Bunk and Cab Comfort

Get your most comfortable, high-quality, easy to carry truck cab bed at reasonable price. At Mytee Products, you will get comfortable semi truck sleeper or cab bunk bed.

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Why Resting Comfortably in Cab is Important?

When you’re on the road, your cab becomes your second home and your bunk becomes a second bedroom and one of the most comfortable trailer parts.

Having a bed that suits your body, fits your style, and is available when you need it makes your day-to-day life on the road more comfortable.

Staying well-rested is also important for safety reasons. According to a CDC report on the dangers of drowsy driving, driving while fatigued and sleepy can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Driving while drowsy reduces your reaction time, makes you slower to process what you see, and makes you significantly more likely to drift from your lane or miss an exit. Any of these experiences can increase your risk of an accident.

While the CDC encourages drivers to pull over and rest when they’re tired, the organization also encourages drivers to consider whether they sleep restfully enough. People who get six hours of sleep per day--or less--are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel.

That’s why it’s important to choose a bunk mattress and other bedding products that work for you and enable genuinely restful sleep.

What Makes Bunk and Cab Comfortable?

The best thing to get is a sleeper cab bed that suits your body’s specific needs regarding firmness, texture, hypoallergenic material, and reducing tension on pressure points if you’re a side-sleeper.

It also helps if the mattress is installation-friendly.

How to Set Up a Bunk Mattress in A Cab?

Setting up the mattress in you cab’s sleeper-berth is fairly straightforward.

  • What size mattress your sleeper berth accommodates. Twin-size is common, but not universal.
  • Then, take your correctly-sized mattress and secure it into the sleeper berth.
  • Finally, add the mattress-toppers, sheets, blankets, and pillows that suit your needs.
  • In cold climates, rugs and thermal blankets may be your friend.
  • For a final touch, aromatherapy diffusers can keep your cab from getting musty-smelling.

What Sets Mytee’s Bunk Mattresses Apart?

Mytee’s mattresses come in a wide range of firmnesses and size. They also come compressed, so they can be easily placed in the sleeping berth and allowed to expand to their full size naturally.

Our cost-effective mattresses help you sleep well, which is just another way Mytee helps you haul safe and earn more.