Maintenance of Truck Straps and Other Truck Accessories

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We know it is absolutely inescapable to use tie-down straps while moving a heavily loaded truck. Straps ensure that your cargo is properly secured on the truck bed and your load will not move or fall off from the truck. If such incidents happen it could damage your cargo and disturb other drivers on the road, sometimes leading to serious consequences. So that regular maintenance of truck straps and accessories are required.


While it is essential to use appropriate tensile strength truck straps in accordance with the weight of the cargo it is also important for the truckers to know how to maintain these straps and other accessories used for the optimum tie-down strength.


Inspect your straps and accessories from time to time for any sign of wear and tear. You should fix the items that are defective and not use the items that cannot be fixed. tarp-inspectionThe problems that you generally find in ratchet straps are rust, broken ratchet assemblies, and frayed nylon material. If you are using tarps to protect your cargo you should check that your tarp is not torn from anywhere. Once you make sure all your accessories are repaired and ready, you should evaluate their strength before using them on the trucks.


While storing your materials, you must follow the guidelines given for each material and product. For storing truck straps you must first sort them out according to their width, length, strength, and color. This will help you to use the right strap for the right purpose. You must clean all your equipment before you store them, they should be free from dirt. If you have washed your equipment make sure that they are completely dry before you store them. Lubricate the parts where it is necessary.

Storage of your accessories is easy and will help you save a lot of time and money. Proper storage will ensure that your equipment will be in good condition for a long period of time. It will only take a moment of your time and keep your products from rust, jam and getting lost.


You might think that tagging the accessories is not at all important, but this helps a lot. Tagging your equipment will save a lot of time. If you have tagged all your straps and tie-down materials with their weight holding capacity it becomes very easy for you to choose the right strap for tie-down. If you have not tagged all your straps and by mistake use the wrong strap or lightweight strap to tie down your heavy load it could result in a disaster. Apart from damaging your cargo and strap, you could cause serious harm to yourself or other drivers on the road. Better tag your equipment with necessary information it saves a lot more than time.

These are a few basic maintenance tips for your truck straps and other important tie-down tools. If you follow these tips, it becomes very easy to store and organize your gear.

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