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ROADWARRIOR DPF/DOC Clamp for Dia 13.42"
ROADWARRIOR DPF/DOC Clamp for Dia 13.42" ROADWARRIOR DPF/DOC Clamp for Dia 13.42"

ROADWARRIOR DPF/DOC Clamp for Dia 13.42"

104.99 USD
SKU: Clamp-13.42

Size: 13.42" Diameter
Roadwarrior Clamp Part Number: X12C0-01342-VB

• Brand New Unused Aftermarket Piece, Neither Remanufactured Nor Refurbished
• Kit includes 2 Clamps
• Made in North America (Canada)
• Free Ground Shipping, Continental USA
• Overnight Shipping Available
• Cannot Ship to California

Availability: Drop Ship.
Item ships in 3-5 business days.

Product Description

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    Weight (Lbs) 1.00
    Size Dia 13.42"

    • Manufacturer: Roadwarrior
    • Part Type: Clamp For Diesel Oxidation Catalyst or Diesel Particulate Filter
    • Kit includes 2 Clamps
    • Upto 5 Days Lead Time
    • Brand New Unused Aftermarket Piece
    • Made in North America (Canada)
    • Overnight Shipping Available
    • Cannot Ship to California
    • Table Showing Engine and OEM Numbers


    This Clamp is also a direct fit for followings OEM Part #

    Engine MakeEngine ModelOEM Part #
    Cummins ISM 4965244NX
    Cummins ISM 4352920NX
    Cummins ISM 4352923NX
    Cummins ISM 4965055D
    Cummins ISM 4965243NX
    Cummins ISM 5287191NX
    Cummins ISM 2606777C1
    Cummins ISM 2606987C91
    Cummins ISM 2880281NX
    Cummins ISM 4352920NX
    Cummins ISM 4352921NX
    Cummins ISM 4352989NX
    Cummins ISM 4936737NX
    Cummins ISM 4965055NX
    Cummins ISM 4965078NX
    Cummins ISM 4965217NX
    Cummins ISM 4965218NX
    Cummins ISM 4965223NX
    Cummins ISM 4965224NX
    Cummins ISM 4969668NX
    Cummins ISM 4969719NX
    Cummins ISM 4969722NX
    Cummins ISM 4969846NX
    Cummins ISM 5273093NX
    Cummins ISM 5287515NX
    Cummins ISM 5287516NX
    Cummins ISM 5287519NX
    Cummins ISM 5287520NX
    Cummins ISM 5287521NX
    Cummins ISM 5287522NX
    Cummins ISX 2606971
    Cummins ISX 2607044C91
    Cummins ISX 2880168NX
    Cummins ISX 2880259NX
    Cummins ISX 2888262NX
    Cummins ISX 4936734NX
    Cummins ISX 4965226NX
    Cummins ISX 4969700NX
    Cummins ISX 4969701NX
    Cummins ISX 4969702NX
    Cummins ISX 4969721NX
    Cummins ISX 5283669NX
    Cummins ISX 5283778NX
    Cummins ISX 5295609NX
    Cummins ISX 5297522NX
    Cummins ISX 5297990NX
    Cummins ISX 2601509
    Cummins ISX 4388411
    Cummins ISX 4965322
    Cummins ISX 20970295
    Cummins ISX 1837303PE
    Cummins ISX 2871496NX
    Cummins ISX 2871577NX
    Cummins ISX 2871581NX
    Cummins ISX 2880174NX
    Cummins ISX 2880501NX
    Cummins ISX 2880505NX
    Cummins ISX 2880506NX
    Cummins ISX 2880582NX
    Cummins ISX 2885941NX
    Cummins ISX 2888231NX
    Cummins ISX 2888247NX
    Cummins ISX 2888248NX
    Cummins ISX 2888249NX
    Cummins ISX 2888250NX
    Cummins ISX 2888261NX
    Cummins ISX 2888263NX
    Cummins ISX 4328760NX
    Cummins ISX 4353221NX
    Cummins ISX 4353249NX
    Cummins ISX 4353264NX
    Cummins ISX 4965129D
    Cummins ISX 4965225NX
    Cummins ISX 4965304NX
    Cummins ISX 4965305NX
    Cummins ISX 4965317NX
    Cummins ISX 4969542NX
    Cummins ISX 4969703NX
    Cummins ISX 4969718NX
    Cummins ISX 5283799NX
    Cummins ISX 5286910NX
    Cummins ISX 5289769NX
    Cummins ISX 5295604NX
    Cummins ISX 5297989NX
    Cummins ISX 5298340NX
    Cummins ISX 5298349NX
    Cummins ISX 5303922NX
    Cummins ISX 5309560NX
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 11 2603456C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 13 2596666C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 13, 11 2596665C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 13, 11 2596690C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 13, 11 2601229C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 13, 11 5010848R1
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 13, 11 5010851R1
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 13, 11 Q622369
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 15 2608438C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce 15 2606157C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce N13 2510616C91
    Navistar/Maxxforce Maxxforce N13 5011031R91
    Paccar Paccar MX 1827310PEX
    Paccar Paccar MX 1827739PEX
    Paccar Paccar MX 1837300PE
    Paccar Paccar MX 1837303PE
    Paccar Paccar MX 1900626PE
    Paccar Paccar MX 1906311PE
    Paccar Paccar MX 2871577NX
    Volvo/Mack MP7 20863840
    Volvo/Mack MP7 20863859
    Volvo/Mack MP7 21850643
    Volvo/Mack MP7 21850651
    Volvo/Mack MP7 85000777
    Volvo/Mack MP7 85001356
    Volvo/Mack MP7 85001366
    Volvo/Mack MP7 , MP8 20864558
    Volvo/Mack MP7 , MP8 85001367
    Volvo/Mack MP7 , MP8 21905492

    ROADWARRIOR® is a registered trademark of DCL International Inc.

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