When You’re Parked: Other Uses for Flatbed Tarps

So, you’re an owner-operator who has invested a lot of money in flatbed tarps that only get used every now and again. What do you do when the truck is parked? Are there any other uses for them? Well, there are actually many other uses for flatbed tarps.

If you are talking tarps of the heavy-duty variety, you can do a lot more with them than just cover the cargo on your trailer. In fact, some of the people who buy them are not even truck drivers. They are average homeowners who have discovered how valuable a heavy-duty truck tarp can be. Below are just a couple of examples to demonstrate what we are talking about.

Covering the Roof

Why spend thousands of dollars to pay professionals to replace your roof when you can do the job yourself? That’s the philosophy of many a homeowner who invests in a poly tarp to keep the roof covered during the replacement project. After removing the old roof, the tarp goes up to keep everything dry for the next couple of weekends.

The better option would be to use a heavy duty truck tarp that does a great job of protecting the roof. It can be laid out and then weighed down with stacks of roofing tiles. Alternatively, it can be attached using bungee cords or rope or D-rings. In just a few minutes, the exposed plywood can be protected from the rain and sun. Just remember that flatbed tarps are not a permanent solution for a leaky roof. They will eventually come down with constant exposure to the elements.


Sun Shield

Even truck drivers need a vacation, right? So while you are away enjoying time with the family, why not use one of your flatbed tarps as a sun shield for the truck cabin. Covering it with a tarp will keep the damaging sun out. That will help keep the temperature inside the cab down and prevent sun damage to the dash, seats, and instruments.

Truck Repairs

As an owner-operator, you may perform a lot of the maintenance and repair work for your rig yourself. However, if you don’t have a garage to pull the truck into, you might be standing out in the hot sun or the driving rain. A flatbed tarp with a couple of tent poles is an easy way to construct a temporary enclosure that will protect you from the weather while you work. You can feel free to lift the hood and get down in there for as long as you need to. When you’re all done, your temporary shelter comes down easily.

Winter Fun

Enterprising homeowners in the north have discovered they can use heavy-duty flatbed tarps to get little extra enjoyment out of the winter months. For example, tarps form a great base for a home ice rink. They keep the water in while protecting the grass underneath. What’s more, you do not need any lumber or high-tech construction skills. All you need is a little snow and cold enough temperatures.

And there you have it. Who knew the standard flatbed tarp could be so versatile? Moreover, we’ve only scratched the surface. A heavy-duty tarp is useful for so many things whether you’re an owner-operator or just a homeowner looking for a large piece of vinyl or canvas that will stand up to the weather.

When you buy your flatbed tarps, take the time to make sure you are buying a high quality product. Our tarps fit that bill. A high-quality tarp will give you years of faithful service with a minimum of rips and tears. A cheap tarp, well … not so much.

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