Why Steel Tarps are Important for Flatbed Truck and Trailer?

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Steel tarps are made up of steel or metal like cords, wires, sheets, etc. They are generally used by truckers for transportation of heavy load. For the protection of the load that is carried on a flatbed trailer, steel tarps are used. They can be used for construction purpose also. These tarps are generally smaller than heavy duty lumber tarp. Recently the use of steel tarps has increased because they are multi-functional and are also available in various sizes. According to government rules and DOT standards it is important to cover the load by tarps so that if in case the object falls then it won’t cause trouble to the other drivers on road.


A. Why to Use Steel Tarps for Flatbed Truck and Trailer:

Generally, when a load is transported on a flatbed trucks or trailers then its shape or size is not fixed. It can be of any shape and size but the its safety is important.

  • For protection of these loads steel tarps are largely preferred. These tarps provides an extra layer of security to the load.
  • There are some small spaces left in the load where the debris gets collected while it is transported.
  • In order to avoid this, steel tarps are highly recommended. It doesn’t allow the debris to get collected in between the load.
  • These flatbed steel tarps provide great protection against any weather like rain, winds, snow, etc. Just in case if any of the other systems that were used for load safety fails then steel tarps can secure the load and there is no need to attend the failure immediately.
  • These tarps can provide safety to the load against corrosion and rust. Also, you can use them to cover bike, boats, cars, etc.
  • In a construction site, there are a lot of materials that has to be kept safe so that it doesn’t leave the construction site and get mixed up in the environment because that will be very harmful.
  • These tarps can be very useful in order to keep the debris safe in a construction site.
  • Apart from this, they also protect the material on the construction site from weather and climatic conditions.

Benefits of Steel Traps:

Some materials that are being transported can be sensitive and might require more attention and care. With following advantages of steel tarps one can over come the danger and secure the flatbed loads.

Know Steel Tarps

i) Steel Tarps are Sensitive to Temperature

These load can be sensitive to temperature or any other weather conditions. There might be some scenarios where suddenly the weather changes and you may experience rainfall or snowfall. So, in such cases it becomes important to protect the load against any atmospheric conditions and steel tarps are the best option for it as they are not heavy so they won’t damage the load and it will also provide safety.

ii) Perfectly Secure the Loads

Throughout the journey, the condition of the roads won’t be the same. You may find smooth roads in some areas whereas, in some region the roads may be damaged or uneven. This can damage the product or load that is being carried. The material can also fall from the flatbed truck which will result in a heavy loss. In this case steel tarps works as blessing. As, it will protect the materials and would not let them fall of the trailer.

iii) Increase the Efficiency of Load Transportation

You have to travel slowly in these areas and this can consume a lot of time. The easy solution to this is steel tarps. With the help of steel tarps you can cover the load and travel with the same speed without worrying about the load. This will eventually save up a lot of time and also increase the efficiency of load transportation.

Key Features of Steel Tarps:

Let’s have look at some amazing features of steel tarps.

Steel tarps

1. D-Rings in Steel Tarps

Steel tarps come with D-rings that is used to protect the main tarp from getting damaged. These D-rings have S-hook flaps below them to protect the steel tarp. Though it is advisable to carry a tarp repair kits to avoid the risk.

2. Water Resistant & UV Resistant

They are UV and water resistant which makes it strong and the perfect choice for the protection of load. You can easily handle them as they are lightweight.

3. Versatile

Steel tarps are available in various size and are very versatile so you select them depending upon the load that you are transporting. You get a tighter grip over the load that is being transported, hence making the transportation more secure. These tarps also has grommets attached to the edges so that you can tie down easily and secure the load.

4. Easy to Maintain

Usually, one heavy duty steel tarp is enough to secure the whole load as they are quite large in size. You can easily maintain and handle them. Apart from using them on flatbed trucks and trailer they can also be used at construction sites. These tarps also come with the facility of double fastening, which is not found in other tarps.

5. Durable

The reason behind the steel tarps being the first preference in safety of transporting loads is that they are very durable, sturdy, and robust. They can easily withstand any condition like snow, rain, winds, etc. Its added feature is that they are UV resistant, hence protecting the load from every harmful thing.


When you are carrying any load then its responsibility and duty to ensure the safety of the load from any harmful things like weather conditions, uneven roads, etc. Here, we have discussed regarding the steel tarps, its features and benefits that will help in making your load secure and it will also act as an extra layer of security.

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