DPF Filter

The typical diesel engine produces soot and particulates we do not necessarily want released into the air. Thus, the DPF filter on your truck. A good, quality filter can remove 85% or more of the particulates normally generated by diesel combustion. As a truck driver, you need a high-quality filter to ensure that your truck is up to standards at all times. We have what you need at Mytee Products.

Our aftermarket DPF filters are designed to offer you maximum performance without costing you a fortune. Rest assured that our DPF replacement filters are manufactured in North America and to OEM specifications; our filters are not remanufactured or refurbished. That means when you buy an aftermarket DPF filter from us, you are getting a brand-new product that has never been used before. We even offer free ground shipping to make your purchase more affordable. Just give us five days lead time when ordering.

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DPFs Meaning:

An aftermarket DPF is a diesel particulate filter. It’s a tool that helps reduce air pollution from truck exhaust. DPFs mainly reduce nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. These exhaust DPF filters have been mandatory for Class 7 and Class 8 tractors since 2007 under the regulations put forth by the environmental protection agency (EPA).

DPFs reduce particulate emissions by 90%

DPFs are categorized as Diesels Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs). Different DOCs are effective and compatible with different types of vehicles and engines. Class 7 and Class 8 tractors need DPFs. New tractors come with DPFs installed already, but DPFs will eventually need to be replaced. Additionally, older tractors models may need to have a DPF retroactively installed in order to comply with state laws.

How do Exhaust DPF Filters Work?

By the following points you would get an exact idea about how DPF filters works.

  • DPF filters remove harmful particulates from exhaust so they won’t pollute the air.
  • DPFs are a type of “wall flow filter.”
  • The filtration mechanism pushes the exhaust from the burned fuel through a hexagonal grid inside the diesel particulate filter.
  • The exhaust DPF filter then catches the soot and other small, solid particles that are harmful to breathe in.
  • The rest of the system is able to take some of these particulates back in and re-use them, recycling them to be burned again to make the fuel last longer. This process is called regeneration.
  • Still, some particles can’t be re-used, and the ones that are re-useable can only be regenerated so many times.
  • Eventually, the soot and particulates accumulate in the filter. These accumulated solid particles are called ash.
  • As ash builds up inside the filter, the regenerations have shorter intervals between them and fuel consumption increases dramatically. This is a sign that the DSF needs to be cleaned, or possibly even replaced.
  • When in doubt, remove and clean your DPF filter every 200,000 miles.


How to Install and Use an Aftermarket DPF Filter?

The EPA has an excellent, free step-by-step guide to exhaust DPF filter installation:

The California Clean Air and Water Resources Board also produced a video demonstrating how to install and maintain your aftermarket DPF filter on a Class 8 tractor:

Importance of an Aftermarket DPF Filter in Truck?


  • It’s illegal to not have an exhaust DPF filter in a Class 7 or Class 8 tractor.
  • Beyond that, diesel particulate filters keep you fuel efficient, letting you drive farther per gallon.


Mytee’s DPF Filters

Our DPFs are an excellent option if you need to replace your DPF or retroactively install a DPF on a pre-2007 Class 7 or Class 8 truck.

Our exhaust DPF filters are completely new, NOT refurbished. They can be shipped to you overnight, just in case your filter gives out abruptly and leaves you in a bind. These high-quality diesel particulate filters are designed with safety and fuel efficiency in mind.

Our DPFs are:

  • Lab and field-tested, so emission reduction is guaranteed
  • Designed to be easy to take apart in distinct units, which makes it easy to clean as often as you want to.
  • Entirely coated with Platinum Group Metals to prevent corrosion

Need a DPF now? Call us today: 1-888-705-8277