Stake Pocket Banner Bracket Mounting Kit - Oversize Load Mesh Banner

  • Bracket Dimensions: Length: 30-11/16"
  • Bracket Diameter: 25 mm
  • Bracket Material: Carbon Structural Steel
  • Security: Hitch Pin with Locking Cotter Pin
  • Durability: Weather & UV Resistant
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Stake Pocket Banner Bracket Mounting Kit - Oversize Load Mesh Banner - Mytee Products
Stake Pocket Banner Bracket Mounting Kit - Oversize Load Mesh Banner - Mytee Products stake_pocket_banner_bracket_set_w_12x60_oversize_load_mesh_banner_kit_main_image_-_mytee_products stake_pocket_banner_bracket_2_pcs_w_bungee_straps_oversize_load_-_18x84_mesh_kit_image_-_mytee_products orange-coated_carbon_structural_steel_bracket_30-1116_length_25mm_diameter_weather_uv_resistant_kit_main_image_view_-_mytee_products oversize_caution_12x60_mesh_banner_with_bungee_cords_grommets._yellow-black_pvc_mesh_adjustable_bungees_6_grommets._mytee_products_3 oversized_reflective_sign_18__x_84__highly_visible_reflective_material_bungees_and_grommets_for_easy_securing_main_image_view_-_mytee_products oversize_load-_18_x_84_mesh_with_bungee_straps_6 sp-wlsh_1 set_of_2_orange-coated_carbon_steel_hitch_pins_length_30-11_16__diameter_25mm_with_locking_cotter_pin_-_weather_and_uv_resistant_front_view_-_mytee_products_3

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Weight (Lbs) 10.56
Color Yellow - Orange
Material Carbon Structural Steel

Introducing our all-inclusive Flatbed Trailer Banner Mounting Kit, specially designed to take care of your advertising needs with unparalleled ease and reliability.

  • High-quality Carbon Structural Steel: Fabricated out of high-quality carbon structural steel, the bracket stands 30-11/16" in length with a 25mm diameter, thus providing hardiness to offer support under severe conditions.
  • Weather and UV Resistant: To ensure durability as well as the continual quality of your banners, we present a range that is weather- and UV-resistant.
  • Wind Resistant: Flexible design withstands airflow and wind, keeping banners intact for clear visibility. Orange color enhances visibility during transit.


  • Insert bracket into trailer pocket, aligning with the desired location.
  • Insert hitch pin through bracket holes and trailer pocket, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Use bungee cords to secure the mesh banner onto the bracket, adjusting for optimal visibility.
  • Double-check all connections and adjust tension as needed for a secure installation.
  • Verify that banners are securely fastened and visible from various angles before use.
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SP-WLS1260-B-KIT-PK 12" x 60" No 10.56 $78.99
SP-WLS-B-KIT-PK 18" x 84" Yes 10.86 $83.49
SP-WLSHB-REF-KIT-PK 18" x 84" REF Yes 11.56 $101.99