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Power Wizard Solar Powered Energizers


Power Wizard Solar Powered Energizers

94.6 USD

Joule Output: 0.06-0.50
Acres: 3-100
Miles: 3-30
Animals: Varies by Energizer

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    • Power Wizard Ultra low impedance Solar powered fence energizers deliver one pulse of shock power per second to dairy cows or beef cattle. 
    • Available for dairy farms, hobby farms or cattle ranches from one acre to 100 acres. 
    • The 6 volt DC solar powered models offer low impedance technology for up to three acres.
    • The 12 volt DC offers Ultra low impedance regardless of ground conditions for up to 100 acres.
    • They work best in areas removed from electrical hookup and Cattle Ranches and Dairy farms can have plenty of such spots.
    • One time investment in Solar panels based system replaces ongoing expenditure on utility lines, utility bills and batteries.
    • Solar electric fence chargers offer flexibility for circumstances where fencing is moved to new growth pasture areas.
    • Unaffected by power outages - Cattle safely contained inside perimeter despite grid failure
    • Brief stretches of cloudy weather do not affect the system because it retains the sun's energy adequate for keeping Cattle fenced in and predators out.
    • Energy Efficient and Environmentally friendly
    • Power Wizard Solar ELectric Fence Engergizers are warranted for 3 full years from the date of purchase if for any reason they do not provide continuous shock pulsations along the length of your wire fence. Our warranty also covers damage caused by lightning and voltage spikes.
    • Recommended with Steel or Aluminum Wire and Clean Fence Conditions


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    PWSP50S 0.06 Joule Yes 5 $94.60 Add
    PWSP200S 0.25 Joule Yes 11 $228.60 Add
    PWSP500S 0.50 Joule Yes 16 $329.00 Add

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