Our Winch Straps Saved This Trucker’s Cargo From Epic Disaster

Truckers know that anything can happen on the road at a moment’s notice and have to stay vigilant. Recently, a frequent Mytee Products customer by the name of Chris spoke with one of our customer service reps, Tammie, after finding himself in a bit of a pickle. During a transport, the CEO of LC Transport LLC got into an accident on the highway. Luckily, no one was hurt. Chris’s load especially remained safe from harm thanks to Mytee Products’ 4” Winch Straps with a flat hook.

The Accident

Back in April, the truck driver purchased brand new winch straps from us. Specifically, the trucker bought our 4” x 30ft blue Mytee straps that each have a WLL 5,400lbs. Their polyester construction and heavy-duty webbing offers minimal abrasion. In other words, you won’t see any early signs of wear and tear. Not to mention, these winch straps won’t overstretch. Even the end fitting, a flat hook, is made of steel and has a black powder finish that adds another level of durability to the strap. Little did Chris know just how important those straps would be to his cargo and overall well-being in the coming weeks.

The trucker used them to secure the six axle dump trailers he was hauling. Keep in mind that these trailers can weigh thousands of pounds alone. Chris called in requesting two new straps after retelling the story about his car accident that took place April 18. The ordeal would have cost him thousands in cargo damage. In exchange, he offered to share photos that would attest to the strength and durability of our winch straps.

Winch Straps That Are Built Tough

The photos showed that the compact trailers over the top deck of his step decker trailer had shifted slightly. Only two out of the three 4” x 30ft winch straps securing them ripped apart. The third remained intact and held the entire 10,000lbs load in place alone. According to Chris, the strap held more weight than it was rated for and held strong. Tammie, one of our customer service representatives that personally handled Chris’s call, was surprised herself by the unbelievable strength of our winch straps. “You’re saying that strap held all of that?” was her response. That just goes to show you that Mytee Products’ straps are “Mytee” strong.

He Thanked Mytee Products For Saving The Day

In the end, the customer didn’t have to write a damage claim for his cargo and walked away with two new 4” wide winch straps with a flat hook. Grateful for our help, the CEO left our company a four-star review on google. His commentary on just “how good our products are” has resonated with many of our staff members, including our CEO Prab Agarwalla.

Here at Mytee Products, we believe all truckers should “Haul Safe and Earn More” everytime. Choosing our high-quality winch straps will give you a piece of mind on the road. Mytee Products’ 4” wide straps certainly saved this trucker’s job.