Fuel Tank Straps

If you’re looking to replace your old, worn-out fuel tank straps, then stop into Mytee Products today. Our truck tank straps are available in various configurations and styles. They’re made out of durable materials and built to last, making your investment all the better. The replacement cost for your fuel tank strap won’t even break the bank. Not to mention, they can be used with several truck brand names, including International ProStar, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, and Peterbilt. We even have styles that’ll go with your round Reefer Containers. Our petrol tank straps are high-quality, built to last, and are set at affordable prices. You won’t find products like ours anywhere else.

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40 Items

  1. Filler Cap, DEF Plastic - 04-27757-000
    As low as $10.99
  2. 23" - 26" Fuel Tank Support Strap for Peterbilt- 1103596, 11-03596 and 1104551001
  3. Round Reefer Fuel Tank Support Strap for 7AMPASA-5852S, 7AMPASA-355-S
  4. Fuel Tank Support Strap for International ProStar 3676585C1, 3676584C1, 3595905C1
  5. Fuel Tank Support Strap for IHC International 3537341C1, 3537341C2, 2020897C1, 471453C2
  6. Fuel Tank Support Strap w/ Step Bracket for Freightliner- A03-33883-005, and A03-33883-002
  7. 22-1/2" Fuel Tank Support Strap for Kenworth K84-1013-002, K841013002
    As low as $64.99
  8. Fuel Tank Support Strap for Mack 21076986, 8MB488M and 8MB447
  9. Fuel Tank Support Bracket for Volvo 21076941
    As low as $39.99
  10. 3.7” Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Strap With Webbing for Peterbilt Trucks 11-04551-001P, 1104551001P
    As low as $129.99
  11. 36" Pine Wood Square Fuel Tank Measuring Stick w/ Leather Strap
    As low as $8.99
  12. Truck & Trailers Oil Drain Pan for Wheel Hubs - 77 ounces
    As low as $6.49
  13. Fuel Tank Vent, 3/8" NPT - 20560284
    As low as $22.99
  14. Fuel Cap, 3", Freightliner, Non-Locking & Vented - 03-37017-000
    As low as $27.99
  15. Fuel Cap O-Ring, Works W/ 11-04859-100 & 11-04859-200 - 490-89
    As low as $1.99
  16. Fuel Cap, Non-Locking & Vented - 11-04859-100
    As low as $31.49
  17. Fuel Tank Strap, Step Vans w/ 14 Side Mount Fuel Tanks - 03-33434-000
    As low as $44.99
  18. Fuel Tank Insulator Strap for Freightliner, 03-27310-001, 0327310001
    As low as $11.99
  19. Fuel Tank Strap for Freightliner 6.0 L Trucks Replaces OEM Number A03-38960-000, A0338960000
    As low as $26.99
  20. 3.75” x 7 ft. Cotton Polyester Webbing For Fuel Tank Strap for Peterbilt 11-02331-000-7, 11023310007
    As low as $32.99
  21. 36.5" Fuel Tank Lining Strap For Kenworth K161-793-22, K16179322
    As low as $22.99
  22. Fuel Cap, 3", Kenworth, Locking Aluminum
    As low as $31.99
  23. Fuel Tank Strap - Black - 3566-133-C
    As low as $44.99
  24. Fuel Cap, 4", Peterbilt, Locking W/ Keys
    As low as $99.99
  25. Fuel Cap, 3", Freightliner, Locking W/ Keys - 3-CH-8-L
    As low as $139.99
  26. Fuel Cap, 3", Volvo, Non-Locking & Non-Vented - 20770657
    As low as $17.99
  27. Fuel Cap, Non-Locking - 3591-621-C
    As low as $49.99
  28. Filler Cap - 20968839
    As low as $8.99
  29. Aluminum Fuel Cap W/ Chain - MS35645-1
    As low as $13.99
  30. Filler Cap - 20519046
    As low as $17.99
  31. Aluminum Fuel Cap Kit, 3", Kenworth - 8125-02
    As low as $89.99
  32. Fuel Cap, 3", International, Non-Locking w/ 8" Chain - 2040-848-C
    As low as $39.99
  33. Fuel Cap, 4", International, Non Locking - 508-010-C
    As low as $44.99
  34. Fuel Cap, 2.5", Mack, Non-Locking & Vented - 25132213
    As low as $37.99
  35. Fuel Cap - 03-34467-003
    As low as $124.99
  36. Fuel Cap, 3", Mack, Non-Locking Aluminum - 20770679
    As low as $29.99
  37. Fuel Cap, 2", International 4000 Series, Non-Locking Aluminum - 576-746-C
    As low as $34.99
  38. 37” Fuel Tank Lining For Kenworth Trucks 161-934-11, 16193411
    As low as $22.49
  39. Fuel Cap, 3", Volvo, Locking Aluminum - 20770691
    As low as $64.99
  40. Fuel Tank Strap Liner, 100' Roll/Carton, W/O Glue - 11-02331-000
    As low as $254.99
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What is a Fuel Tank Strap?

A fuel tank strap helps keep your fuel tank locked in place during a long drive or an important transport. These heavy-duty straps prevent the gas tank from shifting, sagging, or even falling off when the vehicle is in motion. A properly installed strap will prevent any chance of an oil leak or worse, a fire explosion on the road. These fuel tank mounting bands make a world of difference when it comes to protecting you and your trucks and cars.

Features & Specifications of Fuel Tank Straps

They also come with a wealth of features that drivers and truckers like you will love. Let’s check them out:

  • Material: Mytee Products’s truck fuel tank straps are made mostly out of carbon steel and stainless steel but some styles also feature an aluminum construction. That makes these straps durable and reliable. 

  • Corrosion Resistant: Often, these aluminum and stainless fuel tank straps are exposed to many hazardous environmental materials off the road. Luckily, they come corrosion-resistant, preventing any wear and tear, and have a long-lasting quality. 

  • Width & Thickness: Additionally, our fuel tank support straps come in various sizes, such as 1 ½″, 2″ and 3-9/10″. Their thickness can range from 3mm to 5mm. 

  • Neutral Coloring: They also come in an all-black coloring, with the coating being of the same color. Their neutral color will match with just about anything on your truck or vehicle.

Work Compatibility With Your Truck’s Fuel Tank

We have several different straps for fuel tanks on hand that will act as the perfect replacements for your older ones. Even more important, they’re compatible with several truck name brands, such as International ProStar, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, and Peterbilt. They’re also suitable to handle your refrigerator containers. Take a look at our inventory to see which gas tank straps will work best for you:


Here are some fuel tank strap replacement styles that work well with International ProStar’s trucks.

International ProStar 3676585C1

This fuel tank strap replacement comes with opposing midpoint brackets and has a bolt size of ½-13-UNC-2A. Additionally, it’s made out of durable, carbon-based steel. The fuel tank mounting strap is compatible with the 2008-2018 International ProStar OEM 3676585C1 and the Automann M203459 part series. It also has a strap opening of 38 ⅕ and a thickness of 3.5mm. 

International IHC 471453C2 

For these heavy-duty fuel tank straps, strength is the name of the game. It comes in roughly a 40 length and can replace an IHC 471453C2. Even better, the durable strap has a thickness of 3.2 mm and can be fitted with any 50 or 60-gallon Square Fuel Tank on these trucks. It is also made from carbon structural steel.  

International ProStar 3595905C1

On the other hand, these semi-truck fuel tank straps have a width of 2 and a thickness of 3 mm. Similar to the previous styles, they are also constructed out of carbon-based steel and come with step brackets. They can act as a replacement for your International ProStar OEM No. 3595905C1 and the Automann part number M203905. 

International ProStar 3676584C1

 This fuel tank band also has a width of 2″, a thickness of 3.5 mm, and a strap opening of 38 ⅕″. It’s a great replacement for the 2008-2018 International ProStar OEM 3676584C1 and Automann with the part number M203457. The installation of the tank straps on the driver’s side, (left hand) is simple and easy.


Here you will find replacement gas tank straps that work well with Freightliner’s trucks.

Freightliner A03-33883-005 & A0333883005 

These semi-truck fuel tank straps have a width of 1 ¾, a thickness of 3 mm, and a bolt size of ½-13-UNC-2A. They’re made out of carbon-based steel as well. This step-bracket stainless steel gas tank straps can be fitted with the Freightliner M2-106/112 Business Class trucks. Additionally, they can act as replacements for the Automann Part No. M203528, and the Freightliner OEM A03-33883-005 and A0333883005.

Freightliner M2-106/112 Business Class

These adjustable fuel tank mounting straps have roughly the same specifications as the previous style. However, they can only replace the Automann Part No.: M203527 and the Freightliner OEM No. A03-33883-002 and A0333883002. They also can be fitted with the Freightliner M2-106/112 Business Class model.

Round Reefer Containers

Here, we will discuss some round fuel tank support straps that can be used for various round Reefer Containers.

Round Reefer Fuel Tank Strap for 22 Tank 7AMPASA-5852S 

This style is made out of stainless steel, has a width of 2, a strap opening of 35, and a bolt length of 3 ¾. Like most of the tank straps for round reefer, they can withstand below-freezing temperatures. It also features a protective rubber cover. Additionally, the strap acts as the perfect replacement for Round Reefer OEM 7AMPASA-5852S and the Automann Part No. M203924. 

Round Reefer Fuel Tank Support Strap for 24 Tank 7AMPASA-355-S 

Like the name implies, this gas tank strap replacement can fit around a 24″ fuel tank. They also have a width of 2″, a strap opening of 37 ⅖″, and a bolt length of 3 ¾″. Also, they make great replacement parts for the OEM 7AMPASA-355-S and the Automann Part No. M203922.


Here are some tank straps that work well with Peterbilt’s Trucks.

Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Support Strap for Peterbilt 1104551001 

Our stainless steel strap has a width of 3-7/10, an opening of 29, and a bolt length of 7″. Another neat feature about this strap is that it has glossy foliage on the outside and webbing on the inside with a matte finish. It’s most compatible with a 26 tank for the 2009-2011 Peterbilt truck models. The ends of the strap are coiled around to ensure a nice, snug fit. Even the M16 T-screw bolt will establish a strong connection. Much like the straps meant for refrigerator containers, they can withstand cold temperatures. 

Aluminum Fuel Tank Support Strap for Peterbilt 1103596

Mytee Products’ aluminum fuel tank strap has a 3-9/10″ width, and 5 mm thickness, followed by a 19-3/10″ strap opening. This uniquely shaped strap is perfect for a fuel tank that’s 26 inches, ensuring that the tank stays locked in place beneath your truck. It also features T-Bolts, a double-sided lamination, and can replace the 1103596 and 11-03596 Peterbilt truck part series.


Moving on to Kenworth, these semi truck fuel tank straps make the perfect replacement parts for this truck name brand.

Kenworth K84-1013-002 & K841013002 

Our fuel tank hold down straps for the Kenworth truck brand name have loads of great features, such as a protective rubber cover with a width of 2 ⅕″, a thickness of 3.5 mm, and a bolt size of M12. This stainless steel support strap can fit over a 22 ½″ fuel tank for 1987-2011 Kenworth truck models and has double-sided matte foliage. You can replace them with the Kenworth parts K84-1013-002 and K841013002.


We also have a strap for your fuel tank for the Mack trucks.

Mack 8MB447 

This fuel tank strap replacement can replace Mack trucking parts 25111241, 25134204, 8MB429, and 8MB447. The heavy-duty straps have a width of 2″, a thickness of 3 mm, and an opening of 21″ and they feature step brackets. Their bolts come in the length of 3-1/10″ and the size ⅝-18UNNF-2A. Made out of carbon steel and having a cold formability, these straps can handle anything you throw at them.


Questions & Answers

How important is a Fuel Tank Strap?

Using a heavy duty fuel tank strap is a must as it can prevent your truck’s fuel tank from shifting or sagging during a long haul. Otherwise, your gas tank will fall off, cause a major car accident, or even a fire explosion on the highway. They’re also required by some local and federal regulations.

What happens if your Petrol Tank Straps break?

If your fuel tank support straps break apart, either have it repaired or get it replaced immediately. Also, various problems and safety concerns may arise if the strap of the fuel tank breaks. The tank will become unstable, and there’s a risk of potential damage from road debris, speed bumps, or other obstacles. It increases the risk of damage leading to fuel leakage, which might result in fire and environmental contamination. As per safety regulations and standards, it’s necessary to have secure mounting of fuel tanks.

How much does it cost to replace your Fuel Tank Straps?

Typically, replacement costs depend on a number of aspects, such as the make and model of your truck, trailer, or car. Our truck fuel tank straps come at affordable prices, ranging anywhere from $20 to just $130.