Shipping Container Parts & Accessories

Mytee Products offers a wide selection of Shipping Container parts and accessories, from manual and dovetail twist locks to bridge fittings. These parts are essential for intermodal work or hauling Shipping Containers and other cargo. Having spare parts readily available can mean the difference between delivering a load on time or risk getting penalized.

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  1. Sea Rail Shipping Container Manual Twist Lock Left-Right Handlocking
  2. Dovetail Style Shipping Container Twist Lock & Base (45 Degrees)
  3. Shipping Container Semi Automatic Twist Lock
  4. SEA RAIL Shipping Container Bridge Fittings Clamp, Brand New
  5. Aluminum Container Ramp
  6. Steel Container Corner Castings ISO 1161
  7. ISO Raise Foundation 110 mm Single Type
    As low as $31.99
  8. Container Lifting Lug For Bottom Camlock
  9. Container Stacking Cone - Single
    As low as $14.84
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Shipping Containers are large, industrialized metal boxes designed to be easily transported by a ship, barge, train, or most commonly, a flatbed truck. By using essential parts and replacement tools such as locks, connectors, stacking cones, and lashing rods, you can help secure and strengthen the container. 

All Mytee Products Shipping Container parts, locking pins, and accessories come standard high-quality to ensure the safety and security of your cargo during transit. We offer various lock types and accessories, including caster wheels, container corner casting, bolt-on lock boxes, turnbuckles, lashing rods, D-ring, and container ramps.

The Different Types Of Shipping Container Replacement Parts & Accessories

Understanding the different types of Shipping Container hardware is crucial when converting your Shipping Containers into an on-site storage unit.These hardware products will guarantee the security, maintenance, and functionality of your containers.

The Various Uses Of Shipping Container Parts

Shipping Containers’ parts and accessories can also help ensure safety and securement during loading, unloading, and towing practices, as well as on-site storage of goods and materials. These products improve the longevity and functionality of the containers, making them a cost-effective option for storage needs.

  • Shipping Container Ramps: If you’re using your container as an on-site storage unit, it may be more productive to use a forklift to move items to or from a Shipping Container. In that case, you’ll want to get a Shipping Container Ramp.
  • Raised Container Foundations: It’s important to elevate fixed Shipping Containers to prevent any water damage on the bottom and to improve ventilation. Specifically, Raised Foundations are ISO-standardized, making them compatible with any container. All eight corners of a Shipping Container have standard ends, often referred to as Corner Castings. Moreover, Raised Container Foundations connect to the bottom side Corner Castings on fixed containers.

Shipping Container Accessories for Transportation

Furthermore, Shipping Container transportation products have various uses, including locks, foundations, hooks, turnbuckles, and more. These items will ensure the safety and securement of your goods during transportation, regardless of the container's size or type.

Shipping Container Locks

Our top-of-the-line locks are used to lock stacked Shipping Containers in place. This can be done by either securing one container to another or the bottom most cargo unit to the chassis of any type of transportation. Though, there are a few key differences between the types of locks.

  • Manual Locks: With manual locks, you latch the lock by manually twisting the lock bar and fasten it. Typically, our locks move clockwise, including our manual models. Additionally, Manual Lock handles are very versatile, as they come in various shapes and grips.
  • Semi-Automatic Twist Locks: On the other hand, Semi-Automatic Twist Locks are spring-loaded. Once they’re inserted between the stacked containers, the spring releases. The force from the spring latches the lock, locking the containers in place.
  • Shipping Container Mid-locks: Furthermore, Shipping Container Mid-Locks are designed to secure two containers sitting side-by-side, rather than stacked. They’re made to pull together and create a stable row of Shipping Containers. (Note: Manual Twist and Semi-Automatic Twist Locks both fit into corner castings.)

Shipping Container Bridge Fittings

Furthermore, Bridge Fittings Clamps are used to temporarily clamp the storage containers together during the installation of Mid-Locks. Mytee Products offers a range of equipment and accessories that can be purchased to lift and stack Shipping Containers.

  • Stacking Cones: Stacking Cones are lashing units that fit precisely into the holes of the standard corners of a Shipping Container. They align the containers during transportation but do not lock them together. To prevent the containers from falling, a Double Stacking Cone is placed horizontally between them.
  • Lifting Lugs: Unlike the Stacking Cones, Lifting Lugs lock into Shipping Containers horizontally to help lift it up by the sides. Also, Lugs offer a secure loop where you can pass a crane cable or a typical hook and chain sling without any risk.
  • Container Hooks: Though, Container Hooks are designed to vertically lift the metal cargo boxes. They’re available in left and right versions, and can be used as either a sling or a 90-degree version for direct lifting.
  • Loading Chains: Loading Chain Bridles are v-shaped, and have two 5-foot legs connected at an anchor point. The anchor point attaches to the crane. Though, the legs end on hooks made to attach to lifting logs or other attachments at the corners of the Shipping Container.

High-Quality Shipping Container Hardware Parts & Accessories

Our Shipping Container Hardware Parts & Accessories are cost-effective and maintain high-quality standards. They’re made of resilient, durable materials, and have high working load limits and breaking capacities. You can rely on Mytee Products to help you safely and effectively transport your Shipping Containers. Thank you for choosing our online store for your Shipping Container needs. We look forward to helping you keep your cargo safe and secure.