Duncan knows just how dangerous the roads can be, and Corey made sure to pack that safety vest for him and his pups! The bright fluorescent yellow is very reflective and improves the visibility of the wearer to other motorists, especially in dim or dark environments. Buying safety apparel for your animals will help prevent any possible roadside accidents when you take them outside the truck, but your pets aren’t the only ones you should stock up for!

For all truckers, both human and fuzzy, having safety apparel on-hand should be a priority. Apparel such as bright safety vests, helmets, eye protection, and gloves can go a long way in keeping you safe. Even if you think you don’t need it, it’s better to be extra safe than extra hurt – Mytee Products has a variety of safety equipment available online!

Truck Driver Apparal

Toby (Facebook)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the trucking tree with Toby the Towing Dog! New to the towing scene, this little pup is dressed in his very best to help Tim get in and out of some tricky towing situations. An adorable new addition to the towing industry, perhaps his new eyes will provide some fresh perspectives! It’s up to the veteran truckers of the nation to help the new guys out, but that doesn’t mean a new dog can’t teach an old one some new tricks!


Toby looks absolutely stunning in his new sweater, but a clean look doesn’t always mean a clean pet! While it will be impossible to keep your truck or cab totally clear of hair and drool, there are things you can do to help keep your driving space clean. Items like seat covers are a great way to keep nice leather or cloth seats fuzz and scratch-free, and packing extra towels will be helpful for drying or wiping wet fur before dirt and mud can get tracked all throughout your cab.

For our cat-friendly truckers, purchasing a travel-friendly litter box will save a lot of hassle and worry when you make that quick stop or sharp turn.

You can also re-use trucking products like clear vinyl tarps as mud, dirt, and/or litter protection! Simply lay the tarp out wherever your furry friend will go and clean it off between load dropoffs or pickups.

Our clear vinyl tarps are extremely durable and easy to clean, and the transparent material means you will still be able to see your cab’s flooring without it getting damaged or dirty from rambunctious paws!

Clear Vinyl Tarp

GiGi (Facebook)

Who said a trucking dog can’t be a pampered one? Little GiGi is a trucking pet who knows how important it is to balance work and health – and trust us, it’s integral to her working ability that she stays in her soft, warm bed while K-J loads and unloads the trailer! Don’t worry GiGi, at Mytee Products we know just how important it is to give yourself a relaxation day.


For truckers on the road with their pets, it’s important that you make sure your animal is comfortable on the road just like GiGi! Before you leave home with your pet make sure you have everything they’ll need, including:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Lots of treats
  • Freshwater (bottled is fine)
  • Toys
  • ID Tags
  • Leashes, collars, and harnesses
  • Doggy bags/Travel-ready litter box
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Blankets and a comfy bed or sleeping area
  • A crate (if necessary)
  • Your pet’s paperwork, including vaccinations and health records

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Trash the Trucker Cat (Instagram)

One of our favorite trucker influencers, Trash the Trucker cat knows better than most pets what life on the road means and has taken it upon himself to share it all on Instagram (@trash.thetruckercat). This little kitty has seen it all, and isn’t done showing that the trucking world can be a cat’s playground too!


Traveling with cats can be just as rewarding as traveling with the more common furry best friend, dogs! Traveling with a cat also has some perks, including needing to take fewer breaks to let your pet stretch their legs or relieve themselves, as well as a few more responsibilities, such as routinely cleaning their litter boxes and investing in a scratching post. Be aware that cats love to watch from high places, so the risk of your kitty jumping up onto your dashboard as you drive is high.

If this becomes an issue and risks the safety of your driving, consider putting your cat in a crate or purchasing a cat-specific harness and seatbelt to restrict the movement of your pet.

Popeye (TikTok)

Popeye is a star on TikTok, amassing over 300 thousand followers and over 10 thousand views per video with his owner (@old_trucker). A star on the internet and in our hearts, Popeye is one of those old souls that was simply born for the road. Always putting a smile on our faces, it’s wonderful getting to see the love and outreach Popeye and his wonderful owner receive!


Popeye’s owner is a kind soul who is determined to help get animals off the streets and into seats! However, not every pet is Popeye; it’s important to note that your pet may not enjoy riding in cars or trucks and stressing out your pet can in turn make you more stressed as well. In a fast-paced and demanding career like trucking, more stress is not what you need. Keep your pet happy and safe by making sure they have plenty of stress-relief toys and a safe place to go and hide or relax when necessary. If you can tell your pet is getting more anxious on the road, take ten minutes to pull off to the side and let them out to walk around and relax.

If all else fails, sometimes it may be easier and safer to keep your pet at home when it’s time to get to work. No one likes being lonely, but the health and safety of you and your pet should always come first.

Cletus (TikTok)

Another internet star, Cletus has a growing audience on social media with nearly 150 thousand followers on TikTok (@southernsam4)! A very happy, old boy who has trucking wisdom to share with the world, Cletus shares advice and zoomies videos to truckers both experienced and new!


Many truckers find that bringing along their furry friends can help avoid the loneliness that comes with long, quiet roads. While there are steps you should take before bringing your pet along with you, including pet-proofing your cab, getting permission from your company, and getting the proper paperwork and supplies in place, a healthy pet can be a great roadside companion!

Having your pet with you can do more than just improve your emotional state too – haulers who bring their pets along with them tend to get more physical activity during breaks and stops, and having a pet on board can improve your attentiveness to the road as you’ll want to be extra safe to protect your pet!


At Mytee Products, we think traveling with your pets is a great way to improve the enjoyment of your job and we want to help make life on the road safer and more comfortable for you and your furry friends! If you ever happen to stop by our warehouse in Aurora, Ohio, to pick up or buy our heavy-duty trucking products then make sure to bring your pet along with you! We’ve seen quite a lot of trucking pets – including birds! – and we love meeting your co-pilots. We always have treats and love ready to give, so come stop by!