Finding the Right Mytee Logistic Straps for Your Load Transport

E-Track Logistic Straps

So you’re hauling some heavy cargo in your truck? In order to ensure that the cargo gets to its destination in one piece and safely you will have to secure it in the bed of the truck. This is where logistic straps come into play.

But before you buy logistic straps, you must purchase an E Track straps (unless your vehicle is already outfitted with one). You can find E tracks are on the side of the bed having screws to the bed where the strap goes through them and then the cargo you are trying to secure.

What are the Components of a Logistic Strap?

1. The webbing

Logistic straps have two different webbings on either side of tensioning device. One side is rigid and having the same length. The other side is the adjustable end which actually goes around the cargo. The webbing is soft so that it does not damage the freight it is securing.

2. Tensioning Device

Next is the tensioning device. There are two different types. The first one is a ratchet. Ratchet straps are often used to secure heavier loads and have a higher working load limit. The other type of tensioning device is the cam buckle. Cam buckles are often used for more fragile cargo as it is designed to prevent over-tensioning.

Ratchet Straps       Cam buckle

3. End Fitting

The next component is the end fitting. There are several types for different uses. E/A are the most common and are used with the E Track.

E.A Fitting        E Fitting + J Hook

Now that we have discussed the various types of logistic straps;

Which Mytee strap is the right one for you?

We offer a wide variety of Logistical Straps for all your shipping needs.

E Track Logistic Straps

If you’re handling heavy loads that are not fragile, we recommend the E Track Ratchet Strap. Mytee Products offers 3 sizes, 12’, 16’, 20’, and with a working load limit of 1000 lbs it is perfect for the heavier loads that you need to fasten tightly.

If handling fragile materials such as glass, we recommend the E Track Cam Buckle Straps. These straps don’t allow you to over tighten the cargo but keep it secure at the same time. Mytee Products offers 2 sizes, 12’, and 16’. With a working load limit of 833 lbs it’s perfect for the easily damaged cargo.

If you’re working with large pallets that need to be secured in the truck bed, we recommend the E Track Straps with E Fitting and J Hook. This is a more versatile strap that allows you to tie down a pallet rack but also comes along with the E Track fitting. Mytee offers 2 sizes, 12’ and 16’. With a working load limit of 500 lbs, its versatility is perfect for many situations


Finally, if the load you are carrying is extremely heavy, we suggest the Heavy Duty E Track Ratchet Strap with E-Fittings. This strap has a 1,500 lbs working load limit and comes in the 12’, 16’ and 20’ sizes. This is perfect for making sure your heavy cargo stays safe.

Heavy Duty E-Track Ratchet Strap

If brand name is important to you, Mytee Products understands. This is why we carry Kinedyne straps as well.

How to use a End Fitting on an E Track

  • Straps come with standard spring loaded butterfly springs
  • Push down tab and insert into E Track

Insert into

  • Release tab and fitting will snap into place

Insert into E-Track

  • Strap is now anchored to E Track

Release Tab

How to Secure an E Track Ratchet Strap

Thread strap through the ratchet

Anchored to E Track

Make sure strap is flat and has no slack


Move ratchet in back and forth motion to achieve desired tightness

Ratchet in BlackTightness is achieved in logistic straps

You are good to go!

Ratchet Logistic Straps

How to Secure a E Track Cam Buckle

Release spring loaded latch and bring the free end of the strap from below the buckle and then pull through it.

spring loaded latch

Make sure to get rid of any slack and strap has no wrinkles before releasing hook

Designed tightness is achieved

Keep pulling strap until you achieve desired tightness and you are good to go

Now as we have given all necessary knowledge regarding logistic straps, you are ready to use this knowledge to buy the right one and successfully transport any cargo. Good Luck and thank you for choosing Mytee Products.